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the wild hatter

By magdalena
7 June, 2022
The Wild Hatter is a game based on the popular book Alicja in Wonderland. This is one of the latest slots from the Red Tiger manufacturer. The game offers quite a large win in the order of 3 333 times the player's rate. In addition, the presented slot takes part in the Red Tiger jackpot, so you can win a lot more by the way. Immerse yourself in an amazing world where a crazy hatter is the main role. Below you will learn all the details you should know before you start playing the Wild Hatter for real money.
  • An interesting slot motif
  • High quality graphics
  • Easy navigation after the machine
  • Simple to master slot
  • The possibility of getting a jackpot
  • A nice soundtrack
  • Not many additional bonuses

Recenzja The Wild Hatter

The subject of Alicja in Wonderland and Alicja on the other side of the mirror was in a gambling environment, they were moving many times. On the market you will find games that have been presented to players a few years ago, and up to this point they were created at least 15. This motif is moved very often because it gives a large field for maneuver. A mysterious world with twisted characters, a land where you can put on a fantasy run, it is an ideal base for a slot that can succeed.

The main heroine is of course Alicja, a girl who accidentally found himself inside this crazy world. As the most important character, Alicja must appear in the slot. And yet not necessarily and Red Tiger showed players that you can guide a story for completely different tracks and you can still create an interesting theme. In one of the latest games from Red Tiger, or The Wild Hatter, the main hero is a crazy hatter. People who know a book or films will certainly associate this abstract figure in a big hat, inviting for tea.

It turns out that the character of a crazy hatter is not as unambiguous, as it seems, and Red Tiger has focused on the attention of players on one of the most interesting heroes. This figure was prepared on the basis of real Hatts from the 18 and 19th century. Their behavior did not deviate very much from the behavior of the hero of this book, and the reason for this was mercury.

Then no dangerous properties of mercury and generously were used when felting hats. Closed in a stunning room Hatter preparing hats inhaled vapors and therefore they had serious health problems, especially mental. There were two centuries ago to say "Crazy like a Hatter". This is the genesis of the main hero of the Wild Hatter slot.

Let's get to the game that has a lot of advantages. The first of them is definitely a graphic robe. She is prepared very carefully, you can see her inspiration with the latest movie about Alicja. Already when the slot is loading, the main character of the Hatter welcomes us on the screen. It looks exactly as in the film, he has a storm of red hair, a white face and a big green hat. Then, when the game will be loaded, we have the opportunity to admire the hat itself.

Slot mesh is nothing but a chessboard that immediately reminds us scenes from the movie. There are gold wires around the chessboard that form a gate. The background is not movable, only sometimes a gloss appears on the gate. Before and behind the gate you can see a dense but ideally trimmed grass and larger bushes. Big fungi emerges on the sides. When it comes to the symbols itself, then you can recognize a pocket watch that belongs to a rabbit, chess figures, a white kettle in hearts, a hat with a pavi eye, as well as a friend with a wide smile of a big black cat.

In terms of musical slot does not stand out too specially against other machines. When the symbols rotate or when you get one of the combinations, you will hear characteristic ringtones. However, you can only notice that everything together creates a fairly magical atmosphere. Due to the fact that this slot belongs to a series of jackpots, on the left you will have detailed information on its sum.

Let's not forget about the most important parameters of the machine, or about his drums. There are 5 of them, and the symbols of symbols can be found 4, which is not a too obvious solution. When it comes to winning lines, they are quite a lot, as much as 30. They are all described in the slot functions. You can play in the third year of March this year. It is available in the demo version, so each player can try it for free. This is a great way to see if the game will work for a given person.

At the beginning, the game had a very low rate of return (about 92%), but in recent days it increased to about 94.8%. This is not a very high score, but it is quite normally. It is also worth remembering that with the help of the Wild Hatter you can win one of the jackpots, so the lower RTP is quite normal in this case. Slot has a quite interesting win, and it is exactly 3 333 times the player's rate. This is the most, how much you can get during the base game, unless you manage to draw a jackpot.

Variability in The Wild Hatter is high, so you can expect larger winnings that will rarely appear, but they will be high. In the game there are three jackpots, and they are divided into a day win, every hour win and mega jackpot. If you hit at least the smallest, you can count on at least 500 euros, thanks to Jackpot, you can win even tens of thousands of euros.

The minimum rate that you can paid as a bet is 0.1, a maximum sum of this amount is 60. The Wild Hatter is available on computers and on mobile devices, in both cases it starts correctly and without problems.

