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Immortal romance

By magdalena
January 15, 2022
From Slot, you expect something more than just moving symbols on the screen? In this case, Immortal Romance is a response. This is an amazing slot machine that guarantees players not only the opportunity to win, but also a recess to an interesting story full of intrigues and affairs. However, this is not everything, during the game you can also count on additional bonuses, and 243 lines winning only will facilitate winning and will make the game very exciting.
  • Addictive history
  • Free spins and other bonuses
  • Possibility to win large amounts
  • A passionate gameplay
  • Climate music and atmosphere
  • Niemodna

Immortal Romance od Microgaming This is one of the most popular games around the world. It is simultaneously one of the most frequently chosen games by new slots fans and by players who have been dealing with slots for several years. This is due to several aspects, thanks to which this one-armed bandit stands out against other slots. The most important of them is undoubtedly an interesting story that can kidnap all players. Slot talks about a group of four people who are simultaneously vampires. During the game, the player can get to know the intimacy between heroes, and also get into intrigues and mysterious events.

Sara, Troy, Amber and Michael will allow you not only to meet a very interesting story, but you can also win a lot. Do not be fooled by a mysterious atmosphere, Slot hides a lot of winnings. Sumy you can win are quite decent, so it's worth trying your chances. During the game, you can earn one of four types of free spins and other bonuses, which we more carefully told later in the article. However, be sure that you will not be bored during the game.

Many people think Immortal Romance for one of the most successful Microgaming Games. Many slots of this company are very simple, and in this case the manufacturer has been tempted not only for an interesting game mechanism, but also about an interesting history and scratching the story together with characters. As a result, a few years ago game (thoroughly speaking in 2011) is still on top places in many online casinos and there is probably no experienced slot player who would not hear about it and did not play in it.

It is worth knowing some basic facts about Immortal Romance. This is a slot with 5 drums, which is the most popular solution. For this reason, that one-armed bandit has 3 rows of symbols, his grid is presented as 5 x 3. What is not a very popular solution is the fact that the slot has up to 243 winners. For this reason, it is much easier to hit the win than for games in which there are, for example, 5 or 10 winning lines. So you can count on quite frequent winnings, which can, however, be quite low, the game will certainly be exciting. Due to the fact that the winning lines is quite a lot, you can feel a bit lost at the beginning, but all you have to do is read the information contained after selecting the VIEW Pays button. You can find out a few useful information there not only about the winning lines, but also about symbols, history and withdrawals. Be sure to visit this page before you start playing real money.

Fortunately, the Microgaming will also provide a demo version that is completely free and you can use it at any time. However, it is worth remembering that playing the free version, you can not win any money. Immortal Romance has a slightly unmondly graphic for a simple reason, she was created when modern, more realistic graphics were not yet available. This does not mean, however, that the slot presents badly, on the contrary, as a few years ago he fell out more than decent. In turn, a mysterious musical path adds a charm slot, which is why it is often chosen. It is interesting that the history of heroes are read by the teacher in English. So you do not have to read yourself, you can just listen to, and we assure you that the stories of four romantic vampires are really interesting.

The machine already has its years and therefore the navigation is very simple and should not cause a problem even a beginner person. On the right at the end of the screen there is a Spin button that starts the game. Another button from the right is Bet Max, after which you select the maximum bet. In addition, you can also set the number of coins. On the left side there is an amount that you can still spend on the game. The smallest fact that you can set is 0.3, in turn the highest is 60. The machine's return rate is 96.86%, which is a sum that should satisfy most players.

