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danger high voltage

By magdalena
13 July, 2022
This time you have the opportunity to look at the electrifying Danger High Voltage game, which turned out to be a great hit. This is very simple to use a slot to which players often come back, which can be seen after its results. What best suggests players is quite a large number of different types of bonuses. That's what they make the vending machine get bored. It is also worth remembering a simple mechanice that suits not only new players, but also more experienced.
  • Interesting theme
  • Easy navigation on the slot
  • Atmosphere
  • Interesting bonuses
  • The possibility of choosing a system of free spins
  • For some too much variability

Recenzja Danger High Voltage

On the 1st day of May 2017, the players around the world were presented a completely new game called Danger High Voltage. It was a game that was quite mysterious for many, and some considered that there is no more theme. However, they were wrong, although symbols and general game background could easily be moved in the field. Because how can you connect Taco, discothel and skull? This secret, however, very quickly explained because Danger! High Voltage is also a song name created by Electric Six and quite popular at the beginning of this millennium.

Certainly Electric Six did not think that almost after 20 years someone would dare to create a slot machine that was based on certain fragments of this song. Only when the player listen or reads the songs of the song, all symbols and the background will join the whole and they will not seem so strange at all. Big Time Gaming, i.e. a Danger High Voltage producer, is known for passion to this type of strange motifs that are based on literature, songs or on other parts of culture.

Most symbols are connected to the song, in the background in the background you can see a disco building with colorful lights. When you manage to get a cluster, you will hear a power hit, and during the game you can also hear cheese, exactly like at a music concert. Not only symbols and background is associated with this song. During the game you will hear the same song on which the whole game was modeled. There are obviously no words, but the fans will certainly meet her after the rhythm.

Danger High Voltage may not be best graphically, and its background is very simple, but each part has its own charm and allows the player to forget about reality and move into a strange world of song in which the leitmotif is electricity. Turning to the technical parts of the slot, its RTP is 95.67%, which is the result quite normal in relation to other slots, a large part of the money is given to players, but more than 4% remains in the machine. It is worth remembering that the volatility in the machine is high, so you can rather expect larger wins that will appear less often than more frequent but smaller winnings. If you prefer such a type of game, Danger High Voltage is for you.

It is worth taking a look at the technical aspect of the game, because they can prove very important for players. Slot has 6 drums, i.e. it is not constructed in a classic manner (5 or 3 drums), this is definitely a breath of freshness. The slot has 4 rows of symbols. The players will certainly satisfy the information that the machine has up to 4096 ways to win, which significantly increases the chance of them compared to slots with 10 or 15 winners. This producer is also specializing in creating slots with many winning lines, and more about them you can learn from the information button we will know about.

When it comes to betting themselves, the vending machine accepts from 0.2 to 40 a given currency. The maximum win is relatively large because it amounts to 20,000 x player rates. It is a pretty high sum, it can also be expressed as 102 400 coins that are very valuable. Slot without a problem works on all platforms and on all mobile devices. It adapts well to various sizes of the screen, so you can play freely on it not only at home, but also outside.

Symbole w Danger High Voltage

Most games from Big Time Gaming have a very simple mechanic in which everyone, even a beginner player can easily find. The characteristic feature of these slots is that the menu is placed on the right side of the screen with symbols, and not under them. There are fans of this and this layout, we personally think that the menu on the right is very convenient. If you want to start a game, you must select the first button from the bottom. You can easily recognize it because it is very large, green and has a scratched arrow that is associated with the start of a new round.

The manufacturer of this game knows that many people decide for a longer game on the machine. That's why in your games, as well as in Danger High Voltage, he placed the AutoPlay button. You do not need to press the Start button every time you simply choose one of the values appearing on the screen and only observe the rotating symbols. The Autoplay button is green and two arrows appear on it. Next to it there is a button with three white dashes and it just explains what symbols you can find in the slot, which are wandering lines, how much exactly do you need to draw a given cluster, what are we also told below.

