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Punk Rocker

By magdalena
30 July, 2022
Punk Rocker is one of those games that it is hard to forget after the round. Many is considered a bit controversial choice and you will find out why. It is primarily about the motif of the machine. Already in the title you can expect the slot topics related to the Pan and Rock. Indeed, among the symbols you will find typical punctures, with colorful hair in the shape of an Iroquise, with tattoos and with earrings in different places on your face. But look good, is it not sometimes Albert Einstein and Mona Lisa?
  • Controversial motif
  • Refined Graphic Robe
  • Availability of over 100 currencies
  • Easy automatic operation
  • Climate soundtrack
  • Multitude of bonuses
  • Possibility to buy a bonus
  • A relatively low maximum bet
  • Very high variation

The manufacturer decided to put these famous characters and not only in a panko form, which gives a really interesting impression. If you want to see Einstein in Blonde hair in Iroquoise and a fox with tattoos on your face, you have this chance. The entire concept of this game is embedded in England, and exactly in London. We know it thanks to Big Ben's image on the left side of the screen, as well as a specific telephone booth in a red color on the right. The manufacturer of this slot, or Nolimit City embed the game in the 1970s, where in England there was the greatest revival of Pankowiec. Many people still remember these times in which everyone, and even the senior he was against power. These times have been transferred to a punk rocker slot.

Nolimit City quite often reaches for quite controversial solutions, which is not something new, just look at the name of this manufacturer, and everything can be understood. This topic is not surprising at all, and actually we like it because it is a healthy breath of freshness. The game is unlike any other, so if you are tired and you just look for something unconventionally, please Punk Rocker and other slots from this manufacturer. This vending machine was prepared by Nolimit City in mid-February 2022, so he had several months for the charming players. They leave it different opinions about it, although it must be admitted that most are positive.

Interesting theme and graphic robe are not the only advantages of this slot, but first focus on them. We are located on a London street called Obey Road overlooking Big Ben. The slot grid is placed on a cracking wall that has been covered with colorful graffiti, that is, we have quite typical as a view for those times. On the right and on the left side of the net there are a beautiful electric guitar, on the other wall you can see some of a large speaker. We have already mentioned a red telephone booth, we did not speak only that the glass in her door is cracked, which was not a rare view at all. At the top of the wall there is a sign of no entry to enter, on which you will see the name of the game and lubricated Graffiti Name No Limit, which beats to the manufacturer.

Even more interesting elements are waiting for you on the net. We have typical panka shoes among them, or boots. For this we will also find an anarchy sign, or large, firm A. Can not miss a Molotov cocktail, which was very often used a dozen or so years ago. We also have a music mixer switch and a typical metal kastet. All these are elements, which in those days saw on the agenda. For this we have already mentioned the changed Albert Einstein and Monie Lisie. To this you can also add the actor Sean Connory, Churchill, as well as a chimpanzee. Everyone was changed in such a way that they do not stand out on the other followers of anarchy.

It must be admitted that in terms of graphic slot falls really well. We appreciate the attention to detail, which can be seen in every element. The producer really tried because Slot looks realistically and fairy. In the base game it is hard to comment on the soundtrack. It only presents the sounds of the street, or sniffing the conversations, steps, noises in the distance. All fun, however, starts when you draw a bonus.

At this point, you will be able to hear some heavier riffs and energetic rock music. We like additional special effects. For example, when you can get a larger amount of money, a typical image of the Royal Palace Guard will appear, but instead of the face there is a skull, and next to the London Calling inscription. In addition, pink glasses appear on skulls in the bonus round, and in the speakers you hear ominous laughter. The effects in the slot are interesting presented, but they are not transmitted.

Going to issues, technical, Punk Rocker is a slot with six drums. However, this sixth drum does not move in the base game. It starts to work only when the player manages to get free spins or Respin, then the grid cracks on it. Without it, the player has a fairly standard grid, which has a 5 x 3 appearance, 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. The players will certainly like the number of winners, because already in the base game it is 243. When you manage the sixth drum, the number of lines is increased to 729. The maximum can reach up to over 46 000 wins lines, so your chances for The win is really big.

The machine supports up to 100 different currencies, so you should not have any problem with paying the plant. Minimum plants with a 0.25 currency and a maximum of 100 of a given currency can be paid to it. The choice may not be too big, but most players should satisfy. The return rate for the player does not look very high, but it is standard. It is exactly 95.54%. A large variation for some is a disadvantage, and for some advantage. The fact is, however, that you will rather wait a bit for a bigger win.

The maximum possible win in the Punk Rocker slot is 15 072 x player rate, and this potential is considered really big. The advantage of the machine is that it does not work virtually on all mobile devices, do not matter if you use a computer or your phone. It adapts to the screen in high quality format. The machine is available in the demo version, so you can check it for free. In addition, you can use it in 19 different languages.

Symbols in the punk rocker slot

Punk Rocker has been equipped with a quite large number of symbols, so it's all to be reviewed before the player decides to play. The advantage of the machine is that it is not equipped with typical card symbols. The minimum number of symbols in the cluster for which you will be awarded this 3. Maximally can be 6 symbols in the cluster, but in the base game there will be only 5.

