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Troll Haven

By magdalena
29 June, 2022
Mythology devotees will surely be delighted with a new slot from the Endorphina manufacturer. It is a beautifully made machine that mainly impresses with your graphics. Attention also deserves bonuses that appear during the game quite often. Playing Troll Haven is really a portal to a completely different world in which you can meet completely different creatures. If you feel like a moment of entertainment, play in a new slot from Endorphina seems a very good idea. All those interested are invited to familiarize yourself with the details on the presented slot, you will be able to check yourself or to play it. We invite you to read.
  • Beautiful graphic robe
  • The presence of free spins
  • Aesthetics
  • Melodious soundtrack
  • Intuitive slot
  • Interesting theme
  • Free spiny
  • Relatively little bonuses

Mythology in slots is very often used. There are tens of games that speak about ancient Egypt and Greece and use the images of old gods. You can also find vending machines about the Mayan mythology in which you can admire the place of worship and the statues of ancient gods. The gambler also included a place for Nordic mythology, and the example is Troll Haven.

In this machine, however, you will not see popular gods whose images can be admired in modern films. The slot producer focused on the form of trolls who are very often identified with being nasty, bad and even cruel. Thanks to the Troll Haven gambling machine you will be able to look at these creatures in a little different way, more gentle, and you'll see why.

Troll Haven is an almost idyllic slot. Already at the beginning you can admire the beautiful views of the mountains, Polan and clean heaven. It turns out that these are Scandinavia areas where such scenery is not lacking. You can almost feel fresh air from the screen. We can not forget about dense, typical forests. From a distance you can see fjords, you immediately know that this is Scandinavia. You can see that from the very beginning the slot creates a very climate picture in which the player can find.

The whole action is happening in Scandinavia, and everything you see is just associated with these areas. Thanks to the machine you can even find out a few interesting facts you may not know. The main hero of this slot is Troll. It is apparently old and is great, it looks like a fan pulled out of fairy tales. It is gray color and has an elfice ears. He has horns on his head, like a deer. However, unlike fairy tales, the Troll presented itself very kindly.

The manufacturer himself explains that this time troll is presented as a magical being who knows Scandinavian forests to the outlet. He knows every gap and grotto, thanks to this also knows where the hidden treasures of forests, which he is hiding. Troll will help players get to the biggest treasures, in the slot it is a wild, which replaces all other symbols to get the best combination.

The rest of the symbols are associated with various folk applications on Scandinavia and various legends, as well as with fauna and flora with which these areas are associated. That's why the symbols can be found among the symbols, which is a hallmark of rough fjords, toadstool, berries, a strange mixture in a pot that is probably magical. For this you can also add a stick that looks like a chick for older people. In addition, symbols are shown on different colored stones, which gives an interesting effect.

The graphics are, as befits a manufacturer, or Endorphine, at a very high level. Endorphina always returns great attention to a graphic robe, so slots from this manufacturer are always aesthetic and nice. The graphics may not be the most important part of the machine, but definitely attracts look. Players are more and more demanding and looking at various aspects, and the graphics are one of them. In the case of endorphin and slots of this company, including Troll Haven, you can not say anything about it. On the contrary, you can still praise the machine for nice effects.

When you come across one of the combinations, the symbols are drawn in it. Our main character starts to wear ears, the toadstools become bigger, the chick shows its true power and the cauldron bulgges. All symbols, even these little valuable begin to shine intensively, which only adds the magical atmosphere of the entire game. An interesting thing happens when you manage to draw free spins. You will be moved to a special square that looks like an open palm. There is a night in the middle of the forest, and you must choose one of the fingers, then you'll find out why.

I must admit that the whole is very climate and the same can be said about the soundtrack. It is very relaxing, almost believative. This is a great luminaire for the Sielski image presented graphically. Silent music is sometimes interrupted by the singing of birds, thanks to such treatments, the more you feel like a clearing. The sounds of the game (for example, drawing cluster) are louder, but unnecessary, do not hurt your ear and a relaxing atmosphere.

Endorphina presented his TROLL HAVEN players this year, and exactly March 11, 2022. The position is therefore quite fresh, but many players learned about it because Endorphina is a well-known producer. The supplier has made sure that its product works on all devices, so you can play not only on your computer, but also on a cell, laptop and tablet. In each of them the slot will be functional and it will be well presented, you can easily use it.

Technically, the game is a fairly standard position. The 5 x 3 grid is one of the most frequently found options, in this case we do not find anything interesting. 25 winning lines presented quite well, it could have been worse, although it is a pity that there are no more of them. RTP, i.e. the refund rate does not impress because it is exactly 96%. However, it is standard, so there are no reasons to complain. The slot variability varies from medium to high.

Troll Haven is an ideal slot for people who rather put some smaller plants. In this case, you can set up to 0.01 currency, which is a big advantage. High rollers should also be satisfied because a maximum of 250 currency can be placed. This is not the biggest possible result, but if you connect it with the potential of winning, which is 1,200 x player rate, you can win up to 300,000. Troll Haven is available in the demo version. We advise you to check it before you run a live version, you can easily rate this slot.

