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By magdalena
December 7, 2022
Hades Gigablox is a relatively new game that has already achieved a lot of successes. As a success, we treat popularity among players. In the first place, an unprecedented motif of this machine is slightened, and this is a hell. In fact, we say and Greek hell, which is Hades and also about his ruler Hades, because he appears on the screen and cheer you. The presented slot is made really well, which can be seen immediately after switching it on. Below you have the opportunity to learn about all details of this slot if you seriously think about playing in it, especially for real money.
  • Climatic game
  • A well-completed theme
  • Detailed and high quality graphics
  • High detail
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • Interesting Gigablox function
  • A lot of additional bonuses
  • A lot of additional bonuses
  • The bonus round may appear quite rare

Slot Hades Gigablox Review

The year 2022 abounds in new games, players can not complain about the lack of stimuli. Yggdrasil decided to surprise players because Hades Gigablox is already his next position. Such a productive provider is always liked by players, because it can not be bored or for a moment Hades Gigablox is undoubtedly far from a standard game, so you can prepare for a completely new experience.

Slot was officially introduced to the market at the beginning of October this year. Since then, it has not been even two months, and you can see that players often come back to the game at Hades Gigablox. This is a completely new and modernly designed game that says the title is equipped with the GigAblox function. This is a fairly fresh option that appeared recently. It consists in the fact that in each spin, randomly, larger symbol blocks appear. They can often store up to 6 same symbols, so you can easily win a given cluster.

At the beginning, the Gigablox function may seem quite strange because the symbols do not look regularly, they are different size and can distract the player, but you can get used to them quite quickly. For this you can gain a few additional combinations with symbols, so it's what to fight. The slot undoubtedly is intercepted by everyone, so maybe you would like to try how to play at Hadex Gigablox. At the very beginning you can use the demo option that is completely free. If it turns out that such a form of the game suits you, you can go to the game for real money right away.

Some people can find a few disadvantages in this slot, but no one can say a bad word about graphic robbery. From the very beginning, we are welcoming by Hades himself, who engines us with fire and does not look too favorable, although in the game it turns out that it is different. Hades approaches the screen to then suddenly disappear and appear in the main screen right next to the grid. If you slipped history lessons, you can not know that Hades is the Greek God of the Dead. The same name carries the underground in which they are dead, this is Hades's house.

The graphic robes can not complain. However, you must admit that it is quite demanding, so you should download all the latest plugins so that the game can work. When you're doing everything, you can start the game right away. On the main screen you will see a grid with symbols, and right next to them the main character of this game, or Hades. Do not worry, however, it is here to help you and do not disturb you. More about his character will learn in the bonuses, but now you can be sure that thanks to it you can get more cash.

Hades's figure looks very majestically, it looks like it was presented in mythology. Some may think that he is quite scary, but the truth is that he does not intend to prevent players in the game, on the contrary, he often sends the Wild symbols that help users Hades Gigablox. On his hand there is a blue flame, which after some time changes in coins, in turn his sheet is black smoke. These effects make the game look really interesting. A circle of mesh with symbols there are ominous monuments depicting the slot hoses, suffering from people and other terrible things that make the game look interesting.

Everything is presented in blue green colors, in the background you can see columns, probably belonging to the Hades Palace, additionally ubiquitous smoke gives even more climate. All these elements make the player really feel as if just at the moment he went to the world of the dead. You can expect the musical path to be created to overclock the atmosphere during the game, it will be hard to return to the real world after such a survival. Music is sometimes interrupted by several Hades jokes, which a little relax the dead atmosphere.

In terms of technical term, the game looks very decent. The slot grid is quite a custom, because it has 6 drums and 6 rows of symbols. A larger amount of space on symbols means that the player has more opportunities to win, especially that it is equipped with up to 50 wandering lines. They are very well explained in one of the buttons we will say about. The player's return rate is 96%, so it is not particularly impressive, but it is not the worst, so players should not be disappointed.

The average variation means that the winning combinations may rarely appear or often, their height is also random, depending on the drawn combination. This is a good option for beginner players who still do not know if they are better playing games with high or low variability. Mobile players do not have to worry because Hades Gigablox works both on computers and on telephones and tablets. You will not have a problem with him on any device.

It is worth knowing what accurately the rate for a single player can set. It is a minimum of 0.1 a given currency, in turn, a maximum of 100 of a given currency. This cross section is quite standard. It is not normal, however, that players can maximize even 11 129 x rate. This is quite a large sum, but to get it, you should draw a round of free spins. A larger win can meet everyone, so we invite you to try this game and get your own opinion on it yourself.