Symbole w Immortal Romance

Symbols in Immortal Romance is quite a lot, so during Spin a lot of it. Quite a large part of the symbols is closely related to the game cards, but they have been transformed so that they can fit into the style of the game, some of them have interesting stamps added all, and they correspond to the whole story. Here are all symbols along with their values:

  • 9 and 10 are symbols that are at the very end of the valuation, just like during card games. 3 Symbols of this type give a player 5 coins and the cluster consisting of 5 symbols guarantees a prize of 100 coins.
  • Q and J provide players a little more. For this these are special symbols, the ring has been attached, and a book. Most can get in the case when you draw 5 symbols, then you get 125 coins. If the drawn symbols are 3, you get 7 coins.
  • A and K is symbols that are best valuable from all card symbols and they are also specially marked. Right next to K there is a pocket watch, and a heart-shaped pendant. 10 coins will be granted when you draw 3 A or K. for 5 symbols in the winning line you will get 150 coins.
  • A room with a letter and an unfinished wine lamp is worth much more than previously mentioned items, and this is 250 coins for 5 symbols. For 3 of them, the sum is not too high, it is 15 coins.
  • The lock means happiness for players, because for 5 symbols can get up to 300 coins. When it comes to the smallest number of symbols on the screen, i.e. 3, each player will get 15 coins.
  • Amber, a beautiful brunette, this is another symbol in the game. If you are drawing it, you have a chance to get at least 20 coins. In the best case, the prize will be 350 coins.
  • Troy is a man who will also bring you a quite interesting prize. By drawing 5 symbols depicting his image, you get 400 coins. The smallest value you can get is 20 coins.
  • Michael is another hero in Immortal Romance. It is evaluated for 30 coins for 3 symbols. True happiness will meet you when 5 symbols appear on the screen, then you will notice an additional 450 coins on your account.
  • Sarah is the last heroine in the game, there is the best valuable of all of them. For 5 symbols you will get a long-term amount of 500 coins. 3 Symbols are like Michael, 30 coins.

A sign showing Immortal Romance is the most powerful of all symbols in the game. It significantly stands out on the background of other symbols, because 5 of them gives the player up to 1500 coins. When you find 4 symbols of this type, you will get up to 250 coins. If there are 3 symbols on the screen, you still have a chance for a fairly interesting prize because you will get 100 coins.

Bonusy w Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a game that was created a few years ago, but then Microgaming thought that bonuses are a very good idea and was not wrong. That's why there are additional amounts in the game. The bonuses that the player can receive is:

  • Free spiny

In the game you can get free spins. Their amount depends on what level you are in the game. Chamber of Spin is opened when you draw 3, 4 or five scatteres. Then you are moved to the first bonus, which is associated with the story of Amber. Thanks to it you get 10 free spins and all wins are enlarged x5. If you manage to draw Scatter for another 5 times, you have access to the next bonus, and this one is associated with Troy's history. So you get 15 free spins, and during this round some symbols will turn into multipliers.

In turn, when you manage to draw at least 3 scatters for the 10th time, you have access to Michael Bonus. In this case, you get 20 free spins, and every win increases the winning multiplier by one. After 15, a bonus tied to you with the History of Sarah. It prepares the largest number of free spins for you, and there are as many as 25. In addition, another symbol appears, and maybe he will change into a multiplier or another scatter that will free another free spins.

  • Wild Desire

Wild Desire, how you can guess, is associated with wildlife. The Immortal Romance symbol is treated as Wild, but not only. In addition, it makes the win be doubled. Wild Desire is a function that allows Immortal Romance that appears even in 5 rows. It works quite randomly, so you can expect it at any time.

Summary Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a slot that should try each. A very interesting story and outlined characters are a big advantage of this slot. Many people do not mind graphics that may not look at the latest but well fulfills their task and adds a climate automaton. In addition, the game guarantees very large winnings, and thanks to bonuses, it is impossible to get bored. If you are looking for classics among the genre and you expect a good fun, then I will try Immortal Romance.

release date December 2011
Return to Player (RTP): 96,86%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Microgaming
Game Romance, Vampires, Mystery
Gravity 5
Winning lines 243
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.3/60
Jackpot So
Maximum win in the basic game 729 000
Maximum win (coins): 3 645 000
Bonus functions Uniform wildlife, Free Spiny, Scattery, Wild Desire
Supported platforms IOS, Android, PC

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