Fastest payment methods

In casinos we will find a lot of different types of payment methods. Usually, we make a choice based on our preferences - for example, we have received an account in one of the supported web portfolios, or it is convenient (or just have the option) to use the banking card.

We can also be supporters of cryptowalut and play only in bithcoin casinos, or those that also accept various types of altocoins. Perhaps we are looking for a casino that accepts a popular, albeit more niche method of payment, such as Sofort.

What way of payment, however, should choose if we care about time? Below briefly we will present all methods available in online casinos with distinction of those that allow immediate deposit and a very fast payment.

The fastest methods of deposit in online casinos

Virtually all methods of payment to the casino these days are completely immediate. When submitting a casino deposit, we do not have to wait for the resources - they are automatically downloaded from our portfolio or card in real time. We make a deposit and we can enjoy a casino game right away.

What payment methods can we count on immediate? In principle, each: bank cards, wallets Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, Paysafecard, Sofort, Neosurf, as well as cryptosal. In principle, each casino payment method is immediate, although exceptions may occur.

The exception is some "offshorow" bookmaker platforms and casinos that only accept payments through bank transfer. As we know, the intra-bar transfer is not immediate (unless we mark this option) and we usually have to wait at least until tomorrow to post the funds.

Most casinos, however, is registered outside of Australia and very often also the European Union. International transfers, unfortunately, but can take much longer. Depending on the country of residence and the country where the casino is registered, the transfer of measures may take up to five business days.

The fastest payment methods in online casinos

Most payment methods in online casinos also have potential to be immediate in terms of payment. In most cases, however, this is not because the casino always ever verify the funds we won before they approve the payment.

Therefore, the time of waiting for processing our withdrawal is only theoretically dependent on the selected payment method - but the casino has much greater influence. Although, in fact, in the case of some methods, this waiting time will be shorter. However, it is largely dependent on the casino - one casino will pay us faster to the Wallet Skrill, the other on the EcoPayz wallet. Although, if the payout is approved at the same time, these will not be particularly large differences.

Although there are some methods of payment for which the payment is never immediate. These are bank cards and bank transfer.

In the case of cards, we can wait for one to three working days from the moment of approving our funds by the casino. The second way is a bank transfer, which is the longest way to pay - an average of a few business days, up to five.

All web portfolios PayPal, EcoPayz, Skrill, or Neteller allow you to process an immediate payment. Similarly, it is in the case of cryptowalut, except that they will not typically "immediate". The transaction processing time will depend on many factors unique for a cryptographic system, e.g. even a selected currency. Bitcoin usually involves a relatively long waiting time (hour), while Litecoin requires only 30 minutes to confirm the transaction.

At what casino we will pay our funds fastest?

Of course, the time needed to process the payment is still dependent on the payment method chosen by us. If we decide to commission to pay for a bank card or via a bank transfer - it will not be immediate, regardless of the casino and how fast his employees accept our transaction.

In the case of payment methods, where this is theoretically possible - a casino will play the main role during waiting. Below are three examples of casinos, where we pay our means really quickly. For most other platforms, the waiting time usually is not much longer.

Zazamba. - Very quick casino in terms of payment, where employees accept all payment orders up to 24 hours. Usually, however, even much faster (provided the casino employees are available - from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00 GMT +3).
Mount Casino - Also a very effective casino when it comes to processing payment orders. As a rule, it does not last longer than 24 hours, and very often even shorter - especially if we find casino employees (from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 18 GMT +3).
Malina Casino. - Another casino characterized by a very short waiting time for the payment processing. It usually takes one day - but more often much less.

Three main factors determining waiting time for payment

1. Payment method - theoretically most of the methods allow us to immediately process our funds. However, the exception is Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, as well as a bank transfer. In this case, we will always have to wait for at least one to a few business days.
2. Casino - some casinos order to pay out faster and others slower. It is largely dependent on the size of the casino, the number of employees, as well as the applicable policies. One casino pays great attention to the players as soon as possible to receive their means back and the other with such verification of the measures can hesitate up to a few days.
3. Accessibility of employees - As we know, rarely when employees in the Finance Department of the casino work 24 hours a day. Very often, payments will not be commissioned at the weekend - just because of their inaccessibility. As often, withdrawals commissioned at night will have to wait until the wound of acceptance. However, working hours are fully dependent on the casino.

My payout was canceled!

Sometimes we can also happen that the casino cancels our payment. In this case, we should immediately write to the customer service department. Although this will not necessarily be necessary because the casino should give a clear reason for rejection of the payment. However, what may be due to the unpaid payout?

Account verification

One of the most common reasons is the lack of account verification. In most cases, new players make a deposit to the casino and take a game as soon as possible. This is a mistake because the first thing we should do freshly after registration is to verify our account. We can pay funds and start the game immediately, but what if the casino does not verify us our account? We will not be able to pay your money in any way, even if we have not started games yet.

In some casinos, however, we can meet with the maximum payout limits for unverified accounts. This means that the sum of the total payments to the amount determined by the casino (eg AUD 1000) will not require prior verification of our identity. However, as soon as this limit we will achieve, we will have to verify. Otherwise, we do not pay any zloty from the casino more.

What do we need to verify our identity? As a rule, not much, although in some cases we can be asked to provide additional documents or even execution "selfie" with personal evidence in hand. Although the latter is usually required only when the casino has any objections as to our integrity (eg when it is not our first account on a given platform).

In most cases, however, we only need a scan of identity evidence. It can be an ID card, driving license or passport. In addition, the casino will need to verify our address - as there is no identity address in new evidence, it is always worth it to have such a document at hand. The best and accepted basis everywhere a form of confirmation of our identity is the Bank's extract. Alternatively, it may also be an account for gas or electricity, but definitely much easier to simply download the extract from our online banking.

Sometimes it happens that the casino will ask for a scan (front and back) of the bank card used to make a payment or confirmation of our web portfolio - eg screenshot with a visible date of transaction and that we are the account owners. However, these are practices used much less frequently.

Breaking the regulations

"Breaking the regulations" can mean a lot. In most cases, however, the casino most likely give us a thorough reason for rejecting our withdrawal.

We did not make a turn. While the vast majority of players are aware of the fact that in the casino you can not deposit and pay funds, there are often misunderstandings in this area. We always have to play for the funds paid - and for the entire amount of our payment, at least once. Before we commission the payment of our casino funds, we must make a single turn. So, if we pay for a casino, for example, 100 zlotys, we must play for at least AUD 100 before the casino will allow us to withdraw our funds.

The second option is to exceed the established limit of payments (daily, weekly or monthly). This does not happen often because the limits set by casino are usually quite a lot. However, exceeding the daily payment limit is quite probable - if we plan to withdraw a greater amount at the same time, we can be forced to share it into smaller parts and commission a few single payouts. Such limits are, however, fully dependent on the casino chosen by us.