Slots with progressive jackpot

Many players when he starts his career in the gambling world, often dreams of a great win. It is true, however, that not all games offer such winnings that players dream about. In some of them you can win quite average amounts, it also depends on what bet you are able to put. However, there is a group of games that hide very large money in them, and these are slots with progressive jackpots. Playing in not a bit of luck, you have a chance to get a huge win, which can even take a few million. Below you will learn everything about this type of slots, about their types, as well as manufacturers and best games with great jackpots.

What are the slots with progressive jackpot and how they work

It is easy to explain what slots with a jackpot are, because it really does not differ too much from ordinary gambling machines. Soon looks completely the same: they have a different amount of drums, different themes, symbols and a simple mechanic. However, you can notice that RTP Soil slots are relatively low. Good slots have a refund rate for about 95% and more, up to 98%. For vending machines with RTP jackpot, it can be around 93%, sometimes it is 94% and even about 92%. There are also cases that slots of this type have quite high RTP, but this is not a frequent view.

Low RTP is the result that the slot downloads more money from the players. From each bet that players set, a percentage passes on the jackpot pool. These money pass on a special pool that gathers for a happy player. As a result, you often notice that the sum of the jackpot are not full, such as AUD 10,000, but rather AUD 10,285, because these sums are based on plants.

It is interesting that often slots with Jackpotes of one company are connected with each other. This means that if you play one slot, for example, from the netent, it may turn out that your bets supply not only this game, but also other machines from a given series from just this supplier. These systems are arranged by the producers themselves, you can learn about it more based on a given game. That's why in a regular game you can not get too high withdrawals, many spins can also turn out to be empty, but when you manage to draw a combination with a jackpot, you can be sure that it will really high.

Types of jackpots in slots

Before we go to the types of slots, we also need to say a few words about the types of Jackpot itself. We often meet with a single sum determined as a jackpot. The amount is one and the whole or part of it can be won by players. Sometimes it happens that the slots of this type have more than one jackpot. It is usually advertised by the larger one, but after the start of the game, you can see that you can win different jackpot sums. Manufacturers usually give them names related to their sum, i.e. mini, mega or major. In their case, the base can be, for example, 100 zlotys for Jackpot Mini, and the rest are the player's contribution. Some games offer two types of jackpots, other three, four, and even five possibilities to win Jackpot.

Types of slots with progressive jackpot

This type of slots can be divided due to several aspects. One of them is the sum of the machine. Slots are very popular, which we described above, i.e. there is a sum guaranteed, and then these players contribute to the increase in this sum. If you can not win the jackpot for a long time, the amount can grow up to a few million zlotys. The second type of slot with a jackpot due to its sum is the previously determined amount. There is one or several jackpots that you can win and their sums never change. This means that players do not have any impact on their growth and you can not expect higher sums than they are previously marked.

Slots with progressive jackpot can also be divided on how you can win a given jackpot.

  • Removing the appropriate combination In many cases, Jackpot is awarded to this person who will succeed a special cluster. This can be, for example, 5 bells, 3 special symbols simultaneously on the screen or a completely different combination that the manufacturer has determined. Usually, get it seriously and the symbols associated with the jackpot do not appear too often on the screen.
  • Random. In some cases, the manufacturer decides that Jackpot will be a completely accidental event. So you do not have to hunt for a given combination, Jackpot can appear in every spin, even in what you can not give you any other winnings.
  • Bonus. Such a jackpot winning system is very often peeled by producers. Special symbols that run a bonus round are selected in the slot. You usually have to draw 3 or more such symbols so that you can go to such a round. Then the player has the opportunity to play a jackpot.

This form of the possibility of winning a large sum occurs often for slots with a larger number of jackpots. For example, the player is moved to the screen in which the symbols are covered, and under them there are amounts or jackpot names. The player chooses to be discovered, and if he can find three identical, he wins this jackpot. Manufacturers sometimes apply a fortune near a few stages, and each stage is the possibility of passing or stopping on a given jackpot. These sums are of course arranged from the smallest one to the largest.

