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wings of riches

By magdalena
June 9, 2022
Wings of Riches impresses his players with beautiful graphics and interestingly realized motif. This new game from the netent is delighted in many respects, and bonuses are available one of them. They are interesting and consistent with the motif of the machine, everything connects with each other. Wings of Riches very quickly creeping the hearts of players, read below its advantages and decide yourself if it is worth trying.
  • Interesting bonuses
  • Graphics refined in every respect
  • Free spins and multipliers
  • Interestingly completed theme
  • Easy navigation after the machine
  • Simple to master slot
  • High rate of refund
  • The soundtrack is a real piece
  • A small win in the base game

Review of Wings of Riches

Do you want to feel like in the bosom of nature without leaving your home? There are many ways to get to the middle of the clearing with fragrant flowers, with juicy grass. Add to this even a fairy elf and you have a description of the Wings of Riches slot. This is a completely new game, it was released in December 2019. It was produced by Netent Entertainment, i.e. a group that you do not need to be presented. Players have always been impatient for further games from Netent because of very many advantages. It can be said that in many aspects Wings of Riches met the expectations of players.

We did not joking when we told that with the help of Wings of Riches you will move to a beautiful clearing. However, the difference is that you can see everything from the perspective of fairies-elf, which are also the heroines of this game. Leaves, insects and flowers are unnaturally large because the fairies are similar to them. The fairies look like bells, have roses hair colors so that you can easily recognize them as clothes wear flower petals or their leaves, on their backs have a few wings. These creatures have been beautifully designed, graphically netent has shown.

Noteworthy is the intro game that impresses players. You can see a beautiful red-haired elf on it, which emerges from green leaves and glances from them on the player. The color contrast that was produced in this case is very intriguing and inviting to the game. The game screen looks similar to the start screen. Around the grid there are large leaves, a variety of flowers and buds that are moving with a light wind. The continuous movement gives the impression of realistic, not a cartoon downtime, which can be quite artificial.

All plants have been designed very exactly, on the leaves you can see the lines, the plants themselves are realistic, because you can see not only flowers, stems and leaves, but also donuts. A good idea was to create an invisible grid, thanks to which green, grassy background is visible, only a little obscured to the symbols. All symbols were prepared in vivid colors, so on the background of green they look nice. Same symbols are insects (Żuki and Biedronka), Flowers and these elves.

When you manage to get a cluster, winning symbols are covered by beautiful frames, and additionally the exact sum of the win is shown on the leaf. Flowers in the cluster after winning are slightly moving, and in the case of elves, their wings are moving. Everything looks very aesthetically, in terms of graphic you can not accuse Wings of Riches. The same can be said about the soundtrack. It does not characterize very much on the background of other aspects, it is very calm and relaxing, perfectly suits the meadow or a clearing that is shown in the game.

When it comes to technical aspects, the game is quite normally. It is equipped with 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols, so its grid looks 5 x 3. This is the most popular grid in slots. 20 winning lines is also a standard result, it is not spectacular, but you can win something. However, the standard, however, is that the slot immediately starts on any device, no matter what its software or size is.

Players like a high rate of return. It is almost 97%, and exactly 96.63%. It leaves slot a little over 3% of money to leave the producer. Volatility is low and goes slightly towards the average. This means that you can expect quite frequent winnings that can be quite low. They are won by this point that does not satisfy players. It was calculated that in the base game you can count a maximum of winning 1,250 x player.

This sum is not too satisfactory, as a maximum win. However, they will help add-ons that change this sum up to 7 500 x stake. It looks much better, but you also need to remember that the bonuses in the game may not appear very often, so you can wait for winning this type.

The bets are quite diverse, you can pay a minimum sum that is 0.2 a given sum, in turn, the maximum sum of the plant can be as much as 400. Wings of Riches is also available in the demo version, this means that you can try it completely free. It is an ideal way to see if a given game really will work for a given player. The machine loads very quickly and does not jam, sound and graphic effects will certainly appeal to you.

