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divine fortune

By magdalena
13 July, 2022
Divine Fortune is one of those games that are difficult to tear. Very good performance, carefully selected musical path and a simple interface complete the whole image. The expedition along with mythological figures is very exciting not only for experienced players, but also for beginners. Win one of the jackpots or up to 60,000 coins. Divine Fortune will allow you not only to move to a completely different world, but also may be a reason for happiness.

Introduction to Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is another good game from Netent Entertainment. Actually, this supplier has happened to get used to the fact that his games are high quality and we would be strange if only a slot did not meet expectations. However, as always, it is completely different, so you can enjoy another good game. Divine Fortune was created at the beginning of 2017. The machine can be played not only on your computer, but also on mobile devices. After your favorite game, you can reach practically at any time. The machine grid is presented 5 x 3, which means that the slot has 5 drums and 3 rows, which is a fairly classic solution.

At first, it is worth paying attention to the slot theme. The game presents us Greek mythology, but in a little different edition. During the game you can meet some characters taken from mythology, but most of them are animals or strange creatures. The supplier focused only on this group of mythology, so you will not meet well-known gods or heroes. It is thanks to this a game other than other slots talking about Greek mythology, and that this topic appears quite often, this is a need for freshness. A breath of freshness in portable and literal sense, because the musical path is nothing but the energetic wind and the noise of waves that calm down, and at the same time they warm to fight. Besides, such a well-chosen music path makes the player actually feeling as if he took part in an expedition on the full sea.

A lot of good can also be said about a graphic robbery that has been perfectly refined. All symbols are very high quality, so easy to run your imagination and go to a very interesting mythological trip. The game mechanic is intuitive, even a person who has never had to deal with single-armed bandits to know how to play. All buttons are located in such places that you can easily find them. As in most slots, the button starting the game is in the middle, immediately under a mesh with symbols.

The rest of the buttons is also intuitive, and all pins with important to the players are marked, so you can notice them quickly. With the "Level" button, you change your rate level, which is a very easy solution. In a similar way, i.e. with the "+" and "-" button, decides with the values of coins. In this case, you can choose a value from 0.2 to 100 currency chosen. It is worth noting that the presented one-armed bandit has 20 payment lines, so you have a chance to win quite a lot of cash. If you do not know exactly where the payment lines are located, you can check this information after selecting the "I" button. It is located on the left. Besides, you will also find information about symbols, bonuses and game rules.

Symbols in Divine Fortune

As we have already mentioned, Divine Fortune is based on Greek mythology, mainly on animals and strange monsters, so that's what you can expect them. There is also a pretty large group of symbols depicting Greek style cards, which is quite a frequent procedure. At the same time, the symbols of this type are not too highly evaluated, they are rather a base for these better valued. Here are all symbols and their values in Divine Fortune:

  • Q and J are symbols that appear on the screen quite often, and this is because they are not too highly evaluated. Remember, however, that you can get something for them. You will receive 6 coins for the smallest number of symbols in the cluster, and for 5 symbols you will get 60 coins, which is already quite a significant amount.
  • A and K is another symbols on the list that provide a little better amount for drawing them in a given cluster. Three symbols are enough to get 7 coins. On the other hand, the player receives 80 coins for 5 symbols on the payment line.
  • The bird is a symbol that very often appeared in various mythologies. Removing it in this game means fortunate a player, because for 5 symbols you can get up to 200 coins. If you draw 4 of them, you will get 40 coins, for a minimum number of symbols, or 3, you will receive 14 coins.
  • The buffalo is an animal, which very often turned into the most important Greek god, or Zeus. Therefore, this symbol is very highly evaluated, for 5 buffalo you will get up to 300 coins. A little less prize awaits you in the case of drawing 4, it is 50 coins, for 3 prize is 16 coins.
  • Lion will also make you enrich. Already 3 lions make you like 18 coins on your account. In turn, the set, or 5 lviv will give you up to 400 coins.
  • Medusa is one of the most important symbols in Divine Fortune. It is thanks to her that you can count on a winning 600 coins in the case of the smallest bet, which is a very lucrative option. In turn, 3 meduses will add 20 coins to the account.

In the slot there are also special symbols that we will write more below. Thanks to them, you can get a lot more than in the base game.

Bonusy w Divine Fortune

  • Wild

As in many slots, Divine Fortune is equipped with a Wild symbol. Traditionally, he replaces every other symbol in the game, thanks to which the win is easier. In this case, Wild looks a little different. He has a figure of a white horse, and when he finds himself on one of the drums, he also generates Respin, that is another spin, quite free. Then this symbol moves to the drum down and the next spin generates each passage. It works even when Wild will disappear from the player's vision.

  • Wild on Wild

Wild On Wild is a very interesting treatment, which consists in the fact that one of the wilders enters the second place. At this point, Wild covers the entire row in the grid, thanks to which the win is very likely. We must mention that this does not happen often, but this function is very useful. The symbol shows Pegasus, so it's easy to recognize it.

  • Free spiny

During the game you can win completely free spins. Getting them is not particularly complicated because it is enough to draw at least three symbols with the word Free Spins anywhere on the grid. Then the player is rewarded with 5 free spins. In turn, 4 symbols on the screen mean that you earn 8 free spins. When you manage 5 symbols, you can enjoy 12 free spins.

  • Bonus game with Jackpot

During the game, each player collects special coins. If he can get three coins in the game during the game, he has a chance to play Jackpot. It is worth knowing that there are 3 different jackpots in the game, so you can prepare for quite high winnings. The bonus game is that you have to discover subsequent coins on an additional screen. If you can reveal the whole one row of coins, you can count on the smallest Jackpot, or Minor Jackopt of 20 Euro. If these are two rows, you win Major Jackpot worth 100 euros. In the event that you meet you the largest win, i.e. you have 3-row coins filled, you get a mega jackpot, which is 10,000 euros.

Summary Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune can be on the beginning for some seeming a trapped, because it already uses a fairly well-known motion presenting Greek mythology. However, therefore, that the producer came to this topic a little differently, Divine Fortune is still going to be very attractive to many players. Very good graphics and subtle music that does not interfere with the game are certainly a slot assignments. Many players also mention that three jackpots to win a very interesting proposition, next to which it is difficult to go indifferently.

release date January 2017
Return to Player (RTP): 96,59%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Mythology, gods Greece, animals
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/100
Jackpot So
Maximum win in the basic game 60000
Maximum win (coins): Sailing
Bonus functions Wild On Wild, Free Spiny, Bonus Game
Supported platforms IOS, Android, PC

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