Symbole w Troll Haven

At Troll Haven, you have to deal with beautiful symbols that present fragments of the Scandinavian legends. There are not much of them, so you will not pure. In the slot, you will also meet a few symbols taken from the cards, traditionally serve as these low valuable symbols. Troll Haven rewards your players for combinations with at least 3 symbols, more coins will get behind the cluster from 4, and most with 5 symbols. In some cases you will also be awarded behind a cluster with two symbols. Below you will find all the necessary information about symbols and their values.

  • 9 This is the lowest symbol, and it is one of the exceptions we talked about. This means that you will also be awarded for 2 symbols in the cluster, and your prize will be 0.08 coins. In turn, for 5 symbols, the prize increases to 4 coins.
  • 10, J, K and Q belong to the same group because they have exactly the same values. In the case of a maximum number of symbols, you can count on the same as 9, or 4 coins. If you want 3 symbols, you will get 0.20 coins.
  • And it occurs separately because it offers a little more from the others. It is 0.40 coins for 3 symbols included, you will get 5 coins for the maximum number in the cluster.
  • Toadstools and berries are another group of symbols. If you manage to hit at least 3 symbols in the cluster, you will be awarded 0.40 coins. Like a, but for 5 symbols the win is raised by 100%, so you can count on 10 symbols.
  • The fish offers a little more, and this is 0.60 coins for drawing a combination with three symbols. 5 fish means winning at the level of 16 coins.
  • Kociołek and cane are another group in terms of value. You will get at least 0.08 coins for them and it's for 2 symbols. For 3 it will be all one coin. 5 Ketples or Lasek will guarantee you 30 coins.
  • Troll is Wild and at the same time paying players a prize. For 2 trolls you will get 0.40 coins, and for 3 it's already 8 coins. Lucky, who will draw 5 trolls, will get 120 coins at one time.

Endorphina knows how hardly anyone and knows how to do it. They are quite intuitive, although it must be admitted that sometimes a nice graphic can omit the functionality of the slot buttons. As a result, at the beginning you can feel a bit lost when playing Troll Haven, but after a few spin everything should be clear. All buttons are oval and occur in one color, gray. The most important of them is on the right, Spin was written on it.

A very interesting interesting idea is a small colored dot on each of the buttons. When you press on the Spin button, it stops glowing, after stopping the symbols, it shines again. A colored dot is also present on the Turbo button. It is still inactive, but when you want to turn on the Turbo version of the game (faster spins, ideal for people who want to play a little longer), the dot will be green. Then you know that the button works.

The Autplay function works in the same way. If you select how many spins you want to turn and set all other options for your convenience, the dot on the side of the button again will shine on a sharp color. We have not met many slots that have such an option and which turns out very useful. All these buttons are next to the right. On the other hand, on the left we have the most important numbers, i.e. the plant and the value of a single coin. If you want to change these values, all you have to do is click on the selected number and other options will appear.

You can also choose how many lines are active at a time. You have from 1 to 25 to choose from on the left on the left. There is a number of funds that you have. In turn, on the right side you will find function buttons, i.e. turning off the game and adjusting the volume. There is also an extremely important button "I", in which all rules are hidden, the winners are described, as well as symbols.

Bonusy w slocie Troll Haven

Troll Haven is not a typical slot with multiple bonuses. There are too much of them, but they appear during the game quite often. It has been well thought out what you can immediately see after the first meeting with them. Below we described exactly what you can prepare in Troll Haven.

  • Wild

We already talked that the Wild was in the game is the title troll. It has a function of replacing all symbols outside scatteres. For this, it has one more function, and this is the doubling of the clapper value if it was present in its completion.

  • Free spiny

Getting free spins at Troll Haven is a very interesting survival. He takes part of them the symbol we did not talk about yet. It is a golden tree that has been charried in stone. All you have to do is draw 3 symbols of the tree, and you will be moved to the rock to the rock that we've already talked about. There is another offer on each finger. You can choose from 5 spins to as many as 23 spins. The difference between them is that the win will be multiplied by more times. You have to choose from:

  • 5 spins next to the multiplier x 10
  • 10 spins next to the multiplier x 5
  • 16 free spins next to the multiplier x 3
  • 23 spins next to the multiplier x 3

  • Gamble

Gamble is a function known in many slots, especially older ones. After each win, you have a chance to enlarge it. All you need to do is choose the card icon, and you will be moved to a separate screen in which you see 1 discovered card and 4 covered. Your task is to choose a card that is greater than this discovered. If you succeed, you take 100% more win with yourself, if not, the whole win is lost.

Summary of the Troll Haven automat

Troll Haven is one of the best slots of this year. Gorgeous graphics and music, which great with her is something you need to praise. Aesthetics are available in every inch, even in buttons, but this is something that is characterized by almost all automotive from Endorphina. Troll Haven may not have the largest return coefficient, nor does it guarantee a very high maximum winnings, but this is definitely a slot to check.

release date Relatively little bonuses
Return to Player (RTP): 96%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Endorphina
Game Scandinavian mythology, Troll, Nature, Treasure, Legends
Gravity 5
Winning lines 25
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.01/250
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game approx. 1 200 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 1,200 x player stake
Bonus functions Wildlife, Bursting, Free Spiny
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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