Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that the game is really pleasant and at the same time very simple understanding. One of the main factors for the attractiveness of this game is that in the case of blackjack, our chances of winning are much larger due to a much smaller casino advantage (House Edge).

Each blackjack card has a specified number of points. The goal of the game is to collect cards that will give us the number of points 21 - or the closest one after sum. Kings, ladies and walets are worth 10 points, and aces from 1 to 11 points. The remaining part of the cards shows exactly as in the waist. However, we must remember that we can not collect a larger number of points than 21. In this case, we automatically lose the hand.

In Blackjack, several suitable waist together are used and playing with a full tali card, and a maximum of 6 people can sit at the table. Blackjack is undoubtedly a game of a game in which the decision is crucial and preserving the right attitude characteristic of all card games.

A great option for blackjack is also numerous tournaments. In the case of online casinos, the gameplay is rolled with the dealer - that is, with a casino. However, tournaments allow us to compete with other players, which is much more exciting and interesting. We will find relatively many Blackjack tournaments, as well as large international events in which players from around the world participate.

Blackjack is an old game whose roots come from Spain. The game was then popular also in France, and in later years in the United States, when special gambling has been established.

Bases and conditions apply Play prudent

History Blackjacka.

You still do not know who really invented blackjack. The first steps were put in Spain and France, where the original version of Blackjack - 21, was really popular. Many sources I give that Blackjack appeared for the first time in Spain and soon after that in France. However, there is no certainty and we can also meet the opinions that in 21 were already playing in antiquity.

Most information about Blackjack's genesis comes from France, where Blackjack was very popular in casinos called "Vingt-et-un". In Spain, however, the game 21 was a little modified because it did not play up to the number 21, and as much as 31.

A breakthrough moment for the development of Blackjack was the dissemination of gambling in the United States. Blackjack went to the US with roulette and very quickly became very popular in this country. The first casinos were founded in Nevada, who today is the American capital of gambling. And partly even the world, because when it comes to a casino game - it's hard to replace a more famous place than Las Vegas.

From behind Ocean Blackjack arrived in the form of a game 21 and it was only in the United States to introduce all modifications that apply to this day. The current Blackjack, despite its European genesis, is the product formed by American players and American casinos.

At first, players tried everything to increase their chances of winning. The most common calculators, which at first were still legal and had to help players get an advantage over the casino. However, they were forbidden in casinos soon.

After this situation, the talented American Mathematician, Edward O. Thorp, even issued a book describing how to win in blackjack without using a calculator. This book had a major impact on the current form blackjack and to a large extent helped players better understand this game and develop their skills.

Blackjack - Getting Steps in the Casino

Game in Blackjack is really simple. However, if we start, even the simplest elements can seem to us. In addition, on the internet we find a lot of information about Blackjack - the best strategies, the most recommended casinos, etc. We can certainly come together with a crosslink of information and getting lost more in all this.

First of all, we have to choose a platform for the game - we will not have a particularly large problem with this, because Blackjack is available basically at every online casino. A trusted and worth recommending online casino is really a lot. If you are wondering what casino you choose, check your Casinos available from us.

Once we choose the casino, we set up an account on the platform and confirm our data, we must go to choose the game. As soon as we will notice - there are several blackjack versions. The most popular variety, which is the subject of this article, is American blackjack. However, there are also a number of other varieties as Spanish 21, Pontoon, whether Double Jack.

How to play Blackjack?

Blackjack is based on a very simple principle - we want to gain the largest number of cards available to us, albeit no more than 21 - then we lose the hand. However, the real goal of playing blackjack is to win against the dealer. Of course, the only way to do this is to achieve the number of points as soon as the number 21.

We can distinguish three types of cards here:

• As - the best card you can get because it allows players to choose it - from 1 to 11.
• Cards from 2 to 10 - blackjack have the same value.
• King, Lady and Walet - constant value 10.

Blackjack is a game for money, so the first move he performs the player is to put a bet. Then we get two discovered cards that are completely visible to each at the table. Then the dealer lines two cards on the table - one discovered, the second covered. At this point, players are forced to make a choice - or choose a card, or stay at what has been given to us.

