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wheel of wishes

By magdalena
May 4, 2022
Wheel of Wishes is a new slot created from the cooperation of two companies providing casino games. This is a vending machine with a nicely prepared graphics and a lively soundtrack, and above all with a jackpot and not one, because until four. If you want to play more money, you can try your happiness from Wheel of Wishes and compare it with other slots that offer progressive jackpots. This machine has its disadvantages and advantages, and if you want to know him more, go to our review.
  • Returned graphics
  • Aesthetic screen appearance
  • A very high Jackpot to win
  • An interesting soundtrack
  • Easy machine mechanic
  • Low refund rate of 93.34%

Review of Wheel of Wishes

Slots with jackpotes have always been popular among players. Many of them prefer to spend a little more money and focus even more. In some of the machines, however, you do not have to spend a lot to win a quite large amount. This is in many cases the issue of happiness, which also need to run during the session from Wheel of Wishes. This is a completely new slot with progressive jackpot from Microgaming and Alchemy Gaming. Both of these companies combined their forces to create a new machine, and as a result of this cooperation we can enjoy Wheel of Wishes.

This is a slot that was presented to players in mid-February this year, and exactly on February 11, 2022. When you try this slot for the first time, you will welcome you energetic music. It motivates to act, it also makes you quickly give up while playing. This is not a typical relaxing music that can be found in some slots. It is difficult to determine the same motif of the machine, because manufacturers have combined several topics that are not connected to each other.

In the background you can see the desert with rocks that can suggest that we are in the area of some canyon. However, apart from the background (which is very well made) and adventure music, there are no elements connected with this topic. Symbols focus rather on magic (lamp, book with spells, medallion) and on richness (casket with coins). As you can also see on the symbols, a uniform topic has also been preserved, which may not matter to some, and some disturb. It is worth knowing, however, that in terms of graphic slot is made very well.

However, we will not find any interactive symbols in it, you will not be surprised. The mesh with symbols is made very simply, the individual symbols are separated only with dashes designating drums, no borders have between them. Occurring in many colors, the symbols are revived by a gray grid background, the whole is rather quite elegant and gives the impression that some exotic adventure awaits us, which also suggests music. However, we must, however, that a longer game with this type of soundtrack can be a bit tired.

When it comes to wins you to expect, they can be very high, because Slot offers progressive jackpot and not one, and 4. So you have a pretty good chance of winning one of them, if you're patient and You will have some happiness. More about Jackpotes offered by Wheel of Wishes you will learn a little later. The slot grid is quite classically, 5 x 3, so we have 5 drums, and rows with symbols are 3. In this case, the slot does not surprise. You can be surprised by the number of payment lines, because the slot is equipped only in 10 of them, which is rather provided for classic slot machines.

Player's return rate, i.e. the famous RTP slot does not appear too interesting. It is only 93.34%. The standard is that slots with progressive jackpot have a little lower rate of return for this reason to conquer the money pool possible to win. However, little of them decide on RTP lower than 94%, so the sum proposed by Wheel of Wishes is not very favorable. The volatility of the machine is low, and that means you can count on a fairly often emerging victory, although they will not be a jackpot. However, you can use the base game.

The advantage of Wheel of Wishes is that the slot is very modern, so you can expect that it will be easily acted on all devices you use. It adjusts to smaller and larger screens, it can also cooperate with various software, which is another good news. The minimum plant you can choose during the game is a 0.1 different currency if you want to go all and choose a maximum bet, then you can choose 200 currency.

Symbole w Wheel of Wishes

As we have already mentioned, the symbols in Wheel of Wishes can take a bit of a track because there are no major connections between them. However, you can see that they are divided into two types. One of them is the symbols of playing cards, usually they are little symbols and this is also in this case. The rest of the symbols are associated with magic and with wealth. Below are the exact table in which we described how you will be awarded for a given cluster. You will learn about all payments on the basis of a bet 1. Paying you will get for at least 3 symbols in the cluster and a maximum of 5 symbols.