The last button in the menu is the ability to set a bet. You control it with the help of green arrows. As we have already mentioned, you have from 0.2 to 40 euros to choose from. At the bottom there are two important information, and this is your last win and measures that you can still spend on the game. Below we describe thorough symbols and how much you will get too. The first part of them is typical card symbols, the rest is already associated with the song. The prizes are paid at least 3 symbols in the cluster (in the case of a skull, this is 2), for 4, 5 and most for 6 symbols.

  • 9 is the least valuable symbol, but if you manage to hit 6 symbols of this type, you can count on the payment of 0.40 coins. You will receive a prize of 0.10 coins for the smallest amount.
  • 10 It does not differ too much from 9, for 6 symbols you will get 0.50 coins, in turn for three 10 you can count on 0.10 coins.
  • Q and J are treated in the game completely as in the case of values. If you can lose 6 symbols J or Q, you will get 0.75 coins. If you draw 3 symbols in the cluster, you will get 0.10 coins, which is the same as in the two previous cases.
  • K and a subsequent symbols that are valued exactly the same, and they provide players with a 125 coin payment for 6 symbols in the cluster on the screen. Losing 3 symbols of this type you will get 0.15 coins.
  • Taco on a green background will make you richer by 1.50 coins, of course if you draw 6 symbols of this type. When drawing 3 symbols you will get 0.20 coins.
  • The disco light ball is valued just like Taco in the case of 6, 5 and 3 symbols in the cluster, but for 4 of them you will get 0.60 coins, not 0.50, as for Taco.
  • The ringtone is quite a powerful symbol, and it offers 5 coins for a set in the cluster and 0.30 for 3 symbols of this type.
  • A skull is a special symbol, thanks to which you will get as many as 25 coins for 6 of them in a happy combination. You are also awarded for 2 skulls, you will get 0.50 coins in this case. For 3 of them, the payment is 1.25 coins.

Bonusy w Danger High Voltage

Big Time Gaming often equips its vending machines in very interesting bonuses. In this case, you can be surprised because you can choose what suits you. One thing is certain, during the game you will not have time to get bored because a lot will happen.

  • Wildy

Danger High Voltage is not equipped with typical wildlets, but it has something better. These are wildlings that cover the entire drum. Thanks to them, you have a good chance of getting your combination. The first type is Wild Fire, which does not have add-ons, but it looks very interesting. In turn, Wild Electricity is not enough that it replaces all symbols, it increases the Winnings x 6! Wildlife appear on drum 2 and 5.

  • Scatter

Scatter in the machine has a heart form with a crown on which we desire appears. This symbol is well valued, you will get even 100 coins for it for 6 hearts. However, 3 hearts are enough to run the bonus you will find out below.

  • Free spiny

When you appear on the Scatter screen, you can choose a system of free spins in the game. The first to choose from Gates of Hell Free Spins. It works so that you get 7 free spins, and one of the symbols are designated on Sticky Wilda. This means that it will remain in its place throughout the entire end of the round of free spins. If there are 4 sticky wildlife on one drum, you will get an extra 3 free spiny. The second option is High Voltage Free Spins. In this system you get 15 free spins, and during this round on the screen there may be blocks that increase the winnings even to x 66. The smallest value is x 11. If heart appears on the screen, you get the next 15 spins on the screen.

Summary Danger High Voltage

Danger High Voltage is undoubtedly one of the most interesting games on the market. It uses an interesting song theme, and symbols correspond to what is happening in this song. You can not forget about bonuses that you can choose yourself according to recognition. A large advantage of the slot is many wines winning, as well as a standard return rate. Danger High Voltage may not impress with their graphics, but it is interesting musically and certainly will not allow you to get bored throughout the whole game.

release date 1 May 2017 year
Return to Player (RTP): 95,67%
Volatility level High
Software supplier big time gaming
Game Rock, Song, Current
Gravity 5
Winning lines 4096
Number of drums: 6
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/40
Jackpot 20,000 x player's bet
Maximum win in the basic game 102 400 monet
Maximum win (coins): 102 400
Bonus functions Wild, free spiny,
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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