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By magdalena
28 June, 2022
If you are looking for a new exciting game, Danger Zone from Booming Games may turn out to be an ideal candidate. This is a completely new slot, which aroused the interest of players and experts. In the game you go to the underground, where you fight for the best corner. During the games, bonuses await you, and you can expect them very often. See what Danger Zone can offer you and decide yourself if it is a game worth your time. We invite you to read a review on our part, which should help you make a decision. We invite you to read.
  • Intuitive slot
  • Interesting theme
  • Refined Graphic Robe
  • Free spiny
  • Often emerging bonuses
  • SLOT Easy to master
  • A relatively small refund rate
  • Few graphic effects

Danger Zone slot

Booming Games or several times surprised players very well prepared slots. He has some nice games on his account, so he's in what to play. Most of these slot machines are above average and plays on them a lot of pleasure. Recently, Booming Games decided to remind you about yourself and that's why Danger Zone has prepared. This is another new game that should not disappoint Booming Games fans, on the contrary, will surely give them more devotees.

Danger Zone is a slot that was introduced to the market on June 4, 2022, so this is a whole fresh game. It is still tried and subjected to various tests by players to see if it is worth using it. Most players think that it is definitely worth it, although it is not an ideal slot and has its disadvantages that we will also mention.

The slot motif is a mine with very precious metallics. However, this is a special place to which not everyone has access. That's why this slot is called Danger Zone, this is a certain zone in which there is a possibility of danger, so it's better to stick to her from a distance. However, they should not do this players who dream about winning, they should do as much as possible in the mine and turn the drums to get as many points and coins as possible.

The game is presented in a very clear way. In the middle there is an entrance to a mine that is supported with wooden boards and stones, i.e. the image of the mine is presented quite stereotypically. Between the symbols also show the interior of the mine, which is rather black, does not cope with anything interesting. Before the entrance there are stones on which two spades and a special detonator have been located. About how he works, we will describe even later because it is a very important element in the game.

There are various types of valuable stones in the game. We can not identify them because they differ only from themselves with colors. This is a pretty good idea because the player can quickly distinguish them. Among the symbols there is also a skull that can be found on most places where you can be infected with electricity. It is especially important in the game, so exact this symbol on your screen.

In addition, you can also meet Dynamite, which a few years ago was an ideal tool for enlarging the mine and finding more stones. Dynamite is presented in a cartoon version. The last symbol specifying the entry ban. In the slot, it works exactly the same as Wild, there is even an appropriate inscription on it, so you certainly do not make a mistake. The vending machine graphics is very nice and polished. Although there are not too many elements that you can admire everything is generally done very carefully, in a popular animation style.

Certainly you would not expect a soundtrack that was placed in a slot. It is not associated with its motif, it is an energetic, almost disco music that stimulates all the senses and encourages action. It is fast, but at the same time quite relaxing, it definitely improves humor. We will not find out what Booming Games meant by choosing this type of music to this slot.

It is worth focusing on technical parts of the presented machine, and they present themselves in a fairly interesting way. The grid can not be called standard because it does not look like this. It can be determined as 4 x 6, i.e. in this case, the drums are 6, or more than in classic slots, it also has more rows, there are 4. This means that at the same time on the screen there is quite a lot of symbols, there are up to 30 .

In the case of lines winning Danger Zone, it is quite medium to praise only 25 lines. It is also worth paying attention to the next important aspect of the machine, and it is a rate of return for the player. Danger Zone can offer 95.12%, which is only a little above the standard acceptable for slots without jackpot. This is still a pretty good result, but it is worth being aware that there are slots on the market with a much higher coefficient.

The variability of Danger Zone is very high, some already know that in this case, the winnings can rather rarely appear, but thanks to this one can only win quite a lot of coins once. This is an ideal proposition for patient people. Players have quite a good choice for the bet, because the smallest value is 0.25. This is enough that they can play even those who do not like to spend too much money for plants. Danger Zone also matches High Roller, because you can choose a 250 currency.

If you expect a large win, it's better to choose the biggest rates, because you can get a maximum of 2,000 x stake. People putting small plants can be in this case a toughened, but the possibility of receiving 2,000 x 250 looks at a very interesting perspective. Due to the fact that Danger Zone was produced lately, it is tailored to all devices, including tablets and cells. Before playing in a real money version, be sure to try the demo version, it is available in many casinos and portals.