Symbols in the Hades Gigablox machine

Even after symbols in this slot, you can see that it is very well made. They are presented in the form of tiles, larger and smaller. In this machine, you will not protect yourself from traditional symbols borrowed from cards because they appear here, but they are prepared really good, in their own style. In addition, we are dealing with terrible monsters that can be found in hell, or in hades. Below you will find all information about each symbol and its values.

  • All card symbols have one value, and this is 0.40 euros for 3 symbols and 4 euros for 6 symbols in one cluster. This is a good solution because you can easily remember them.
  • The blue and purple monster is worth 0.80 euros for 3 symbols in combination. 8 euros You should get in the case when you draw 6 symbols in the cluster.
  • The green monster with Hades is paying for each cluster with three symbols exactly 1 euros. If you draw a maximum number of symbols, i.e., you will get 12 euros.
  • A red monster is the most advantageous option in this slot. Already for 3 symbols in combination you get 1.20 euros, in turn for 6 monsters it will be 16 euros.

Please note that withdrawals for a given combination depend mainly on what plant you bet. Include also the fact that it is a slot with 6 drums, so the maximum number of symbols in one combination is 6. Navigation after this casino should not be too difficult for anyone. Currently, slots are very intuitive, and Hades Gigablox is one of them. In the middle there is a button that starts the game with laurout around, that's why you will recognize it.

Next to it there are two buttons, one of them is used to determine the appropriate autoplay value. If you do not know what it means, we can tell you that thanks to this function you can set yourself ahead of how many spins are to be played automatically. You do not have to still choose the Start button, this is especially helpful when you are an experienced player and you play hundreds of spins at once. The second button is Max Bet, this one is used to automatically set the maximum bet.

On the left side there are very important functions that are associated with the plant. However, you set it indirectly, because you change the value of a single coin and only then you see an automatic change in the window with a plant. Click on the human button and expand the entire menu. In one of these options there are all game rules, explained what symbols are there and what bonuses can be obtained. We advise you to get acquainted with this button because it is a very useful knowledge. Also pay attention to all windows that give you more information about the game, for example your funds and the last win. Even if you are a beginner, you will not have a problem with finding yourself in this slot.

Bonuses in the game Hades Gigablox

Currently, almost every new slot game is equipped with a multitude of bonuses. This is important for players who are very demanding as to the character of the game. Fortunately, Hades Gigablox is typical video slot in which you can find a really a lot for yourself. You can not get bored in it because additional functions appear on the screen. Below you will find all the bonuses of the presented game.

  • gigablox

The first, additional function in the described slot, which is most striking and which you really do not have to draw. You do not happen for happiness because it appears in every spin. These are the combined Gigablox symbols, which most often create two, four and even six such symbols in one block. As a result, it can be much easier to find clusters, which is the most important in the slot. Large blocks are more helpful, you can immediately draw a combination with a larger number of symbols, which will certainly be very beneficial for the player.

  • Wildy

A Wild symbol also appears in the presented slot. However, this is not a typical symbol as in other slot games. It appears thanks to Hades in a special mode called Hades Wild Hunt. Sometimes it happens that Hades will unquiate one of the monsters on the screen and transforms it into a Wild symbol. Only in this way can you get it, it can not be drawn in a given round. Wild has power to replace every standard symbol in the game.

  • Free spiny

A very interesting option is the opportunity to win completely free spins in the Hades Gigablox slot. The rotation system for free is very interesting, differs from those in other machines. SCATTER operates in the game and depending on how much you can get Scatteres, you will be able to use free spins. The entire screen changes, and on the side there are various values of the multiplier. It increases at this point when you hit the Wild symbol, which in the bonus round happens quite often. If you can enlarge the multiplier, you get 2 additional spins, and one scatter, 1 spin.

Summary of Hades Gigablox slot

No doubt Hades Gigablox is a slot that is worth trying. This is the second YGGDrasil game from the GigAllox series, a modern feature that turns out to be relatively easier. Hades Gigablox is a very climatic slot that has a lot to offer. This is, among other things, the opportunity to win free spins, high main win, exciting gameplay and much more. During the game you will certainly not be bored, so if you're a fan of custom games, we recommend Hades Gigablox.

release date October 2 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 96%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Yggdrasil
Game Hades, Hell, Greek mythology, God of the dead
Gravity 5
Winning lines 50
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 11 129 x player rate
Maximum win (coins): 11 129 x player rate
Bonus functions Free spiny, bonus round, multiplier, wild
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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