The goal is to collect 21 points - if we choose the card and exceed this number, but unfortunately, but the distribution for us ends. As a rule, the dealer ends with a number of 17 or higher - such variants may differ, however, depending on the table at which we play, so before starting the game it is very good to familiarize yourself with the applicable principles.

When the dealer has passed all the cards, a comparison is compared. If we managed to get a larger number of points from the dealer - we win as much as we put as much as we put in the very beginning (payday 1: 1). If we have less - we do not win and lose as much as we put. However, if the dealer exceeds the number 21 - each player sitting at the table wins the stake brought.

However, the best possible combination is Blackjack itself, which pays 3: 2. So, if we entered from, for example, the Casino will pay us as part of the win as much as AUD 250 (AUD 100 of the initial contribution and AUD 150 of the win). And getting blackjack is not so difficult - all you need to do is get any card worth 10 and ASA.

"Construction" table

Before you start playing blackjack, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the elements and options that they are entitled to. In the case of first with blackjack, some buttons can still seem incomprehensible to us, and their proper use during the game is the issue of skills acquired with experience. Sitting to the table, we will meet the following elements:

Limits - At virtually every table we will meet with established limits specifying the minimum and maximum rate of our plant.
Deal - Thanks to which we will start the hand
Hit - Button that allows us to take another card from the dealer
STAND - Button that presses when you do not want to choose the card. In some cases this button is visible only after hand.
Double - Button that allows us to double our bet.
Split - Button for us separating cards. However, it is possible to split up cards only if we have cards with an equal value.
Surrender - Button that press when it's time to give. We only lose half of the rate.
Insurance - A fairly specific option that is available only when the first dealer card is as and constitutes insurance in case the dealer on the other card scored Blackjack. The payment ratio in the event of insurance is really good (2: 1), although we can only spend only half of your rate.

Strategy in blackjack

In blackjack, we can distinguish one main strategy that is a collection of all possible decisions that we can take depending on the situation in which we find. This strategy was presented in the form of a special table developed by American mathematics.

It was prepared for the most popular version of Blackjack, where the four tables of cards and courier are playing cards in accordance with the "Soft 17" rule.

Croupier carda

How does everything work? How to read this table and apply the tips contained in it? We're already explaining!

First of all, start with the explanation of the legend:

Hit - Tip to choose the card
STAND - Tip not to choose the card
Double Down - Tip to double the stake
Split - Tip to separate the cards

This table, despite the fact that at first glance it looks quite complicated, but it is very simple in reading. For example, when we see that the dealer has a discovery card 2, and we have, for example, Waleta and 4 (total 14), we are looking for a table intersection of the dealer cards with player cards - 2 and 14. As we see after the legend - the table suggest us to make us They did not choose cards (green stand stand).

However, we must remember that the table presented above is a strategy created on the basis of numerous mathematical simulations and in no way eliminates the advantage of the casino. Long-term, even following the instructions from this table, which are statistically best decisions we can take, and we will lose. If there was any way for a certain win - unfortunately, but the casino would not exist.

If the feeling tells us otherwise - we do not have to follow the instructions presented in this strategy. We can follow it to maximize your chances of winning, although we can do a derogation and follow your beliefs.

Game systems in blackjack

The philosophy of Blackjack's game does not end on the above-mentioned table. As in the case of roulette, we can also distinguish numerous systems that constitute a great addition to the above table.

System Martingale - A very popular game system, which is often used both by blackjack and roulette players. In the case of this system, the rate is doubled when we lose. In most systems, it is vice versa. If we lose again - we double the stake again. However, if we win, we return to the amount we have established at the very beginning of the game.

System password - Also very often used and at the same time a very simple game system. In the case of this strategy, we must first determine the minimum rate of your plant, because we will be based on it throughout the game.

Suppose our minimum rate is AUD 10. If we win - We undermine your stake and the next bet we focus for AUD 20. If we win him - we are already asking for AUD 40 anymore. However, if we win again, we have to go back to the starting rate, i.e. 10 zlotys in this case. This is part of the strategy - after three winnings in a row, on the fourth plant we will withdraw the starting rates and start the whole cycle from scratch.

