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mega ball

By magdalena
12 October, 2022
Mega Ball is not an automatic game, this is one of the most famous live games. Players are quite often choosing this game because its rounds are very fast and large rates. This is a very interesting lottery hybrid and bingo, which in every round awakens many emotions in players. Players are recommended to try their luck with live games from Mega Ball because she is considered a really easy game. In the following review, we would like to talk about everything related to the Live Game Mega Ball. You will learn what she really relies how you can join the game and what to expect. So we invite you to read and learn one of the best live games.
  • Very fast round
  • A simple game mechanism
  • Game Easy to handle
  • Beautifully made studio
  • To win up to 100,000 x stake
  • The possibility of with the dealer
  • Up to 200 cards to choose from
  • Good visibility of the action
  • Little game control

No doubt evolution gaming It is one of the best live gaming manufacturers. On his side and in good online casinos, you can find a whole range of live games just from this supplier because it deals with the production of this type of position. All these games are high quality, which makes players really eagerly choose them. Very many of these games are simply live versions of automatic games, or for example poker, roulette, baccarat and more.

Since one moment, Evolution Gaming has also started the production of show games. One of the last games of this kind was Mega Ball. It was created this year, and the producer itself focuses on these games because they pay attention to players and gain great popularity. After the success of Monopoly Live titles, Dream Catcher and a few others came to Mega Ball. The presented game is a very interesting bingo connection along with a numeric lottery.

If at least once you played in Lotto, you will know the Mega Ball rules because they are very similar and we will write more about them yet below. We can now say that the game is not complicated and even if you think you are not yet the best in automatic games and you should not take a live game, then you can still try your happiness in Mega Ball, because it is an intuitive game and Player actually does not have to do too much, which for many people is a big advantage. Mega Ball can, however, do not check for people who prefer to control what happens on the screen.

Visually the game is very well prepared. After joining the game, players can admire the studio that does not differ significantly from those that can be seen in other show games from Evolution Gaming. The studio looks very aesthetically, and many additions are colored. Of course, the drawing machine is characterized by a drawing machine that glowing this one used in classic lotto. Next to the machine there is also a strange thermometer with different values, and we will speak more about it a bit later.

It is worth paying attention to the dealer himself, which can be a man or a woman. This person is always very elegantly dressed, and her task is to guide the player through every step in this game. It is worth listening to the dealer's commands and apply to them because they are relevant in the game. Sometimes the dealer can also accuse an interesting joke, so it is better to listen to it. Gameplay lasts only a few minutes, it is even less than 5 minutes, so if you do not have a lot of time, choose Mega Ball.

Returning to the studio, the big advantage of Mega Ball is that high quality cameras are placed everywhere. The player can carefully observe what numbers are just drawn and whether it coincides with what you can see on your board. Even people with quite slow connections can count on a good quality recording. In the most important moments you will see various types of approximations, Evolution Gaming has prepared everything in a suitable way, so you do not have to worry about it.

Regarding the rate of return, it is quite standard because it is from about 95.05% to about 95.4% depending on the action. This game is in the middle of RTP, so this result does not look very bad. You can choose from 1 card with numbers on a single round to up to 200 cards. It is known that the more cards, the more you have the chance to win. However, it is also worth knowing that each card will require a separate plant. You can choose from a 0.1 different currency to up to 100 currency. The maximum win in this game is a whole 100,000 x player stake, so it is worth to fight for it.

How to play Mega Ball and her withdrawals

If you're a beginner and want to play in Mega Ball, you're lucky because you do not have to spend too much time to get to know it and come up with various strategies. Most of the elements of this game are completely random, so you will not have control on it anyway. Let's start from the beginning, how can you play this game. After reading the review, you can immediately register in one of the online casinos and go to this game. Casino registration is required because Mega Ball is only available for real money.

You will not play with it for free, that is, in the demo version, because it is a live game. It is possible that you will have to wait a moment to wait for the previous game to end. Once you will be accepted to take part in the next round, you will hear the Croupier's voice that will start describing what will happen. If you have any questions, ask them right now, because then everything will go quite quickly. Then you get a moment to choose a bet. Suitable items appear at the bottom of the screen.

You do not have a unlimited time, so it's better to think about how you set a bet. Also remember that you can choose a few cards with numbers, not only one. Maximally can be as much as 200. Then you can observe how the numbers are drawn. If it turns out that one of these numbers is also on your card, it will be automatically marked on it, you do not have to do anything. Generally, there are 51 balls, but only 20 of them will be drawn. If you can win at least one line, it will also be automatically marked on your card. The more lines, the greater your win, so it is worth trying. For player information, we place all possible winnings in Mega Ball to know what to expect this game:

  • 1 Full line gives players to win from 1 x to 100 x of their stake.
  • 2 lines drawn numbers guarantee a winning rate from 5 x to 500 x Your rate.
  • 3 Lines allow you to win from 50 x player rate to up to 5,000 x rates.
  • 4 lines make it on the player's account from 250 x rate to 2,500 x stake.
  • 5 lines will give you at least 1,000 x of your rate and a maximum of 10,000 x rates.
  • 6 lines or even more means that you win from 10,000 x stake to the maximum amount of 100,000 x player.

Bonuses in a Mega Ball gambling game

Mega Ball is a very simple game, so you can not expect too many bonuses after it. Its form is uncomplicated, you can easily predict what will happen in the next step. It is an ideal game for beginners, because they will not surprise them at any time. For some, this is an advantage, but some will be considered a disadvantage, everything depends on the expectations of a given player. However, if you do not like surprises, Mega Ball will be an ideal game for you. However, it is not that Mega Ball does not have anything to offer anything about bonuses. Below we explain what a bonus in this game is.

  • Winner

The winning multiplier is the only bonus in the Mega Ball game. When the drawn number will end, and the players know if they scored and how many lines, the dealer approaches the machine that resembles a thermometer. There is a drawn multiplier of winnings, so only those people who managed to win something are usually. The good news is that you can win a multiplier worth at least 5 x win to up to 100 x win player. Multipliers are a lot, usually the difference is between them 5, or after 5 x 10 x and so on.

  • Another round of Mega Ball

Very rarely, but it happens that players who took part in one of the Rund Mega Ball have an additional chance to get a line created from numbers because they will be detained for another round, completely free. So this is a double chance to win a greater win. It is worth to be aware that this chance is quite random and it happens really rare.

Summary game Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a live game from Evolution Gaming, and it has been introduced to the market recently, because only in April this year. Each game from this manufacturer draws the attention of players and the same was just from Mega Ball, which is already very popular. His advantage is undoubtedly the simplicity of the game. The player who has never tried any of the games live can easily play in Mega Ball, because it is an extremely intuitive game. The games are ruled very quickly, and the whole competition is around 100,000 x Your stake. So imagine that you choose 100 as your bet and win the main win. It would be really a lot of winning, which is worth fighting for. Unfortunately, you can not check the demo version of this game, but you can easily play money with a minimal bet and still win something. Remember, however, that you need an account in one of the online casinos.

release date 8 April 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 95,05% do 95,4%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier evolution gaming
Game Lottery, bingo, numeric game, live
Gravity 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 100,000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 100,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Multiplier, additional round
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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