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Treasure Mine

By magdalena
7 June, 2022
Treasure Mine is a game where you have the opportunity to experience an adventure in the basement and help steady miners in searching for diamonds. During your journey you will meet quite interesting bonuses that can make you get a greater injection of cash, as well as more entertainment. If you want to learn more about this exciting game, read the following, and you will find all the information you need.
  • Very interesting bonuses
  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Easy to get bonuses
  • Interesting theme
  • Uncomplicated navigation on the slot
  • An exciting bonus round
  • Slot fasting up quickly
  • No free spins

Currently, gaming producers like to play with different motifs to create an interesting slot. Many of them are holding classic patterns, which are often fruits or similar symbols, but most strives to encourage the player through an attractive theme. Players do not need to persuade to play in Treasure Mine. This is a very interesting game that can give every player a lot of benefits.

Treasure Mine was prepared at the end of 2017, exactly 9 November. A RED TIGER producer has introduced it to the market, which is currently one of the most commonly mentioned manufacturers of gambling. It is characterized by a high level of quality of its games, as well as interesting ideas for their execution. The motive of Treasure Mine is a mine where miners try to find diamonds.

On the market you can find a few games with a similar motif, but you must admit that this time it has been treated very interesting. Already at the beginning you can see that the game is unusual. Instead of a standard charging screen, we see a very large pickax with golden decorations. It looks like hung in the air on the background of the mine. Once the game will be loaded, Kilof is vigorously picked up by the main character of this game, which is a long dress. He is a person who helps you to take out the most best.

We also see another hero, which is a great, blue dragon. When you decide to play, a mesh with symbols will appear on the screen, and before you can click Spin, a miner will pass in place in a special trolley. This is a very interesting animation treatment, we are also motivated by him to fight, we know that we are not alone.

In front of the grid and behind the grid, you can see the equipment and other accessories that are associated with the mine. You can see lamps, ropes, diamonds, picks, tunnels and ladders. So you can quickly feel like in a real mine. You can also add symbols that are also connected to the main motif. Among them is an olive lamp, a special mining helmet, goggles for miners, a hammer and a stroller full of gold.

Animations are fairy tale and you can see that someone has put a lot of work in them, because attention was paid to the smallest details. You can recognize immediately what a given symbol shows, the entire graphic robe looks very aesthetically. You can also count on various interesting effects that can be observed mainly when drawing bonus symbols or a bonus round. In terms of animation, you will not be disappointed. The soundtrack is good, although it does not stand out very much on the background of other slots. It is quite energetic, so it disgust players to fight, it is definitely a .

Good to know a little more about the specification of this slot. It has classically 5 drums, but quite unclassically 4 rows of symbols, thanks to which the grid looks more square. 40 lines winning this quite good result, you can collect quite frequent winnings thanks to him. Regarding a bet, its minimum amount may be 0.2 of a given currency, and the maximum will be 500. The player can therefore choose from the diverse sum.

RTP, i.e. the return rate is quite standard because it is 95.2%. It is not the worst, so you can count on quite high winnings. Volatility is presented as low, towards the average. You can count on frequent winnings, which, however, do not bring you to the sums. The maximum win does not look very attractive, it is 1 320 x player rate, but you can get large winnings in bonus rounds.

Treasure Mine is a very modern game, if you want to play it on your phone, you will not have any problem, the same if you play on your tablet. The quality of the game will not change in any extent, buttons will be in place. You do not have to worry about software, Slot works on everyone. Treasure Mine is available in a demo version, which is worth trying before starting real money.

Symbole w Treasure Mine

At Treasure Mine there are not many symbols, which goes out players for good. They do not have to get used to many pictures, readily get to know them. Some of them are borrowed from cards, so players have a reference point. Below we describe all symbols along with their values so that you know what to prepare. All numbers are based on a plant of 1.

  • 10 is the smallest symbol, this means that it has the lowest value. For 3 10 you will get 12 coins, for 5 80.
  • J does not surprise payments for 3 symbols, it is the same as for 10. You can expect 96 coins for 5 J.
  • Q gives 16 coins for 3 symbols and 104 for 5 symbols.
  • K increases payment for 5 symbols to 116, does not change the sum for 3 of them.
  • A guarantees 20 coins for drawing three symbols, for the entire set you can get 120 coins.
  • The lamp generates a maximum win in the form of 140 coins, and you will minimally you will get 24 coins.
  • Glasses for this will make you get 28 coins for 3 symbols and 180 coins for 5 of them.
  • The helmet gives 32 coins for a minimum number of symbols, for 5 of them get 200.
  • The hammer is the largest of basic products, thanks to it, the amount on your account will expand by 240 for 5 symbols in combination and 36 for 3 symbols.

