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sweet bonanza

By magdalena
May 3, 2022
Sweet Bonanza is a slot with one of the most interesting marketing mechanisms. This is one of the few slot machines in which you do not have to worry about the draw of clusters, here you can forget about them. In addition, sophisticated bonuses and endless multipliers of winning and many free spins are waiting for you. If you expect relaxation and large winnings, only with this machine. In this review you will learn everything about Sweet Bonanza if you want to try this slot, and you do not know what to expect, read our article.
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • Returned graphics
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Interesting bonuses in the form of free spins
  • Pretty high rate of refund
  • The ability to win a large maximum amount
  • The theme can be monotonous for some

Sweet Bonanza Slot

Sweet Bonanza is a slot that will take you to a sweet world constructed from the sweetest things, i.e. candies and fruits. You will find yourself in the middle of a peaceful clearing, but instead of grass you can admire different color creams for cakes, and instead of hills you have ice cream and sweet candy poured even a sweet caramel. Above this sweet clearing there is a blue sky, after which the white cloud moves. The whole picture works very relaxing. Add to this still calm, rhythmic music and you have one of the most interesting slots of recent years before the eyes, or Sweet Bonanz.

This machine was created quite recently, because in mid-2019, and exactly 27 June. This gambling machine was prepared by Pragmatic Play, or a company that undoubtedly knows the design of machines, which can be seen on many examples, including Sweet Bonanza. In terms of graphics, this slot is very correct, it really has nothing to cling to. It is colorful, and during playing, you can quickly become part of the sweet world of the machine.

There is also something amazing in this slot. Certainly, you've surprised that Sweet Bonanza has no winning line. In no way, this is not a mistake from our site. This machine has a function that you can forget about clusters and wandering lines. The symbols do not have to create any clusters to win. All you need to do is appear on the screen in any place, 8 of the same symbols will appear and it is already counted as a cluster. It is worth adding that it is a cascade slot. This means that when 8 the same symbols appear on the screen, they disappear from it, and other random symbols appear on their place. As a result, you can expect that in one round there will be more than one cluster.

At the beginning it may seem that the gathering of 8 symbols is not easy, but due to the fact that the grid is quite high (6 drums and 6 symbols of symbols), this is not impossible at all. This confirms RTP, which is 96.52%, which is a little more than standard. It turns out that only less than 3.5% is in a slot, so it's worth using it. In addition, this slot has many interesting bonuses you will find out later in this review. The variability of the game is average high, so you can praise a few larger wins than many, but small winnings. Some like such a system, so if you are such a person, Sweet Bonanza will certainly like it.

A large advantage of this game is the opportunity to win very large amounts. It is calculated that the maximum win in Sweet Bonanza is up to 21,000 from the player's bet, which may prove to be a large sum. In some slots, the largest win can only be a few thousand x bet, so you can see the difference. Players like that this is a modern slot that does not only work on the computer without a problem, but also on the tablet and on your mobile phone. No matter how big the screen of your device and what software you have, Sweet Bonanza will play without any complaint. The game has two versions. At the beginning you can use the demo version, i.e. free, and if you like it, you can try a paid version in which you can win real money.

Symbols in Slot Sweet Bonanza

If you have been playing for some time, you can simply be tired of very similar symbols that appear in many games. We are found here mostly about card symbols. If you are not new in the subject, you can breathe because you will not find them in Sweet Bonanza. In this game there are only fruits and candies, which for many may turn out to be freshness. Below are all symbols with their values. It is worth knowing that Slot pays the prize for 8-9 symbols, 10-11 symbols and over 12 symbols. The given values are based on a $ 1 establishment.

  • Banana is a symbol for whom you can get 0.20 euros. This is a little valuable symbol, but when you hit more than 12 bananas, you will get a prize worth 1.60 euros, or more than your bet.
  • Grape will give you 0.32 Euro for 8 or 9 symbols on the screen. If you feel, you can get up to 3.20 euros for 12 symbols.
  • The watermelon gives a payment of 0.40 euro in the case of a minimum number of symbols, in the case of the largest number you will earn 4 euros.
  • Plums are a bit more profitable, they give 0.64 euros for 8 or 9 symbols, and for over 12 you will get up to 6.40 euros.
  • Apples guarantee 0.80 euros for the smallest number. You will get 8 euros for the maximum number.
  • Blue candy will make you richer by 1.20 euros, so even the minimum number will enlarge your sum. For over 12 candies you will get 9.60 euros.
  • Green candy will treat 160 euros for 8 or 9 symbols, you will get 12 euros for the set.
  • Purple candy will give you 100% of your contribution for a minimum number, or 2 euros and as much as 20 euros for more than 12 symbols on the screen.
  • The heart-shaped candy is the most valuable, because it gives you a minimum of 8 euros, in turn, you can also count up to 40 euros.

In Slut Sweet Bonanza you can not get lost. It is very transparent and the information is marked with large font. The button you start the game is on the right. It is round, and two arrows are marked on it. It is simultaneously with the AutoPlay button, just hold it for a long time. If you want to decide what many spins the AutoPLAY function is to stop or after which loss, press the small black button with the AutoPLAY inscription. Next to this button there are also and minus. This can be carefully managed to manage your bet, the number of coins on the line.

You can read a few encouraging words to the grid directly. You still have Credit, or your funds for the game, and your current bet. Big-shaped button "I" contains all information about bonuses, symbols and other aspects you should get acquainted with. In turn, on the left side of the grid is a large button with a switch, after which your chance to draw a bonus increases. When you choose it, your bet is automatically increased.


Sweet Bonanza is a game with a very interesting bonus game that can be easily drawn. Just be a pretty patient to take advantage of bonuses that give much larger wins than a base game. Purchase and try the demo game to see what a bonus round looks like.

  • Scatter and free spins

There is one more symbol we have not said about, and it is a large, colorful lollipop. This is a scatter, and at the same time the best-solvious symbol in the whole game. Lizak is the only symbol that does not fall outside the screen when you find a happy cluster. You need 4 lollipops on the screen to get to the bonus round. When you succeed, you get 10 free spins. Then the music and the entire screen change. Remember that you can count on the next free spins, and it is enough that during this round you will draw 3 lollipops. This round is very exciting.

  • Multiplier

During the bonus round you can meet an additional symbol, and it is a colorful, candy bomb. When it appears on the screen, a multiplier also wander on it, and it can be from x 2 to even x 100. If in a given free skis you hit some winnings, it will be multiplied by a multiplier that just appears on this bomb. A surprise is that on the screen there must not be only one symbol in the shape of a bomb, so your winnings can be even bigger, so you can bring many gifts from the bonus round.

Summary of Sweet Bonanza Slot

If you expect a lot of entertainment and a relaxing atmosphere, do not hesitate to only select the Sweet Bonanza slot. It is very well made in many respects. You can not fault him in the aspect of graphic robe, music robe or mechanics, because all this has been refined to the highest degree. The motif of the slot may not be the most interesting and there is no main character, but it is quite original. To play, it encourages a very beneficial bonus in which you can use free spins and more. Do not think about trying a demo version long because you do not even pay for her, and it may turn out that Sweet Bonanza is a gambling machine that will meet all your requirements.

release date October 27, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 96,52%
Volatility level High
Software supplier pragmatic play
Game Sweets, fruits
Gravity 5
Number of drums: 6
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/125
Jackpot 21 100 x player's bet
Maximum win in the basic game 21 100 x player's bet
Maximum win (coins): 2 625 000
Bonus functions Multiplier, Free Spiny
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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