What are free spins?

Free spins is ... nothing more like free spins! They are only available on the game machines, thanks to which we can get additional rounds completely free - from here "free".

Each turning and every gameplay are not for free. And that's why here you come to help free spins, thanks to which we play casino money - these are the same spins that we have to buy (only with limited value).

Free spins with a form of a casino promotion that aims to encourage us to continue playing and give us a taste of winning without any risk - for the money of the casino. This is definitely the most common form of promotion offered by the casino and can be found practically on each platform. And at the same time, this is one of the most-appreciated forms of promotion.

Free spiny 2022

How to get free screwing?

In the casino, we get free turnover in different situations - for example, they are very often added to the welcome bonus. They are also often offered when depositing the casino or even generated during the game (for many slot machines, the possibility of generating free spins is part of their bonus functions).

Free turns are the most popular form casino bonus Offered by the casino. Basically, each casino will have the opportunity to generate several free spins. And we do not even talk about those who are part of the bonus functions in the game.

However, we must remember that in most cases the value of these bonuses is not particularly high. During the normal game, we are able to determine the value of one turn depending on the minimum and maximum amount of a single plant. When it comes to free screwing, one rotation rate is determined from top to bottom and is constant. And unfortunately, these values are usually as close as possible to the minimum possible value of a single rotation.

It is also worth noting that many casinos offers players free turnover to subscribe to the Newsletter. A special code is generated usually, which fits on the platform and then a free turnover. It also happens that Spin is also offered in other forms of subscription, such as, for example, to like a page on Facebook, Twitter or other social platforms.

Types of free spins

Casinos offer us free spins on various occasions. Free spins do not differ from each other - regardless of their "kind" - the possibilities in which we get. There are two main types of free spins:

The first type of free spins are spins that we get without having to make a deposit from above. Most often we can receive them after registering in the casino - usually such a promotion requires a deposit from us, although it often happens that we get a small number of spins to regist itself.

Very often, the casino also offers free spins when introducing a new, popular game to its collection. Such offers are always limited over time. It often happens that the casino offers players free turn on the occasion of such events like a birthday, new year or holidays.

It also happens that free spins can be a prize for participating in the tournament or taking a high place.

In the latter case, the pool of free spins can be really huge!

Free spins from the deposit are directly dependent on our deposit. So we must make a deposit to get a free turn. We usually see them with various types of bonuses - most often welcome, but with many others that require payment from us.

Of course, much depends on Casino. Some platforms offer players free spiny practically on every occasion. Others may withdraw from this idea and focus on other promotions. However, free spins are the most common bonus element in almost every casino - and most importantly, they can provide us with a lot of fun and satisfaction. It is difficult to be dissatisfied when we win and at the same time we risk our money!

However, we must remember that the number of free spins obtained without a deposit will always be much smaller than the number of free spins received with the deposit. As a rule, we can not count on more than 20 (sometimes 30) free spins obtained without deposit. In the case of spins without payment, their number is usually around 100.

Free spins, however, not free!

We can not forget about the nature of free spins. The fact that we get a completely free version, does not change - this is still a promotional element of the casino and identical to the deposit bonuses in which free casino funds are also available - we can not simply pay our winnings.

So what do we need to do that funds from free spins become ours? We have to turn them, screw! Yes - Unfortunately, but the funds we have gained on free spins are subject to requirements regarding establishments that differ depending on casinos and promotion.

In the case of spins, we usually deal with turning conditions equal to 30x. We usually have to play at least 30 times more than winning to be able to withdraw funds from free spots. For example, we can win 10 AUD from one turn, we will have to play for at least 300 AUD to be able to withdraw won in the amount of AUD 10.

However, detailed requirements for betting will vary depending on the casino. In some casinos, we can be forced to turn only on several selected machines. In others, many games can be excluded from the promotion or the maximum won limit is determined based on free spins.

To meet the rotational requirements, we must remember the maximum time that we have granted to their fulfillment. For game vending machines, this period is not too long - it is on average a week. What obvious depends on the interests and promotion of the casino, but remember that often with a smaller bonus (free spins oscillate in the case of very large amounts), we have less time to fulfill trading conditions.

Free spins and regulations

Before using any promotion, we should carefully read the regulations. This is where we find key information on the marketing requirements - it happens that these conditions can be too high and unfavorable for us. A 30-fold rotation is still acceptable and allows us to earn on free spin. However, if the casino puts higher commercial requirements, e.g. 45x or 50x - we should think exactly whether this promotion is attractive to us.

Another important point of the Regulations, for which few players pay attention, is the availability of promotion depending on the country of residence. For example, free spins or various types of bonuses without a deposit can not be offered to players from some countries. The regulations always determine exactly which country has been excluded from a given promotion.
In a certain sense, however, this is the advantage for Australian players. These restrictions are determined so as not to violate the provisions on casino games for players from countries in which online gambling is legal. In our country, in which theoretically we can not play in any of the online casinos, the casino administration does not pay attention to it. Finally, we can not play this casino anyway - why should I put any restrictions on players?

If we notice, players from Australia are excluded from a given bonus or free spins - this is usually due to the preferences of the Casino Administration and is associated with earlier unpleasant experiences on the part of Australian players. As a rule, however, most casino bonuses offered are available to us as much as possible.

Another issue that we need to take into account in the marketing requirements are, to what extent the game is included in the revolving requirements. All machines (in most cases) count to 100% trading requirements. Unfortunately, some games, such as video poker, blackjack or roulette, will count on the marketing requirements only in a dozen percent. This is fully dependent on a given casino, although in almost all machines are counted one hundred percent. For example - if roulette only counts in 20% - if you put 10 zlotys, only 2 zlotys (20% of the amount) will count on your marketing requirements. In the case of a 100% highlighting machine, this will be full of AUD 10.

What casinos offer free spins?

As mentioned previously - free spins are the most common form of the bonus with which we will meet in the casino (headed by% from the deposit bonuses). For this reason, it's hard to find a platform that does not offer free spun in any form. Below are a list of selected online casinos, where we will be awarded free spin.