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Crazy Time

By magdalena
30 July, 2022
Crazy Time is the latest work from Evolution Gaming, the most valued live gaming manufacturer. The game was created on the basis of a well-known game called Dream Catcher, which has a very similar mechanism of action. Evolution Gaming decided to make the game even more exciting and unpredictable. Everything takes place in a crazy and dynamic atmosphere because there are 4 different bonuses to win. The big advantage of this live game is that it offers a very large potential winnings, and it is up to 25,000 x player rate. If you hunt for a larger amount of money, you can gain it with the help of Crazy Time. Below you will find a detailed review of the Crazy Time game, if you intrigued you, you will definitely find all the necessary information about it to start playing. We invite you to read and wish you many winnings in Crazy Time.
  • Beautifully prepared studio
  • Game with easy principles
  • Dynamic atmosphere
  • 4 exciting bonuses
  • A very large plan of plants
  • Multiplents with large values
  • Big won potential
  • Winnings can be rare
  • Very high variation

The full name of Crazy Time is really evolution Crazy Time Dream Catcher Edition, but most players, and even the manufacturer simply speaks the name Crazy Time. This title describes this game accordingly, because what happens in it is actually madness. Let them not wash you that the game is based on an ordinary Fortune Circle, it's a lot more. We can now say that in the game there are 4 different bonuses, so this information should give shape to what you can expect.

Crazy Time was appointed to life this year, the first time showing her in February 2022, but for the wider audience it was only allowed in June. At the very beginning it was referred to as Dream Catcher with additives. If you have already played in Dream Catcher or you know how she works, you will not be surprised by Crazy Time, you will quickly learn the mechanism of this game. However, the difference is that in Dream Catcher players are designed to choose a number from the fortune wheel, then the results are given and this is usually the end. In turn, Crazy Time is really 5 different games in one, so if you are looking for something crazy, it will be an ideal choice for you.

To play Crazy Time Player needs an active casino account. Unfortunately, this game is not available in the demo version, logging into the casino and the use of real money is a requirement. Once you decide to play, you will be moved to a colored studio. Some compare them to the festival because this is the most colorful studio that will come to see. At the beginning you can feel a bit confused because there are many elements that can reverse your attention. We advise you to focus only on a fortune wheel because it will start a game from him.

Next to the circle there is a dealer who will lead all the gameplay. However, he does not turn on the wheel, as you can expect. The wheel is moving mechanically so that later there was no doubt that the game was set. The game works on any mobile device, so you can start a gameplay with your computer or phone, it depends on you. It is worth paying attention to the choice of a very large bet, it is even 5,000. The game is an ideal proposal for people who put large plants in anticipation of great win. You can minimally set 0.10. The rate of game return is 95.5% and is highly variable, so rather do not count on frequent winnings, but when they show, they will be really big.

How to play in Crazy Time

The game in Crazy Time may seem a bit difficult at first, but two rounds are enough to understand what it is. Once you are in the game, you have to choose your bet. For this you can use chips, they are at the bottom of your screen. Each chip has a different color that means a different value. Consider good from which token you want to use this time. At the same time, however, remember that players do not have much time to decide because the plants end after 15 seconds.

In addition to selecting the right bet value, you must select the appropriate number. You have 1.2, 5 and 10 to choose from. Nothing prevents you from choosing more than 1 digit. On the wheel there are as many as 54 segments. If on the fortune, one of the numbers will be displayed on the fortune wheel, you will win the sum. Below you know exactly what you can win by choosing a given symbol:

  • You will find up to 21 segments with one, so this is the most frequently emerging number on the wheel. You will get 1 x rates for her, so money will just come back to you.
  • This number is on the wheel in 13 segments, as you can expect when you draw it, you will get a 2 x rating.
  • Friday on the wheel is only 7 if you start with her and will actually be drawn, your rate will be enlarged x 5.
  • 4 There are tens from the segments on the wheel. Lucky who will choose 10, and the wheel will draw it with up to 10 x of your rate.

While the wheel is moved, the Top Slot symbol moves over it. It can be said that this is a kind of machine that has two drums and only one wandering line. Top Slot helps players in winning even bigger money. On the left side there will be a digit or symbol, on the right side there is a multiplier. If the symbol on the right and on the left is on one line, it is recognized as correct. Thanks to him, players can even get up to 50 x multiplier. However, he will work only for a given number.

Bonuses in the Crazy Time game

We have already mentioned crazy bonuses in Crazy Time. There are 4 of them, and draw them very often. Remember that in the game you do not only bet on these numbers, but also on bonuses. If they are drawn, only those players who have won on a given bonus come into play. Below you will find more information about the bonuses you can get by playing in Crazy Time.

  • Coin Flip Bonus Round

Coin Flip Round is very similar to Gamble functions in many machines. A large coin will appear on a large screen with a side of blue and red. The player's task is not to choose one of the parties as you can assume. Then one of the multipliers is drawn to each page. At this point, virtual casting of the coin takes place. Depending on which party is drawn, such a plant multiplier will be won by each player who has just put on the bonus game.

  • Cash Hunt Bonus Rond

This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting bonuses in this game. A large array with multipliers appears on the screen, each of them can be different, often also repeats. Then these multipliers are covered by random symbols, and then they are mixed on on the board. This game requires interaction of players, because each of them is designed to choose a symbol. Then it works as a multiplier hides under this symbol and that is the magnified rate previously set by the player.

  • Pachinko Bonus Round

If you know what the Japanese Pachinko game is, you will not have a problem with understanding what is going on in this round. Special perches will appear on the screen, and each of them represents the right multiplier. After the pins, he wanders the disc, which eventually stops on one of them. Sometimes it can also stop on a double peg, which means that all values will be doubled, i.e. winning will be even greater.

  • Crazy Time Bonus Round

Many people think that this bonus is the most exciting and actually a lot of it happens in it. All players who bet on this bonus will be transferred through the mysterious red door to a completely different circle. You will see that it is equipped only in a few parts, and each one is painted on a different color, yellow, blue or green. The player chooses color, and each color is another multiplier. Among the colors there are also other multipliers, these in turn multiply the values of colors of colors. As a result, in this bonus you can expect the largest winnings, up to 20,000 x multiplier, which with the maximum plant gives a whole 25,000 x stake.

Summary game Crazy Time

Crazy Time is undoubtedly a crazy game that will take you to a completely different world. A great wheel of Fortuna can make you win really big money. A number of bonuses are dynamic and exciting, in the game there is no break for a respite, unless you have not bet a given bonus. Remember that this is only a live game, so you have no chance to try how it is for free. Read your exactly our review so that you knew what to do during the game. Crazy Time has a really big potential if you're a fan of live games from evolution gaming, You should also like their latest creation.

release date 10 June 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 95,5%
Volatility level High
Software supplier evolution gaming
Game The wheel of fortune
Gravity 5
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.10/5000
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 25 000 X Player rate
Maximum win (coins): 25 000 X Player rate
Bonus functions 4 Different bonuses for scraping, multipliers
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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