  • A violet wheel is the smallest symbol in this game and it is not associated with the cards from the game, which is a novelty. You will not get too much for him, because for 3 wheels in the cluster your payment will be only half of the bet, but for 5 of them you will get 100% more, or exactly 2 coins.
  • The blue stomach also guarantees 0.50 coins for 3 symbols in the cluster, for 5 of them you will get up to 2.50 coins.
  • The heart and sacrifices are treated almost the same as their values. It turns out that you will get 3 coins for the best cluster with their participation, but they differ in terms of three symbols in combination, because you will get 1 coin for your heart, and for Szalek 0.80.
  • Wine will guarantee 1.20 for a minimum of 3 symbols in a suitable cluster, while if you can catch 5 of them, you will get 3.50.
  • Medallion will make you maximally richer by 1.50 and a maximum of 4 coins.
  • Vials with mixtures provide the smallest winning 180, in turn the most for you can get 4.50 coins.
  • The book will enlarge your account by a maximum of 5 coins, for 3 symbols you will get 2 coins.
  • Gold gift box will make you receive a 2.50 coin behind a cluster with three symbols and 7.50 for a combination with five symbols.
  • The magic lamp is the most beneficial symbol in the base game, because you can get up to 10 coins for it, the least you will get 3 coins for it (for 3 symbols in the cluster).

Wheel of Wishes has a very interesting structure, the entire menu is shifted to the right side, there is no button at the bottom. Recently, most modern slots looks like this, so this is not a surprise for anyone. If you had the opportunity to play new machines, you will not have a problem to find it. The producer tried that the buttons occupied as little as possible. This makes the screen look more aesthetically, but some functions have been hidden.

This is, among other things, a button with information to which you can only get through the previous press of three dots and then the button resembles a saved card. Not everyone can immediately guess that this information is there. On the screen, you can always see three basic buttons, and this is a large round with an arrow that starts the game, on it is autoplay, with which you can choose the number of automatic spins, and under it is a button showing a pile of money that is responsible for betting. At the bottom you will see information about your funds and recent winnings.

Bonusy w Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Wishes is a slot machine that focuses most on the jackpets, so when it comes to bonuses, we will talk about them. This does not mean, however, that this game is completely devoid of special symbols, but they will not meet them so much. However, it is known that one bonus is enough to win a large amount of money.

  • Wild

In the Gel of Wishes game there is a Wild symbol that you can easily get to know because he has a Wild inscription. On the screen it appears quite often, so you can expect won in the base game.

  • Power Mode

POWER MODE is a button on the left. This is a special mode in which you can easily get your jackpot because you are moved to the screen where one large symbol is drawn in the middle, and about the series of subsequent symbols that are identical. In this way, your winnings increases (if all the same ones). Remember that choosing it is payable.

  • Jackpoty.

There is another button in the game that resembles a large medallion. It does not appear often on the screen, but as will already appear two at the same time, you will be moved to the same Power Mode, this time it is free because you honestly got it. This is just one Respin, but if you manage to draw the same symbol resembling a medallion, you automatically get one of the jackpots, before you have to draw it. Mini Jackpot is at least $ 10, MINO is $ 100, Major is $ 50,000, and Wow Pot Jackpot starts with 2,000,000, which is already a big sum.

Summary Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Wishes is a game that can be brought for many aspects, including an interesting soundtrack, for a graphic robe and for big jackpots. However, this is not an ideal slot, especially when it comes to quite a small RTP and not very specified theme. However, we are sure that many of many of you will appeal to you, especially if you focus only on high jackpots.

release date 11 February 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 93,34%
Volatility level Short
Software supplier Alchemy Gaming
Game Wealth, magic
Gravity 5
Winning lines 10
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/200
Jackpot Progressive with over 2,000,000 main prizes
Maximum win in the basic game 500 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): Over 2,000,000
Bonus functions Respin, jackpot, Wild
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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