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Big Win Cat

By magdalena
August 24, 2022
The Big Win Cat slot has been known for several years on the market, exactly from November 5, 2017, when it was presented in the most famous casinos. He found himself there immediately after his premiere, because this is one of the slots produced by the known Play'n GO provider. The manufacturer is known for its graphically vending machines with a fairly simple graphic robe and such is Big Win Cat. Play'n him not first dating back to oriental motifs, and most importantly, it comes out very well. So you will be able to play high-quality slot, with an interesting motif.
  • A unusual theme
  • A very simple game mechanism
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • Possibility to face the fortune wheel
  • Often emerging winnings
  • Beautiful and refined graphic robe
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • A relatively low rate of return
  • Low maximum win

He should appeal to every fan of oriental climates because it was produced on such a base. From the very beginning of the player hits a peaceful music that immediately reminds the oriental rhythms. However, they are not intrusive, they play quite quietly in the background and only when the action is compacted, for example, you will win more money or you will get a bonus, more vivid sounds appear, but they are still closely related to the oriental character of this game. Special effects in this game can not be experienced, but this is not a problem, the game is quite simple, but aesthetically made.

When you start a game, you can notice that you are in a Japanese store with differences. You can find different souvenirs there, lanterns at the ceiling slightly move on a light wind movement, wooden shelves create a completely interesting climate. The store, however, is a background that is more or less blurry, but it is a good base and creates a history for this game. If you buy, you can see single doll elements and many more. In this case, pay attention to the graphic design that is really beautiful. It was specially prepared in the style of Japanese cinematography. You can compare it to anime, so the fans of this genre cartoon will certainly be satisfied.

Another point in this slot are symbols. Among them you will find only items that have the task of bringing happiness. It is titles, a white cat, you can meet pigs, turtles, gavel, coins, golden fish and much more symbols that will bring to every player happiness. They are not shown realistically, on the contrary, they are fairy tale, smile, they look charming, and it is known that there are many people who like such a style. It is interesting that during a round with a fortune wheel, at his summit there is the title cat who puts it into a movement. It looks very interesting, such small effects make the game much more pleasant. It is also worth paying attention to a pile of money that is at the top of the screen. To this time there is the name of the slot, and "T" has been changed to the feline tail, which sometimes moves, which again adds the charm machine.

However, let's go to more specialized parameters of this game. It is quite interesting because it is a video slot, which, however, remained at three drums. This happens quite rare, but this time the grid is presented as 3 x 3. So you can guess that you will not find more than 9 symbols on the screen. When it comes to winning lines, there are 5. You do not have to remember them, because the clusters drawn horizontally and on SKOS. So it's easy to find them. In case of RTP It is 96%, although recent messages show that it has decreased. It is not the worst and you can count on enough regular payouts. This also confirms the average variation.

A minimum bet that you can choose is 0.05, you will certainly appeal to people who usually do not want to invest in games of this type. High Rollers can also be satisfied because a maximum of 100 of a given currency can be selected. The win can not satisfy some, because it amounts to 800 x player's stake. Quite easily you can find slots that can withdraw a lot more. However, some of the vision of a smaller win does not bother.

The advantage of Big Win Cat is undoubtedly that this is a slot available for many different devices. You will play not only with your computer, but also thanks to a cell phone and tablet. Software and other factors are no matter, the game is played immediately, it does not stop and smooth. It is also interesting that during the game, players have a choice of many currencies, as well as languages, you can see that Play'n also cares about his international devotees.

Symbols in the Big Win Cat machine

We have a good news for beginners, because there are not many symbols in the slot, so you can easily remember them. Only one option is possible for this, drawing three identical symbols in the cluster, only this option is considered to win. All symbols are related to the subject of this game, which creates an amazing atmosphere. Below you would like to show what symbols you can meet and what payouts you can expect. It is worth noting that all information is based on a height 1 plant, so they will change if you choose a different value.