Symbols in the Danger Zone slot

We have already mentioned the symbols in the introduction. Now you will learn more about them. Most of them are thematic symbols, there is also a certain number of symbols borrowed from cards, as the least valuable. In the slot, prizes for drawing 3 symbols, 4, 5 or a maximum of 6 in the cluster are paid. Below you will find all the information you need about symbols and their values in the DANGER ZONE machine.

  • 10, Q and J is one group of symbols. They resemble stones from the mine. You will not get a lot for their clusters, but you can still count on 7.50 coins for 6 symbols in combination. In turn, you will minimally get 0.50 coins.
  • A and K do not raise the winning cluster with three symbols, you will get too much as much as possible. However, for 6 symbols you can count on an increase to 8 coins.
  • Blue crushes gives three symbols all one coin, which is a significant increase. In turn, for 6 of them, the win will be 10 coins.
  • The green stone is another in the queue and offers 150 coins for the smallest possible cluster. Of course, the largest prize will meet you after drawing 6 symbols, and it will be 15 coins.
  • Pink crushing provides each player at least 2 coins behind a cluster composed of three symbols. You will get 20 coins for a combination of 6.
  • Yellow stone is the most important among stones, for 6 symbols you will get a dizzying sum that is 25 coins. Even for 3 symbols you will get quite a lot, because up to 2.50 coins.
  • Wild is a special symbol that also gives players quite a good money except that it replaces other symbols. If the red wilds will be on the screen 3, you get 2.50. If you are lucky and there will be 6, you will have 200 more coins on your account than before spin.

Booming Games cares about new players who can feel a little lost at the beginning of their adventure. That's why the screen is transparent and you can quickly find individual functions. It is interesting that there are no function buttons under the net, they are spread on the sides. For many this is a more aesthetic exit.

Let's start with the right side of the screen, which is very important for the player, because the actuating button is located on it. It is green, so on the background of a brown game it is significantly distinguished. It is interesting that a large part of the menu is in this button. All you need to do is press the on its left and you will have several options ahead of you, for example music maneuvering, setting the maximum bet and others.

Under the actuator button there is also the amount of the funds you can spend on the game. On the other hand, you will see two coins on top, just after choosing them you can see what options you have in the plant. In fact, you can also operate your plant as well using the and minus buttons on the left side of the screen. There is also information about what bet was chosen.

You have an additional menu up on the right. It is worth to press all buttons at first so that you can discover the slot yourself. Therefore, we advise you to choose a button with drawn "and" on the right. It is in this button all the information about the slot, or all symbols, winning lines, bonuses and what the player needs to be easier to win.

Bonuses in the Danger Zone slot

In Danger Zone you can find quite interesting bonuses that make the game more exciting. The big advantage is that promotions appear very often, you will be surprised yourself that you have an opportunity to get a little greater cash again. Below you will find all Danger Zone symbols described in the form of the list.

  • Bursting Major Dynamite

Bonuses in Danger Zone are completely random. You do not have to collect anything or wait. One of such promotions is Bursting Major Dynamite. You will notice that suddenly the screen begins to shake, and dust is leaped from the mine. On the other hand, dynamite icons will appear on the screen. They can even be a few of them. On the left side there is a detonator who only waits for the end of the spin. Then the handle moves, Dynamite explodes, and in his place, and sometimes even next to it appear exactly the same symbols (more valuable), so it's easier to get a cluster.

  • Bursting Wild Dynamite

This bonus is very similar to Bursting Major Dynamite, with the difference that instead of more valuable symbols, Wild symbols appear on the screen. One symbol of dynamite can make up to 8 symbols nearby turn into wildlife, the more dynamite, so better.

  • Free spiny

We have already mentioned the skull before and that it can be beneficial for the player. This is true, because when you get 3 skull symbols in one spicy, you will be awarded as many as 8 free spins.

Summary of the DANGER ZONE machine

Booming Games for his players a special automaton for his players, and he is Danger Zone. Slot with a mine recital, from which precious metallizes are extracted, it turned out to be quite an interesting position on the list of new gambling machines. Slot mechanics is considered a simple, you can get in it right away. Graphically and musically, the game sticks to a fairly high level. Attention pays bonuses that appear quite often in the gameplay and are quite favorable. We recommend checking the slot in the demo version, very possible that you will like him and bring you a lot of happiness.

release date June 4, 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 95,12%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Booming Games
Game Mine, expensive metallics, dynamite, explosion
Gravity 5
Winning lines 25
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.25/250
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game approx. 2,000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 2,000 x player stake
Bonus functions wildy, Bursting Wild Dynamite, Bursting Major Dynamite, darmowe spiny
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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