What is a deposit bonus?

Bonus without a deposit is the simplest form of a welcome bonus (and not only). Bonus without a deposit is the so-called "completely free money". The casino gives us funds for a game without any obligations - this is a form of marketing aimed at attracting players to the casino.

Unfortunately, there are fewer typical bonuses without a deposit. Most casinos are inclined towards welcome promotions that require us to deposit a casino deposit. The height of the premium we will receive will depend on the amount you paid. This is completely opposite against bonuses without a deposit, which occur in a constant amount - regardless of other factors (eg deposit amount).

Types of bonuses without deposit

However, bonuses without a deposit are not unprecedented and we can still find a really interesting offer. However, we must remember that unlike deposit bonuses - they are not too large and usually only dozen zlotys.

Additionally - if the casino gives us "free" means to the game, this does not mean that we can pay them immediately after winning. The situation is analogous here for free spins, which are also a bonus without payment. To be able to pay a win from a bonus without a deposit, we will have to meet the requirements for betting - i.e. to play a certain number of times for the total amount of winning.

Bonus without a deposit does not have to be used only for new customers. Steel customers are often rewarded with special bonuses without a deposit. We often meet with a bonus without a deposit for each client Casino - Not necessarily in the form of cash. It is assumed that bonuses without payment are only bonuses in the form of cash, which the casino increases to our balance. The truth, however, is that the bonuses without a deposit can not take various forms (the most common form Free spiny), and in cash they are currently offered very rarely.

The main reason why most promotes require a deposit from us, is its profitability. Bonuses without a deposit are not like free money issued by casino players. Of course, the casino is properly protected to minimize potential losses, while giving this bonus, encouraging the Casino Players. However, bonuses without payment do not constitute a much higher financial risk for casinos than deposit bonuses.

Bonus without a deposit does not end on the direct monetary offer. There are several types of bonuses without a deposit, which are widely offered by internet casinos. Below are all forms of bonuses without a deposit.

  1. Free spins - Free turns are undoubtedly the most common form of a bonus without a deposit. We will find them practically at every casino. They are also offered in many different situations - as a registration bonus for new players, as an addition to deposit bonuses, as well as to promote a new game that appeared in the casino.
  2. Cash - a kind of bonus without a deposit, thanks to which the casino adds additional funds to our game balance. This is now the rarest form of a bonus without a deposit.
  3. Cashback - a kind of bonus without a deposit where the casino provides us with additional means for the game. This is now the rarest available form of the bonus without payment. Cashback - this is a kind of bonus in which you receive a percentage return on your losses. For example, if your Cashback bonus is equal to 10%, it means that you will get a 10% refund from the amount you have lost. Cashbackies are usually limited to a specific amount and this limit is fully dependent on the casino and type of offer.

Is every bonus without a deposit is attractive?

Before we use the offer, we should carefully think about its attractiveness - ie profitability in terms of financial terms. Probably taking an unattractive bonus, you can still have fun. But for most players the greatest joy is to win, so we should thoroughly analyze the offer before we use it.

Bonuses without a deposit in no way different from deposit bonuses. The latter may also be unattractive - whether in terms of the required turning conditions, whether this percentage.

The first thing we should do before taking advantage of the promotion is carefully reading the applicable regulations. We need to pay attention to such factors as:

  • How many times do we need to rotate a given bonus (20x, 30x, 45x?)
  • How much do we have time to meet the rotary conditions (3 days, 5 days, week?)
  • What games are eligible for the use of the bonus? Some of our favorite slot machines can be excluded from the promotion, and sometimes even whole categories of games (poker, roulette).
  • How many games do you count to meet the rotary conditions? Most vending machines count 100%, but games from a different category (Video Poker, Roulette, blackjack, Live Casino) may not count at all or only in several or do a dozen percent.

We also need to remember that a typical cash bonus does not necessarily have to be displayed in the Promotions tab. Nowadays, when a bonus without a cash deposit is a much less popular solution, very often has a bonus code. Such a code is not necessarily on the main page of the casino and is often a marketing entity for trusted platforms, eg other websites cooperating with a given casino.

Therefore, even if the casino offers a bonus without a deposit - we will not necessarily find it on the Casino website. In contrast to free Cashback spins and bonuses, which usually can be found in the Promotions tab or in another section directly on the casino page.

Why do casinos offer bonuses without a deposit?

Casinos offer players a number of bonuses without a deposit with a very simple reason - to encourage players to play casino. As we know, no deposit bonuses are less profitable for the casino than deposit bonuses. For this reason, there are much less (at least in cash), although they still exist. And if they occur - we should definitely use them because even if the rotating conditions are difficult to meet (and in the case of this form of bonuses are usually), we do not risk anything here - we can only win, and the casino - just lose!

Can I take advantage of the bonus without a deposit several times?

And so and does not depend on which we refer to the promotion. When it comes to cash bonuses - they are certainly only available to one user: one IP address, one home address. In the case of Reload bonuses, this is the most possible option. This kind of bonuses often include Cashback bonuses, from which many times can be used than less frequently. The common form of Cashback bonuses is their availability every week, for example every Wednesday, Friday or Sunday, depending on the attendance of the casino.

Does the use of VPN prevent us from taking a bonus?

No, in most online casinos use VPN does not limit us in any way. Especially when it comes to players living in Australia - the casino are perfectly aware of the current casino legality situation and do not create any problems for Australian players. Finally, how else could we ever take part in the game without changing our IP address?

However, this does not disturb us when it comes to the possibility of gaining a bonus and in no way facilitates the extension of another welcome bonus (which is contrary to the principles of practically every casino). Why? Because the players must go to the identity verification in order to pay the measures, which is associated with sending a personal proof scan and often confirm the home address.

Can I take advantage of a bonus without a deposit on my cell phone?

In most cases there will be no problems with obtaining a bonus on the tablet or smartphone (regardless of our operating system). Currently, the online casino pages are fully optimized for mobile devices.
In fact, when it comes to promotions - very often a smartphone or tablet offers us even greater opportunities, because many casinos and bookmakers offer so-called "mobile bonuses", from which we can use only when we log in to the casino on our portable device.

What are the advantages of a bonus without a deposit?

The biggest advantage of the bonus without a deposit is a clear lack of risk from the players. The fact that turning conditions are often not the easiest to fulfill, and even if we can win a little to win thanks to free bonus funds - we will not necessarily pay them, but ... in terms of financial terms, we have nothing to lose. We can only gain!