Symbole Wings of Riches

Professional players will surely breathe a sigh of relief because the typical symbols of cards borrowed will not meet. After a few games with their presence, you can overhear, so their lack is a freshness. All symbols are connected to the subject, you will see flowers, worms and beautiful forest leaves. In the game, coins are paid for at least 3 symbols, for 4 symbols and for a maximum of 5 symbols. Below are all of them, as well as their values, they are served based on a plant 1 euros.

  • The blue flower is the least valuable. You will get 0.15 coins for him, if you lose 3 of them, for 5 you will get a little more than your bet, or 1.25 coins.
  • The yellow flower offers 0.20 coins for a minimum number of symbols and 2.50 for the entire set.
  • A red flower will enlarge your measures by 0.25, if you hit 3 on the screen, thanks to 5 sum will be larger by 3.75.
  • Blue beetle pays 0.30 for 3 symbols in the cluster and 5 coins for a set of symbols.
  • Golden beetle increases the rate to 6.25 per set, and for 3 symbols gives 0.40 coins.
  • Biedronka will pay 0.50 coins for 3 symbols, and all 5 will give them 7.50 coins.
  • The blue elf returns a bet for 3 symbols, and for 5 of them gives 25 coins.
  • The green elf will pay 1.25 coins for a minimum number of symbols, for 5 you will get 35 coins.
  • The orange fairy will give you exactly 1.50 coins for 3 symbols and 60 coins for the entire set.
  • The Red Skrzat is the best-made symbol in the base game. For 3, your rate will be doubled and 5 makes 75 coins.

Even a beginner person is not able to get lost in the Wings of Riches slot. Due to the fact that the background is quite monotonous, you can see colored buttons well, even though most of them are transparent. The main button is yellow and round, its choice starts the game on one spin. If you want to do more spins at one time, select the AutoPlay function in which you can set up to 1,000 automatic spins.

If you want to speed up the game, just choose a button with two arrows. On the right side you have all the means to play and the window for the last win. On the left you can choose a bet that can be controlled by arrows. At the same time, you also select the value of the coin. Three lines have a lot of information, so you should choose before starting the game. You will learn thanks to them more about symbols, with bonuses and game rules that must be read before starting real money.

Bonusy Wings of Riches

Wings of Riches has several additives, thanks to which the game in no case is not monotonous. However, there is no bonus game that could bring even more variation, but also the game is very interesting. Below are all Wings of Riches bonuses.

  • Symbol wild

In Wings Of Riches, Wild Symbol is Milk, or a popular Dandelion. Not without reason, the producer chose this flower. Dandelion is known that by blowing up in the air. The same is happening with Wild in Wings of Riches. When you manage to draw this symbol on the screen, the action will stop for a moment, and the flying part of the DMMCHER "infect" random symbols located in a short distance from the dildo. In this way, you will get extra 2 and even 4 Wild symbols, so win in this spiny you have almost assured.

  • Free spiny

Wings of Riches offers 10 free spins. They will be launched when you hit 3 dragonflies in one spin, this is a SCATTER symbol. Immediately you are moved to the round in which the DMOCHER symbol must appear after each spin. In addition, if you draw two dragonflies during the round, you will get an additional 5 free spins. If they are 3 drugs, you will be awarded next 10.

  • Multiplier

During the round of free spins on the screen there may be a different-color lily with exactly five bells. These ringtones correspond to the multiplier, and that means you can get as many as five zoom in your win from free spins. Multiplier, however, works gradually. When you draw it, nothing changes, then the win is multiplied x 2, then x 3, x 4 and at the end of times 5. The symbol appears only on the fifth drum.

Summary Wings of Riches

Wings of Riches is very pleasant to the eye, as well as for the Spirit game. Visually can not complain about anything, you can see that the manufacturer took care of all details. In the case of payments, the game falls quite medium, but it is true that it is to fight. A very interesting motif with a spraying dustwear and a multiplier in the shape of a lily surprises players. Slot is definitely worth checking

release date December 16, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 96,63%
Volatility level Short
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Elves, Forestry, Flowers, Polana, Fairies
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 0,01
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/400
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 1 250 x player rate
Maximum win (coins): 7 500 x player rate
Bonus functions Free spins, multipliers, wildlife
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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