However, if we lose at least once - We will automatically go back to the minimum rate we have established. Of course, if we lost to playing for the minimum amount - we continue the gameplay for this rate. We never leave below the fixed minimum amount.

System 1-3-2-6

Another interesting and often used by players playing a blackjack. It is a system based on several wins in a row - exactly four because it includes only 4 rounds. To start playing this system, we have to determine the start-up rate - it's best not to be particularly high, because in the last round we will be forced to put it really big money.

The entire system can be in a very simple way in a small table:

Round Rate
1 1x
2 Reverse
3 2x.
4 6x

So what's going on? In the first round, we focus on the equivalent of the minimum rate determined by us. If we win, in the second round we are able to a stake set by us and we make another bet. If we win again, we double your stake. Then, if we can win again - we put a bet for six-time minimum rates chosen by us.

A very simple system, which, however, with a good pass, can lead us in the final round to really a lot of winning or losing. That's why we should pretty reasonably choose a rate at the beginning. Of course, if we lose in this system, we simply start the entire sequence from scratch.

System Parlay - An interesting system operating on the principle of a pyramid. If we win - the value of our subsequent plant should be the sum of the previous plant and a win originating from it. So - we play for the whole. This is a great system if we love a chance for really a lot of winning and at the same time we are not afraid to take the risks under which we lose everything. With a good pass, this pyramidal strategy can be grabbed a lot, although the risk of this method is equally great.

Tournaments in Blackjack

Most of us probably spent most of the time on the computer game. Little blackjack players discover tournaments, even though they really like this game. And the tournaments are really great and provide us with a completely different level of emotion than a game with a dealer.

Literally everyone should taste true competition with other players in Blackjack. Especially that now it is really simple, because we find a whole lot of various types of tournaments - both smaller and international ones, where we have a chance to face the best players from around the world.

Both the advantage and disadvantage of tournaments is that there are no half. The prize pool collect the best - if we fall out of the tournament at the initial stages of the game, unfortunately, but we do not have to count on the financial part. What, however, for most players is more important than the fight for money itself, it's a fun that in the case of tournaments in blackjack is always a front.

Several general information

Before we start the game in Blackjack seriously, we should also get to know some general information about this game, most often occurring concepts, as well as various curiosities.

One of the curiosities regarding Blackjack is, among other things, that it was a game very much liked by one of the largest leaders in the world history - Napoleon Bonaparte.

Another interesting element is the Baron Casino in San Diego, the USA, which has its own Hall of Fame. For the best blackjack players in history offers free accommodation, drinking, food and lot of other attractions. However, they have a total ban on a casino game.

It is also worth remembering that Blackjack is a game burdened with the smallest casino advantage, which is only 0.24%. In practice, this means that playing against the croupier chances are really aligned - especially in comparison with other casino games, where this advantage is usually much, much greater.

However, we must remember that the casino often try to increase this advantage. Most often, this is the case by increasing the number of card deck in the game.

Several most important concepts in blackjack

1. Bust/Break - When the numeric value of our cards exceeds the number 21.
2. Double Down - Doubling the rate.
3. Draw - Situation when after handing out 2 cards we receive the first additional card.
4. Even Money - The term occurs when we can find a blackjack and the first dealer card is AS. We will then be offered to us. "Even Money", which is the possibility to avoid tie and exit with a guaranteed winnings paid in a 1: 1 ratio (instead of 2: 1).
5. Five Card Charlie - A term referring to a very specific situation when, despite having five cards, we still have not exceeded the number 21. We can then be awarded with a bonus or automatically win.
6. Hard Hand - The term showing the situation when the player is threatened losing by exceeding the number 21 (BUST) and does not have any ASA.
7. Hole card - a card located in the hands of a dealer, which will be discovered only after playing cards by other players.
8. Natural - The term showing the situation when the player scored Blackjack using the first two cards.
9. Pitch Game - The term specifying the game that is played with one or two waists.
10. Shoe Game - The term specifying the game that is played with numerous card's waist - even up to eight deck.
11. Stand Off - In other words, a draw. This term concerns the situation when both the player and the dealer have the same number of cards. In this case, the player is returned to the entire stake.