Red Tiger thought not only about experienced players, but also about these beginners. Therefore, finding a suitable button is not a challenge, everything is marked well. It is impossible not to notice a large, yellow button that starts the game. It stands out on the background of the whole game, so you know where to press.

Next to it there is a button with a lightning button. This feature was created for impatient people, because after pressing, drums will move faster. On the left side of the grid there is a button with an auto inscription, it's easy to guess that in this case it is about autoplay. You can choose the number of spins and the sum on which the function will stop.

Right next to this button there is another one with which you can choose the right bet. All available values are shown in the column, so you can easily scroll from the smallest to the largest and select the one that suits you. At the top on the left you have the means you can still spend on the right, you can manipulate the sounds of the game, and you can also press the button with three dashes that transfers to withdrawals and other important information you should get acquainted with the game.

Bonusy w Treasure Mine

Treasure Mine has some of the most interesting bonuses in slot games. They are presented in a very interesting way because most shares happen on the grid itself. Interestingly, there are no free spins in the game, there are other attractions and a bonus round, which will certainly surprise you, it's hard to find such in other slots.

  • Diamond + miner

An interesting thing happens when you draw miner and diamond in one spiny. Both are Wild symbols. When the drums stop, the miner will come out of their cell and go to the diamond. He starts to hit him vigorously with his pile, and with every diamond stroke start to leave coins. After all, the miner returns to himself. Thanks to a single spin you can receive quite a lot of money.

  • Diamond + Dragon

The dragon is another Wild symbol that harmonizes with other symbols of this type. In this compilation, immediately after stopping the rotating drums, the dragon starts to fire with a diamond. This makes the diamond discusses the nearby symbols. As a result, you have not one Wild symbol, but at least 4, which often brings great winnings.

  • Dragon + miner

When you have enough luck to draw in one spicy dragon and miner, you can count on a larger win. After stopping the SMOK symbols will start to fire fire towards Górnik, and this one will escape as far as possible. Each symbol through which will go, will change to a diamond symbol, i.e. on the Wild symbol.

  • Górnik + Dragon + Diamond

Posting in one sparkle both dragon and diamond and miner is what you certainly want. This is a very favorable situation for the player. The dragon starts to dry in the direction of the diamond, so this spread on nearby symbols, so you will have 4 diamonds on the screen. At this point, a miner will move to work, who will try to develop from all the diamonds as much as he may. At the very end, remember that you will additionally get a prize for all combinations created thanks to the enlarged amount of Wild symbols.

  • Bonus game

A bonus game in Treasure Mine works when there are three symbols on the screen with the inscription Bonus, and they show a cart with gold. At this point, you are moved to a separate screen in which the miner is in a trolley and drives on underground railways. At the beginning of the route you must choose one of the roads, and you have to choose from three, upper, lower and middle.

After making a choice, you start your ride, you can also observe the remaining routes you have not chosen. On the tracks, the miner finds many treasures, including coins, diamonds and other meters. Each of them has a different value, some of them are several dozen cents, other 1 euros, 10 euros, you will also find 20 euros and 50 euros.

The stroller with the miner collects them all, so this is your bonus prize. While driving, you often have to choose the route several times. The bonus round is converted when a hole is on your route. Then the miner vigorously pops out from the trolley and lands on top of full gold. Of course, the player stops all the money that was collected during the round.

Summary of Treasure Mine

Treasure Mine is a game for energetic people because something is always happening in it. The Great Dragon of the Górnik, this one must understand a diamond, then moves in a mining trolley to get a crunchy. The game simply does not give any breath. So if you are looking for an interesting underground adventure, choose Treasure Mine. Well made graphics and an interesting motive you will certainly like the same as thoughtful bonuses. Add to this, add a bonus round in which you can touch the high sum. Try the demo game and decide whether the game is worth a candle.

release date November 9, 2017
Return to Player (RTP): 95,20%
Volatility level Short
Software supplier Red Tiger
Game Mine, miners, treasure, dragon
Gravity 5
Winning lines 40
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/500
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 1 320 x Player rate
Maximum win (coins): 1 320 x Player rate
Bonus functions Bonus game, various kinds of wildlife
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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