  • Coins are the smallest symbol in this game. You can only get 0.40 coins for it, so quite a lot below your bet.
  • Ringtones offer 100% more, that is, you can count on 0.80 for each cluster. This means that this is still a sum below the plant.
  • Poaches are the first symbol that you put the player's bet, this means that you will get a coin exactly for three pouches.
  • The fan guarantee payment of 1.20 for three symbols, so if you draw this symbol, you will leave a .
  • A hammer is one of the symbols that pays to each player winning 1.50 for each combination.
  • The turtle makes the player get as much as 200% of his bet, in this case you will receive all 3 coins for one cluster.
  • The pigs are beneficial for each symbol because you can get up to 4 coins for it, just 1 cluster.
  • Fish is the most powerful base symbol because it guarantees a win on 5 coins for one cluster.
  • Cats are special symbols, they do not appear too often on the grid, so it's no wonder that you will get 16 coins for a cluster composed of 3 symbols.

The slot operation is not complicated. The entire menu is on the bottom of the slot, you have several options to choose from. The first one is to launch the drums. This button stands out on the background of others because it is green and you will not find any other element in this color. Right next to it, there is an Auto Play option marked on gold and with an arrow. It is in it to decide how many spins are to be played automatically, without effort on your part, you only observe the whole situation.

Exactly in the middle under the grid there is the option of choosing the corresponding plant. It is presented in the form of tiles with a given amount, you can move them back or forward with the help of or minus to see more options. After selecting one of them, your spins will automatically start with the amounted amount. Further on the left side, the player has access to information about their resources that can still use the game. It is also worth going a little further to the left and press the gold button with the word "I". It is a Knowledge Mine for all who want to learn more about this slot. There you can read what exactly the symbols you will find in the game, what are the symbols where there are lines and much more information you should know about.

Big Win Cat bonuses

Big Win Cat is an exciting slot where you can find some interesting bonuses. However, it is worth remembering that the classic style of the game makes her bonuses also not too modern. It is worth seeing what this slot offers and whether it is sufficient to get everything you need during the game. Below are all details about bonuses in Big Win Cat.

  • Symbol wild

The title white cat is treated in the game as a Wild symbol. This means that it can replace any other symbol to make the player easier to get one of the clusters. Sometimes this symbol does not replace the functional symbols, but as there is no such game, you do not have to worry, all symbols will be replaced, and your chances of getting a combination increase.

  • Respin

The game has been equipped with a very favorable function that is Respin. It always starts when 2 symbols will appear next to each other. This means that you lack one more to win. At this point, the game gives you one more chance to get a missing symbol. The drum, in which there is no winning symbol again starts swirling and the other two will remain in place. It may happen that the symbol will not be drawn, then the game goes on.

  • The wheel of fortune

An interesting thing happens when the whole net is filled with the same symbol. This is not so difficult because only 9 symbols can also contain on it. At such a special moment on the screen there is a circle of Fortuna, and certain values on it. They correspond to the multipliers through which the player's win will pass. Due to the one who win on this wheel, a given player win will be enlarged. The win can be enlarged even 10 times, but it is worth noting that in variants there are also 0.

Summary of the Big Win Cat slot

Big Win Cat is a pleasant slot that has its disadvantages and advantages. Nobody can deny that he does not have a beautiful graphic robe that immediately draws the player's attention. Detailed execution of a machine, focusing on the details and on the general impression is noteworthy. An interesting motif and a smooth action are the additional advantages of this slot. You also have a chance to get interesting BonusWhich is not too much, but they appear quite often on the grid. Check how to play Big Win Cat in the demo version and decide yourself if you want to play a paid version.

release date November 5, 2017 year
Return to Player (RTP): 96%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Play’n go
Game Japanese culture, shop, cat happiness
Gravity 5
Winning lines 5
Number of drums: 3
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.05/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 800 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 800 x player stake
Bonus functions Free spiny, multiplier, additional win
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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