Where to find Slots with Jackpot

Slots with progressive jackpots can be found in properly every good online casino. Owners of such casinos like to emphasize the presence of games of this type on their site, which is why you often find a separate section in the games category. If the casino data did not provide, you can simply use the search engine, although it is known that this is a less comfortable solution. If you do not find such a category, you can also try to find slots with jackpotes in a page map or just ask your service to prepare a list with this type of machines so that you know what game you can use.

What are the chances of getting a jackpot

Many people reach for a machine with jackpotes with hope for quite fast won larger sums. However, it is worth knowing that the bigger the sum, the more people will try to get it, and as a result, the gaining jackpot may turn out to be quite difficult. Remember to approach each machine completely individually, because each of them offers completely different chances of winning. You can follow RTP, but in this case you must notice that this result is created on the basis of a thousand spins, so your several dozen spins can show a completely different result.

Top slots manufacturers with progressive jackpot and their most popular games

There are several producers on the market who deal with the preparation of machines with Jackpot. They usually do not only deal with machines with large winnings, but they run several branches of production of these machines. Below are all producers with the best slots, as well as their titles.

  • Microgaming

Microgaming is undoubtedly one of the best slots manufacturers with progressive jackpot, and players turn to his games when the topic of this type of machines appears. The popularity of Microgaming machines are not surprising at all, because the amounts they offer are very high, and to this soccer players are interesting themes, many bonuses and other additions. It is about the slots from Microgaming often heard in casino messages because they offer huge amounts of a few or a dozen or so million euros. It is rarely heard of such big winnings, and this is the secret to the popularity of these slots.

A whole series deserves recognition mega moolah created by Microgaming. It was this game that made progressive jackpots from this producer have become such famous, and mainly because they allowed players to win real cash. Thanks to this, Microgaming went to the Guinness Book, and in 2015 one of the players could leave the slot from winning a row 13 million euros. A similar situation was repeated in 2017 when a player putting only 6 euros amounted to over 8 million euros from the casino. Mega Moolah has a few continuation, which also guarantee large winnings, and this is Mega Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah: Absolootly Mad, Mega Moolah Summertime i Mega Moolah: Atlantean Treasures. Other progressive slots of this company are: Fruit Fiesta, The Dark Knight, King Cashalot, Wow Pot, Majot Millions in inside.

  • NetEnt

Speaking of slots with big progressive jackpots, you can not forget about NetEnt. This is a producer that has been operating for several years and is valued due to the high quality of manufactured slot machines, as well as too high Jackpotes. Netent ranks right behind Microgaming because the largest amount he paid 11 million euros. The manufacturer also managed to get on the Guinness Book card.

Without a doubt, the most popular slot with progressive jackpot is mega fortune. It was he who paid the said 11 million euros and surprised his players similarly to high payouts. That's why many players are pulling to him. It is worth knowing, however, that the Netent offer in relation to the slots with Jackpot is much richer, and players can choose from divine fortune, Mega Joker, hall of gods, arabian nights i Icy Wonders.

  • playtech

The Playtech producer can be called one of the most innovative suppliers without hesitation when it comes to slots with progressive jackpot and not only. In his collection, he has some interesting machines with large winnings, and are particularly popular for those created on the basis of films and comics from DC. Playtech is the creator of a very interesting concept called Everybody's Jackpot, in which one jackpot can win several people. This works in such a way that if on a given day you will be won, all players who have played on this day with the minimum required plant will be awarded.

The largest part of the Jackpot, of course, goes to a person who has drawn it, but always about 30% is divided between the rest of the players. There are several games with a high win on the market, which are especially valued from Playtech. Among them are Age of the Gods, Beach Life, Gladiator, Mega Ball, Cinerama i Jackpot Darts.