Live casino

Live games are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to standard casino games. Players start to choose a live casino more more than ordinary slots, poker or roulette. Although live games already exist from really many years, you can no doubt that they have had little problems with adaptation to the casino environment.

Live games, however, undoubtedly offer players a number of other experiences. Greater dynamics and more emotions. If we feel bored with current casino games and we would like to try something new, which will certainly bring us back to the game ... We should necessarily test your happiness when playing with a live dealer.

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What games do we find in a live casino?

The choice of live casino games does not differ especially from those that we can find in a standard offer. We can play here basically everything - but with one small hook. There are no slots here! And slots are the majority of the offer of each casino, so some players can certainly feel a little disappointed. However, if we are interested in other solutions that will be able to provide a whole lot of emotions, without a doubt, we should check the Live casino.

  1. Roulette - One of the most popular games in casinos live is Roulette. Just as in the case of a standard offer, we will find it here in many different versions - although no doubt the choice is slightly smaller. And this does not apply only roulette, but also all other games.
  2. Baccarat - also a very popular live casino game. Depending on the casino and software providers, there may be small differences between one and the second baccarat. Although in most casinos we find the North American version of this game - Punto Banco, which seems to attract the largest number of players.
  3. Poker - in the live casino we will also find a number of different varieties of poker. If we want to increase the amount of emotions flowing from poker games, it's hard for a better choice than Poker Live. While in the standard casino offer we will certainly find a lot more varieties, we should not be disappointed with the availability of live poker on most gambling platforms.
  4. Sic Bo and Majhong - these are also extremely popular live games. Although for players from Europe and North America, they can be much more niche than three above mentioned games. And this is the most truth because the niche of these two Live games mainly includes Asian countries. This does not mean, however, that we will also not find them in casinos focused on European and American players.

Why do you need to check the live casino?

Social interactions

As strange, it may not sound when it comes to online casino game - Live Games can be a great exploitation from the monotonous, lonely game. And do not hide - most people who have spent a lot of time in the casino would definitely want to improve their experiences in this area.

A game with a dealer and other players we can talk and share with their own experiences can be really great. Especially if we spent a lot of time to constantly click on the same button in simple slots and we really feel alone. It is also a great way to establish new friends - finally to the casino brings us all the same. And it is much easier to make friends with people with similar interests and experiences.

Another type of experience

Although the standard casino and live casino still significantly differ from the experience flowing from the game in this real ... Live Games are definitely closest to reality. The professionalism of the gameplay can put us in a completely different climate. Croupier dealing cards or the possibility of chatting with other players is an impression that really can bring us close to the experience flowing from a stationary casino.

In addition, live live games can build more confidence. Playing with other players and the dealer is easier for us to make a relationship with the environment that surrounds us, which significantly translates into the quality of the game and experiences flowing out of it.

Live games grow in strength

One of the things we can be sure is that live games will only become more and more popular. Players more often check alternative solutions and are looking for something that will be able to provide additional impressions from the game. Live games are currently the best possible choice because they are completely changing the scenery of the game.

A widely developed digitization has a big impact. In principle, each of us nowadays has a really quick internet that allows turning liquid live games with a dealer. There is also a very common game on smartphones on which we can also play a live Live game without any problem.

Higher rates

We can count both as a disadvantage and the advantage of a live casino - depending on our preferences. However, it is not doubt that the conduct of a live casino is associated with higher costs than in the case of a standard offer. For this reason, most of the Live games we will be forced to start from a slight higher minimum rate compared to the remaining games.

Although, for some, it can be the most advantage. If we are players who like to play for a bit more, we can feel disappointed while playing in Blackjacka With a minimum bet rate equal to 25 cents. Of course, the problem is not that we can not increase this rate - but the very fact of starting the game from such a low amount after parts steals the charm of this game. Especially if we want to approach the casino experience as possible.


Stets or unfortunately, the live casino game will run slower than when playing with a computer. In principle, for most players who like a live casino will be the advantage, although for some, especially those accustomed to almost immediate gameplay, this can be a small problem.

This is mainly due to the fact that the dealer will not be able to conduct us through the gameplay as soon as the computer can do. In addition - we must remember that we do not usually play themselves. Other players who also have to do their move will be present - and we will have to wait for this move, which will even slow down the pace of the game. Of course, the presence of other players is a large advantage, but for people who like fast gameplay and are used to playing with a computer, it can be a minus one at first.

On the other hand - a slower game, in which we have to wait for other players, will give us a lot more closer to the reality of experience when it comes to a casino game. And this is the first of all that they are looking for a person incurred towards the Live Casino.

Where to play live games?

Live games can be found basically at any internet casino. Although it must also be admitted that the number of games available there is usually not particularly great. Most online casinos still focuses their attention mainly on the development of a standard offer. A good live casinos are among others betsson i betsafewhere we find a lot of roulette, blackjack and many other popular live games.

However, the software provider is more interesting - it is them that they create our favorite live games, which we can then play casinos. According to many, the best and definitely the most common feature of the online software provider is the Evolution Gaming brand. It is from this company that most games in Live come in which we had the opportunity to play. However, the list does not close only on this one company, because competition in this sector is also quite large.

evolution gaming - Certainly the most famous brand among the fans of a live casino. In its offer, it has basically everything - from the European, French and American roulette variety, after various kinds of blackjack, poker, super sic, as well as a unique Football Studio game. This is one of the best-rated and most-chosen software suppliers chosen by the casino. If we want to familiarize yourself with the live casino - we should start our adventure from the brand games. Although, if we had any with Live games, there are a good chance that they were just from Evolution Gaming.

Ignorance - Another interesting provider of live games software is the Ezugi brand. It does not exist on the market as long as legendary Microgaming or Netent brands, because it was founded only in 2012, although its games are really a lot of success. It is still a very niche brand, but with the growing popularity of live games, more and more online casinos are inclined to a bolt from this stable.

The distinguished feature of the Ezuga brand is that it focuses on Live games. It has really many - from Roulette, on Blackjack and really great Baccarata, as well as completely unique games like Wheel of Dice or Live Lottery. If we are interested in checking high-quality live games, we must consider the EZUGI provider.

NetEnt - Another brand that deserves to be distinction is the Swedish Giant, which for long years dominates the online casinos market. If we ever played any game in the internet casino, there are very good chances that we have just come across one of the production of netent. The company creates both video slots, blackjack, roulette, as well as poker. Although most famous for the amazing slots and many unique bonus functions and a number of groundbreaking solutions used.

However, if it is a live casino, the company entered the Live Games market with a slight delay, because it took place only in 2013. And although their offer is not particularly expanded, the game prepared by this brand are really high quality. Anyway - no one has the right here to be surprised because it was on a detailed refinement of the brand games to build its trust.

In addition to these three of the above-mentioned software providers, however, many different brands are involved in live games. Among the most popular and largest of them can be replaced additionally:

• Microgaming
• Extreme Gaming
• Vivo Gaming
• XProGaming