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mega moolah

By magdalena
9 December, 2019
Mega Moolah is one of the most interesting and most renounced games in the world. Slot was produced by Microgaming, a leading manufacturer of one-armed bandits in the world. Microgaming always draws attention to the quality of games, so you can expect Mega Moolah to provide the best entertainment to every player, this experienced and the first steps in gambling.
  • Interesting Bonus Functions
  • The ability to win a large cash
  • Inexpensive
  • Natural and motivating music
  • Simple interface
  • Dealed graphics

This is a slot that was created at the end of 2006. It is on the market for over 10 years and is still attractive to players, everyone heard about him and at least once tried. The machine is equipped with 5 drums, or quite classically. It has 25 winners, so drawing the winning cluster is quite likely. Mega Moolah is a slot that guarantees progressive jackpot you will learn more below.

Players usually interest unnatural low RTP. It is 88.12%, which can discourage many people and is usually not very attractive. However, this time the low RTP has a reason, and this is a series of jackpots that are offered by Slot. As a result, a very large part used by money used by the money is intended for financing these jackpots. Therefore, the winnings are relatively rare, but if you can get a happy cluster, you can be sure that it will be high.

Slot is not too modern, which can be seen after its graphic robbery, nothing strange about it, because the automatic was built in 2006. There is no obstacle to an obstacle to exciting games. Navigating on the slot is not difficult, all options can be found in visible places, the player will certainly not lose their time to decide which option to choose. On the right side there is a large spin button that starts the game. If you play for free, you can choose it right away. However, if you decide to invest in this game, you must set a few settings. On the button there is a window where the last win appears.

Immediately next to the SPIN button there is BET MAX, the exact amount of the player selected by the player is also written above it. All numbers can be easily read because they are large. Then the settings are subject to lines and coins, and can be controlled by using the Select Coins and Select Lines buttons. Immediately behind them, on the left side there are and minus, which in turn decide about the value of one coin. In the next pane there is an amount that you can still spend in the game, this is a reminder for those who are very struggling to play. If you want to learn more about the game, all you have to do is select the button under the grid, it is marked with the VIEW PAYOT inscription.

Symbooo W Megah Moola

Mega Moolah is a game that is equipped with a lot of different symbols. The first group is those that are simply card symbols. Traditionally, they have the smallest value, which exactly can be seen here:

  • 10, J and Q are symbols that are valuable the lowest. For 10 you can get the most 40 coins. On the other hand, the smallest prize (for 3 symbols) is only 2 coins. You can get 3 coins for J, and for 5 symbols the prize increases to 60 coins. From this group, q is best valued, you can get a maximum of 75 coins for them.
  • A and K is another card symbols for which you can get quite high prizes. K guarantees 100 coins for 5 identical symbols. In turn and makes the prize grow to 150 coins.

Other symbols are those that are directly related to the game theme, i.e. with African animals. Here they are:

  • Antelope: This symbol guarantees players to get at least 10 coins. However, it is best to get 5 antelope, because then the machine pays 250 coins.
  • Zebra: This symbol is more lucrative, in the best case you can get 400 coins for it. Already 3 symbols, the player receives 20 coins.
  • Giraffe guarantees receiving at least 30 coins (for 3 symbols). 5 symbols on the screen means 500 coins in the last win.
  • Buffalo: Slot pays money for getting two banks. You can get 4 coins, which is not much, but two symbols are easier to draw than 3. Buffalo can get a maximum of 600 coins.
  • An elephant makes every player receives up to 750 coins for 5 symbols. The money is paid for 2 symbols, and there are 6.
  • Lion is the most lucrative symbol from among them all. Already for 2 lions, the player gets 15 coins. For 5 symbols, the prize increases to 15,000. This symbol brings an additional happiness because it is also a symbol of Wild. He successfully replaces all other symbols.

Additional bonuses in Mega Moolah

To make a game more attractive, Mega Moolah is equipped with some interesting bonuses. It is thanks to them that you can win larger prizes, and we will explain what they think exactly.

  • Jackpoty.

Mega Moolah is called the king of Jackpotes. This is one of the most popular games that offers very high, progressive jackpots. It is very interesting that the win is not one, and there are many of them. The first of them, the mini jackpot starts with a 10 different currency. Minor Progressive starts from 100. In turn Major Progressive starts from 10,000. At the very end there is a Mega Progressive, which guarantees the player a win at least 1,000,000.

The game does not predict any recipe for winning the jackpot. This possibility is started quite randomly, it also does not depend on the arrangement of symbols. On the screen, the screen appears that the player will take part in the game, and a moment later, the wheel of Fortuna appears. The player must turn it and wins what is on a given beam. It is worth noting that Jackpot can reach even a dozen million, so it really is worth trying your hand at this game.

  • Free spiny

Each player has a chance to win 10 free spins in the game. The rules are very simple, all you have to do is draw a symbol we have not mentioned yet (these are 3 monkeys on the screen), then you automatically remain moved to the bonus round. It is interesting that during free spins all the winnings are able to do what works in favor.

Summary of Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is undoubtedly a game that every player should try. Not everyone can enjoy a little obsolete graphics, but certainly everyone will appreciate that when playing, you can win even a few millions. Slot has a simple interface, it is not yet complicated, it can help even beginner players.

release date November 2006
Volatility level 88,12%
Software supplier Microgaming
Game Animals, Africa
Gravity 5
Winning lines 25
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.25/6.25
Jackpot Progressive
Maximum win in the basic game 225 000
Maximum win (coins): Progressive
Bonus functions Jackpot, Free Spiny, SCATTER Symbols, Bonus Round
Supported platforms IOS, Android, PC

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