Online automata

Machines, or otherwise slots, are the most popular type of games with which we have the opportunity to meet in the casino. Many different companies are involved in the creation of vending machines - they are the main source of games in online casinos and find them really much in many different motifs. Slots based on the history of ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, popular files - there are so many of them, that in principle, you can not find a game that does not go into our interests.

Many slots are also available in the demo version - if we only focus our first steps in the world of online casinos, it is worth checking selected productions before we start the game for real money. Although this is not only novices - in any case, it's definitely worth getting better to get to know how the game works before we decide to deposit our money.

Despite the relatively simple structure - but they are completely different from each other. And it's not here that they differ from each other in terms of guiding theme. Each slot has its own, unique bonus functions, and also differs from each other in terms of maximum winnings, number of rows and drums, winning lines, as well as the level of volatility.

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Volatility level:

pirate gold

Software provider: pragmatic play
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Crazy Time

Software provider: evolution gaming
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thunderstruck 2

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rise of maya

Software provider: NetEnt
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divine fortune

Software provider: NetEnt
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Jackpot 6000

Software provider: NetEnt
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Jammin Jars

Software provider: Push Gaming
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sweet bonanza

Software provider: pragmatic play
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big time gaming

Software provider: big time gaming
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ozzy osbourne

Software provider: NetEnt
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wheel of wishes

Software provider: Alchemy Gaming
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white rabbit

Software provider: big time gaming
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Volcano Riches

Software provider: Quickspin
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story of medusa

Software provider: Spinenal
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Yggdrasil Gaming

Software provider: Yggdrasil Gaming
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agent destiny

Software provider: Play’n go
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perfect gems

Software provider: Amatic
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Legacy of Dead

Software provider: Play’n go
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Software provider: playtech
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diamond strike

Software provider: pragmatic play
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What affects the attractiveness of selected machines?

The main determinant of attractiveness is of course the coefficient RTP (Return-To-Player), i.e. a percentage of the average refund put by the player's players. The highest RTP coefficients we encounter are greater than 97% - although this is never a close up of 100%. Why? Because the casino also need to earn - games have been constructed so that the statistically casino always won, but a small difference - so players can get very victorious from a given game.

However, as long as the medicine of the player's remedies are extremely important, in most cases this number is very similar to each other. In addition to RTP, there are also a number of other factors that affect the attractiveness of a given machine and allow us to choose the most suitable kind of gameplay, based on our preferences and expectations for a given game.

  1. Volatility level
    Volatility determines how big it can be our win. We distinguish three levels of volatility: -Hew
    - The high level of Volatility's high level wins are rare, although if they have already occur - they can be really big. Automatic volatility machines are more recommended for people with a large bankroll. We can lose a lot for a long time to win - if it is already going on, it will certainly be really lucrative for us and let us make up all our existing losses. If our budget is not enough - a statistical chance to make a loser can never come, Because in short - we will lose all the measures we spent on the game. In turn, in the case of low voltility slots, the winnings are frequent, albeit relatively low rules. These types of machines are recommended for players with a small budget and for new players who are not yet ready to play "for larger rates".
  2. Bonus functions
    Another factor directly determining the attractiveness of a given machine are its bonus functions - that is, additional mechanisms in the game that diversify our gameplay and at the same time lead to potentially really large winnings. The bonus functions include, among others, the symbols of Wild and Scatter, free spins and various types of hidden games Special (eg board games). Many machines are also equipped with the "Gamble" function, as part of which we are asked if we want to try happiness to achieve more winning and risk a moment ago, whether to continue the game by accepting the winning. Bonus function is really much and they are strictly Addicted to the imagination of the company creating a given slot. It is also very often associated with numerous graphic elements that significantly strengthen our impressions from the game. For example, unlocking a special bonus game can involve a large explosion on the screen or quite new, unprecedented symbols in the normal game.
  3. Progressive Jackpot - a very common solution for machines, although still not so often encountered. Progressive Jackpot is a very interesting version of Jackpot (additional prize pool), in which the possible amount to win is growing with each game.
  4. The maximum and minimum amount of the plant - that is, for how much we can play a long time or minimally in a given game.

Who creates machines?

Slots are the creativity of companies known in the casino world as software providers. There are really many and the biggest brands even have several hundred different types of games. Some brands specialize only in automatons, while others also deal with poker, roulette or blackjack. Some also focus on Live games, eg Evolution Gaming.

Among all casino games are the most slots - this is the most diverse group of games, which despite the landing on the same mechanisms can be completely different from each other. Below we will briefly present a few of the largest software suppliers in the world of casino together with their most popular automatons.


This is one of the oldest and most experienced software suppliers, which for the first time occurred on the market in 1994. The company has a really developed portfolio of games and many of their best titles are automatically exchanged in the rankings of the best casino games of all time. And the popularity of these games most often reflects their quality.

One of the best slots from Microgaming Among others:


This is one of the largest and most reputable software providers in the world of casino. Netent has spent a lot of over 200 different types of titles and the vast majority of them are very well evaluated games. This is one of these software providers who, despite the release of a really large number of slots, also retains the quality of each of them and finishes even the smallest elements of their slot machines, often enriching them also about completely new and unprecedented mechanisms or bonus functions.

Some of the most popular games from Netent are:

Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft is another extremely well-deserved online casino software provider whose machines collect really great opinions on the part of the community and enjoy great popularity in almost every casino. If we are looking for slots with an impressive 3D graphics, filled with lot of really great graphic effects - we must pay attention to Betsoft Gaming. Among the most popular games from Betsoft, we can exchange such titles as:

  • Good Girl Bad Girl
  • Stampede
  • WhoSpunIt
  • Greedy Goblins
  • Rook’s Revenge
  • At The Copa


This is another very well evaluated software supplier. This is one of those companies that attaches a maximum of attention to each of the games and refine them under literally every respect. If we are looking for games that are really unique and they can stand out against the background of other slots - we should necessarily give the chance of titles from the stable of Elk Studios. Especially, if the graphic aspect I am also not indifferent to us, because vending machines from this brand are in the decisive forefront of games assessed in terms of visual effects. For the best titles from Elk Studios, we can include, among others:

  • Wild Toro
  • Tahiti Gold
  • Hit It Big
  • Ecuador Gold

Why is it worth reading reviews of vending machines?

On our site you will find a number of reviews of popular slots from many different software providers, including detailed reviews of brands responsible for the production of casino games. In the case of slots, we try to closely bring the given game and describe the mechanism of operation of the selected machine. Of course - I can start playing for real money as well without a concept about the operation of a given machine. We can also play a demo version and learn more about a given game.

For many people reading about a given game before checking it "In fact", however, is much more interesting. To pull out the most entertainment from a given machine, you really have to be able to "enter" in the world that has been prepared for us. Reading about a given game In a way, it warms up us before the start of the game and makes our feelings much better when we are familiar with the given game.

Of course, this is also associated with certain minuses - the game may not meet our expectations after reading the article or will not be so surprising. When, for example, we read on the internet with a great bonus function when it appears - the issue of its generation will not be so interesting for us as if we did not have the slightest idea about it.

That's why reviews of slots are also worth reading after a given number of hours to strengthen our experiences - and often also learn more about some mechanisms or the existence of functions that we have not been able to discover. And in the case of some more complicated or rich vending machines, the discovery of the smallest "flavors" alone can take a lot of time.