How to understand RTP

In the Slots Review, the RTP called coefficient can be found. For beginners, it can be a strange abbreviation that does not say anything, and for more experienced people it is a very important information that can say a lot about the slot. Some people choose vending machines based on the RTP coefficient, so it means that it is important. If you do not understand what RTP is and how it works, we invite you to the article below, in which we explained this concept. Thanks to the knowledge of this coefficient, you will be a more aware player who, as a result, has a greater chance of winning high winnings.

What is RTP?

RTP is actually a shortcut that took English and after developing Return to Player. In Australian, this is a refund for the player. At the beginning, this may sound very strangely, but you should not worry, most people do not understand this concept for the first approach. The RTP people who have already played table games can be understood faster. In table games also use RTP, but it is much more often talking about the casino advantage.

Depending on the game and the layout, the casino advantage can be several percent, often from about 2 to 10%. In this case, RTP can be explained as an inverted casino advantage. This makes sense, because we usually meet with coefficients whose results amount to about 95%. This means that about 5% will be in a slot, and the player will receive this pool just mentioned 95%.

What slots choose, based on RTP?

Referring to the advantage of the casino, all players strive to make it as small as possible. It was then that the player has the greatest chance of winning. Exactly in the same way RTP works because it strives to make it the highest. It is believed that a good game is one that has at least RTP 95%. An exception here are slots with progressive jackpot. Manufacturers specifically reduce the return rate for the player so that part of the amount from the plant translate into the overall pool. In this case, RTP may even be about 92%.

The larger the rate of return, the better for the player. Therefore, vending machines whose return rate are about 97% are very popular. This result is already considered high. You can take this fact without a deeper thoughtful and just remember that it is best to choose gambling machines with the highest rate of return. However, it is better to understand why this is happening. For example, let us take a vending machine from RTP 97%. A player issuing on this slot 100 AUD should get back at least AUD 97.

However, we know that the above example is not too real because the results of playing in the slots would be predicted, and this is not. You will not get 97 AUD, this sum can be much smaller or much larger, depending on your happiness. This is because RTP is calculated on the basis of thousands and even millions of spins. Only after such a number you can accurately determine what the return rate for the player is. So if this result is calculated on the basis of so many slots, and you play, for example, dozens or several hundred slots, the result will certainly be another. You can not be honored with you, and a person who will play after you will get a winning outweighing RTP several times.

As a curiosity, we can add that online casinos can also be specified by RTP. They are calculated on the basis of all games and thus the solvency of the casino. Some pages are quite happy to share such information, some prefer to keep them for themselves. We advise you to try your happiness on a website that discloses data of this type.

Slots with the highest RTP on the market

You know how RTP works and that it is best to choose slots from high RTP. Most slot machines can be found in a group that has about 96%. However, it is not a secret that there are a few slots with a really high rate of return for the player. Use them if you want to be more confident of your win. However, you must remember that the winnings consist of other factors, not just a return rate. However, it is also proven that it also has meaning. Below you will find examples of several machines that stand out high RTP.

  • Mega Joker This is the undisputed winner when it comes to RTP. You will not find a slot with a higher rate of return, because in the case of this slot from the netent it is 99%. This means that only 1% is left in the vending machine itself, which is a really great result. Due to such a high RTP, each player should play Megajoker, and this is not happening, why? It turns out that the elevated rate of return for the player occurs only in a special supermeter mode. In the normal RTP mode it is very low, it is only 85%.
  • Joker Strike is a very similar game to Megajoker, although created by a completely different manufacturer, Quickspin. The classic theme of both games undoubtedly combines them as much as high RTP in special rounds. If you choose the Hi Roller option, you will play with a return rate for a player worth 98.11%. Under normal conditions, this coefficient decreases, but no longer as much as in the case of Mega Joker, because only up to 96.4%, which is still a high level.
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas There are no hooks or special rounds that raise the return rate for the player. Throughout the whole game you will be able to enjoy quite a high RTP, which is 98.5% in this slot, which is rarely encountered. This slot from Thunderkick It has an interesting motive, bonuses with free spins, and also provides high quality entertainment.
  • Blood Suckers This cult game from NetEnt. It tells the story of vampires, meaning a topic that was on top a few years ago and is still popular. However, in this case, it's not just an interesting theme, but especially about the rate for a player, which is equal to 98%. This result is very high, which combine with bonuses and a motif, gives an attractive playing machine.
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl It is one of the more frequently selected slots and it is not for a reason. First, this machine has a high RTP, and it is exactly 97.8%. This is one advantage, and the second is the fact that a very high winner is hiding a progressive jackpot. In addition, the machine gives players the ability to choose the game mode, so this is another point on the .


Knowing the concept of a rate of return for the player will come on to every person who seriously think about the game in Slots Real money. This is a description of the machine that speaks a lot about it, so before issuing money on a slot, it is worth interest what is exactly his RTP. You will quickly notice what the difference between the automatons with a high rate of return for the player and low.