Symbole w The Wild Hatter

Many symbols in the game are associated with the motif, so it's very good for you. There is also some part that bind to the cards and paradoxically also involve this subject. Below are all symbols and their values. To show all values, we used a plant 1 euro. In The Wild Scatter players are awarded for combinations with three symbols with four and maximally with five symbols.

  • 10 will make you get a minimum of 3 coins. If you manage to get 5 symbols, you will be awarded 24 coins.
  • J does not enlarge the maximum win for the minimum number of symbols, you will get 30 coins for a set J in combination.
  • Q offers 6 coins for 3 symbols and 39 coins for 5 symbols in a suitable combination.
  • K also offers 6 coins for the smallest combination of symbols, in turn, for 5 of them the prize is 45 coins.
  • A increases the won for the smallest combination of up to 9 coins, and for 5 symbols in the cluster you will receive 60 coins.
  • The horse's figure makes you get at least 12 coins and a maximum of 75 coins.
  • Kettle distributes 18 coins for a minimal combination with 3 symbols, for a set, in turn, you will get 120 coins.
  • The hat provides a minimal win of 24 coins, the maximum win is 150 coins.
  • The pocket clock is a symbol distributing 30 coins for 3 symbols and 240 coins for 5 of them.
  • A black cat is the most valuable symbol in the base gameplay. You will get 300 coins for a set of symbols, and you can count on 60 symbols.

Red Tiger has developed intensively as a company producing gambling games. For this reason, she learned how to put individual buttons to be visible to players. That's why the biggest button on the screen is a large golden wheel that starts the game. There are two arrows on it, which is why it's easy to see on the screen. Immediately next to it, there is a much smaller button with lightning, whose task is to accelerate the game.

On the other side there is a longitudinal button with the auto inscription. Thanks to it, you can determine how many spins will take place without the need to choose the main button. You can choose a number and limit of losses. During spins, you can get something completely different. Further on the left is the amount of the plant. You can choose it when you press this button, all the option is set in the form of a list.

At the top on the left side there is the amount of funds that you still can spend on the game. On the right side, you can manipulate sound and go to options in which all information about withdrawals for each symbol, on the subject of bonuses and all winning lines and their arrangement. We recommend familiar with these options before starting real money. You can also use the "Help" button in which you will find even more information.

  • Bonusy w slocie The Wild Hatter

The Wild Hatter is not a typical slot with many bonuses. It is equipped with one interesting promotion thanks to which you can get additional funds. This feature appears quite often, so you always have a chance for greater winnings.

  • Wild

We did not talk about the symbol that we were still a crazy hatter. When it appears on the screen, you can enjoy because it brings good news. One of them is that it is a Wild symbol, so he replaces every other symbol on the screen, so he increases the chances of winning.

  • Respin

Wild symbol showing a crazy hatter has another function. When it appears, one of the symbols on the screen is chosen randomly. At this point, only this symbol and Wild remains on the screen. Then the player gets free Respin.

In the responle, only wild or selected symbols may appear on the screen, thereby magnifying the win, because the next symbols will be stopped and the player gets one more Respin. If the player succeeds to draw wild, the symbol stopped by him will be replaced with a better paid symbol, so you win even greater winnings.

  • Multiplier

The multiplier connects to a previous function. When you get the first Respin, a multiplier counter with the value of X 1. When in the respon you can draw selected by Wild Symbol or Wild Sam, you will get one more Respin, and the multiplier is getting up to x 2. With each resentment it will be larger .

Summary of the Wild Hatter slot

The Wild Hatter is a slot with an interesting history. Red Tiger proves that you can use a fairly popular theme and change it not to Poznań. The Wild Hatter has many advantages, including very nice graphics and a well-fitted soundtrack. Navigating on the slot is not complicated, it is easy to master. As a result, it is also suitable for beginner players. One additional function may turn out to be insufficient for some players, but it is interestingly expanded, so many people like it. Check the demo version of this game, and if it turns out that this is, go to the money version.

release date March 3, 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 95,8%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Red Tiger
Game Alice in Wonderland, Crazy Hatter, Enchanted Land
Gravity 5
Winning lines 30
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0,1/60
Jackpot Progressive in the form of a mega or paid a day and every hour
Maximum win in the basic game 3 333 x Player rate
Maximum win (coins): Jackpot Mega currently over 250,000 euros
Bonus functions Multiplier, Wild, Symbol stop, Respin
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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