  • Molotal cocktail, boots and kastet form the first, least valuable group. For 3 symbols you will get 0.20 coins, and for 6 you can count on 2.40 coins.
  • Music switch and an anarchy sign form another group and do not change the minimum value. For this set, or for 6 symbols you will be awarded with three coins.
  • Sean Connery in a punk version will pay you at least 0.24 for 3 symbols and 4 coins for a set of six symbols.
  • Einstein will make your account autimally by 0.28 coins and a maximum of 4.80 coins.
  • The monkey in the crown pays 0.32 coins for the smallest cluster, for 6 symbols, in turn, you will get 6 coins.
  • Mona Lisa raises a rate to 0.40 coins for 3 symbols and issues 10 coins for 6 symbols in the cluster.
  • Churchill is the most valuable symbol in the game, guarantees as many as 20 coins for 6 symbols in combination and 1 coin for 3 symbols.

Nolimit City has its own style of production of slots, so at the beginning, arranging the buttons you may spend a bit confusing, but you can get used to it quite quickly. The grid is arranged exactly in the middle, there are no buttons under it, unlike other machines. They are spread on the side. On the right, you have a square button with an arrow, he just starts another round.

You will find two buttons under it, one of them, with a short arrow, has an auto play function. You can choose how many spins are to be played without any break. The lightning button accelerates the round, which makes it an ideal option for people who are rather for a longer gameplay. On the left you will find a button with a dollar. After selecting, you will show all the options of the plant, select the one that suits you.

Immediately next to it there is a button, thanks to which you can maneuver sound. Particular attention to the button with three dots, because it is in it that will be the most important information about the slot. You will learn exactly its symbols, how are the winners are arranged and what are its rules.

Bonuses in the punk Rocker slot

Punk Rocker is a very exciting game that is full of bonuses. You will meet not only typical Wild symbols, but also many free spins, responses and other surprises. Due to volatility, bonuses may appear quite rarely, but their drawing preaches truly large winnings.

  • Riot Respin

When two scatteres appear on the screen, or a characteristic grid, you get 1 Respin. At this point, the grid on the sixth drum breaks and players can use not from 243 winning lines, and from 729. Helpful turns out that all wildlife stay on the spot to help you win more prizes in Respina.

  • Free spiny

In the presented slot, you can get two types of free spins. They are similar, although you will notice the difference. One of them is anarchy free spins and they can only be started when 3 scatteres appear on the screen, i.e. 3 grid. At this point, they change in golden costumes, with their hands on the outskirts of the symbol as if they wanted to get out. They perform the role of wilders, but this time they are named Jumping Wilds because they move after each spin. Interestingly, a 6 drum that has so far been covered with a grid, so that you can use all the potentials of this game.

You get 8 free spins, but there is a chance that this number will enlarge. Symbols appear above the grid, they are closed on the train, it is of course covered with graffiti. The concept is very interesting because the appropriate symbols appear in the entrances to the train, only after opening them. It is known that some entrances will be empty. One is a multiplier, so if Jumping Wild will appear on this drum, the win will be enlarged. A second with a number that means adding a free spin to the pool. If Jumping Wild will go to the skull, another symbol of this type will appear on the grid, so 4. There is also a chance to draw the XWAYS symbol, and that means one of them, just on this drum there will be 4 symbols on site.

There is also a second version of free spins named Civil War Free Spins. You can start it when 4 scatteres appear on the screen. In fact, this version is very similar to Anarchy Free Spins, with only the difference that there are 4 jumping wildlife on the screen, and the multipliers are statistically larger, you can even win to x 25 normal winning a cluster. In these free spins, the sixth drum is also started, so you play with 729 winners, not 243 as in the base game. Both rounds of free spins are very exciting, so try to get them both.

  • xWays

We have already mentioned this function in describing free spins, where some symbols can extend to 4 symbols vertically. In an ordinary XWAYS game, it works in a reinforced version, because with its help you can count on the fact that symbols will be enlarged up to up to 20 places on the grid, thanks to which the winnings of additional clusters are very possible. Xways is a lottery, so you never know how many places the symbol will expand.

  • Wildy

There are also special wildlife in the game that are called Molotov Wilds. This is a skull that in your mouth is holding a bottle. Wildlife, as in any other slot, replace all symbols with the exception of scatteres. Thanks to them you can count on larger and easier win. It is worth knowing that Molotov Wild can expand to other fields during the game.

  • Purchase of bonuses

Players have the opportunity to purchase free spiny anarchy Free Spins and Civil War Free Spins. Their price will depend on what currently you have a plant. If you want to take matters into your own hands, go to the store on the left side of the grid and select what appenday you want to buy.

Summary of Punk Rocker slot

Punk Rocker is a completely new slot from Nolimit City, which can be recommended to anyone. It has a very original theme that is based on time in which punks and their lifestyle was on top. In this machine, we will find out exactly what happened in London. Punk Rocker is packed with various bonuses, with free spindles at the forefront. It is worth noting that the machine has a very large won potential. An interesting graphic robe makes you look at the slot well, it's also good, especially if you like punk atmosphere. Check what the automatic machine can offer you and try the demo version, you will like it.

release date 12 February 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 96,54%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Nolimit city
Game Punk Era, London, Anarchy
Gravity 5
Winning lines 243 to over 40,000
Number of drums: 5 i 6
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.25/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 15 072 x Player rate
Maximum win (coins): 15 072 x Player rate
Bonus functions Free spiny (two types), Respina, Wildlife, multipliers, XWAYS
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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