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dream catcher

By magdalena
August 6, 2022
Dream Catcher is currently one of the most famous show live games from Evolution Gaming. This is a special type of game, in which players enter into interactions with a dealer and decide about their fate. The game is completely different from classic card games that have been produced by Evolution Gaming. This is a completely new type of games that can remind a little wheel fortune, but its principles are still a little different. If you want to learn more about this game and see how she works, read our review. We place all the details about a given game, as well as a guide, how to play with it, what this game consists in and what to do to win. If you have not tried this game yet, at the beginning Read our review and decide yourself if it is worth to play. The review in this case will be very useful because the game is not available in the demo version, so you can not play it for free.
  • High quality studio
  • Easy game rules
  • Funny dealers
  • Fast games
  • Possibility of winning multipliers
  • High maximum bet
  • Big won potential
  • Winnings can be rare
  • Very high variation

Dream Catcher is undoubtedly one of those games that made a lot of noise in a short time. It is still very popular and this is a fairly obvious reason: this is one of the simplest live games that you can imagine. Indeed, if you are afraid of live games, because you have never had any opportunity to play, we advise you to start an adventure just from Dream Catcher. It will make you warm up before more complicated games, you get used to the presence of the dealer, to its commands and to the overall atmosphere. So instead of starting with Poker, roulette or a different game, start from Dream Catcher.

It was appointed to the world by the manufacturer called Evolution Gaming. More experienced players can associate it because this is the most famous producer only live games. In his collection you will not find slots and other automatic positions, only live. Evolution Gaming started from introducing classic games to a live platform. There are really a lot of them, and each of them is available in many versions. When Evolution Gaming noticed that such games check, he also started to introduce completely new show games, which also turned out to be a hit.

Dream Catcher was one of the first games of this type, was created in 2017. This item immediately drew attention to each other because it is more than just a game, you can even call it to the show. When the player enters the game, his eyes show a aesthetic studio, and in his middle he stands a big wheel fortune with numbers. The wheel was specially prepared for evolution gaming by TCSJohnhuxley. The circle really impresses, it is huge, and completely automatic. Let them not fool you that one of the dealers approaches the wheel and start to turn it. The wheel turns a really special mechanism that confirms that the results of this game are completely random.

The whole studio, as well as the wheel is colored, has the impression that along with the start of the game goes to a completely different world. Dealer is dressed very elegant, with respect, but also with a revival turns to players in every round. During the game, and also after completion, try to entertain players with interesting observations. It is worth knowing that some players have their favorite dealers who are known for their happy hand. It's hard to specify RTP this game, i.e. the player's refund. Experts calculated that it varies between 90.57% to about 96.58%. If you manage to hit the upper limit, you have a chance to win quite a lot, but it's worth knowing that this is a fairly unpredictable game with quite high volatility, so you never know when you're lucky.

Evolution Gaming is known for its very high quality of your games, which can also be seen on the example of Dream Catcher. Throughout the studio are the cameras, which accurately register everything that happens in the studio. Cameras are often switched and the screen approaches and devoted to play the best views of what is happening in the studio. The advantage of Dream Catcher is undoubtedly a game that the game works on any device. You can connect to the studio not only from the computer, but also from the usual cell, or from a laptop, in each of these options the image will be very clear and players satisfied.

All you need is access to Wi-Fi to be able to take part in this special game. If you do not have a good connection, you will still be able to enjoy the game, only in a slightly worse quality. Evolution Gaming surprises players very wellly well-grounded light and musical effects, and both build voltage during the game. A lot is happening while winning when the lights and sounds are crazy. We hope that you will survive this moment of victory.

How to play a live Dream Catcher and possible winnings

If you have never played live games, you are not surprised that you are afraid of them. However, on the basis of Dream Catcher you will see that there really has nothing. Once you enter the game and you will get to the whole surroundings, it comes time to bet. The minimum plant amount is 0.1 of a given currency, in turn the maximum is 2,000. The maximum sum is really high, rarely which the game can boast of such a sum. So this is an ideal proposition for high rollers who do not hesitate to put really high amounts, and then they win a lot of money.

Then you get a dozen seconds for definitely what bet you choose. The whole wheel is covered with numbers, only a few of them are different, which we still say in the bonuses. However, the advantage of this game is that there are no blank fields in it. This means that if you decide to put on all numbers (plays for it as much as possible), you always have a chance to win. The final sum depends on your bet. Below are all the numbers that you can place and how much you can win.

  • 1 is on the wheel as much as 23 times, you can draw it most often. It guarantees a 1 x player back payment.
  • 2 has a blue color and appears on the wheel 15 times and you will get 2 x your rate.
  • 5 You will find only 7 times on the wheel, but the win over it increases to 5 x your stake.
  • 10 was placed on a wheel 4 times, you can count with it to your steak multiplied 10 times.
  • 20 It tiles that appears on the wheel only twice, in his case, the win looks exactly the same as for the remaining numbers, i.e. the rate is multiplied 20 times.
  • 40 occurs on the wheel only once a known reasons. People who have set up a large sum can count on increasing this amount as much as 40 times.

In the round you choose one of these numbers or even all of them and you focus the appropriate amount. Pointing is filled and at this point the fortune will be made in motion. After a few seconds, it will stop and you can see which number this time this time is happy. Each player gets his withdrawal and another round begins. There is no greater philosophy in this game, the rounds are relatively short, so if you do not want to spend too much time on the game, select Dream Catcher.

When it comes to playing techniques, many people confesses the strategy in which it puts both one of the lower games and one of the higher ones. In this way, there are quite a good chance that you will be able to win at least a smaller sum and nothing to lose, and if the happiness you will be extremely foster, you will win a bigger sum. When you succeed, it's best to leave the game right away because it will tempt you to spend this money.

Bonuses in Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher may have no bonuses for example Crazy Time, but has one that turns out to be very effective. He can make your win really high, so we hope that this bonus will appear in your queue. On the wheel there are also two elements that we have not mentioned yet and which are very important in the game. These are multipliers x 2 and x 7. Chance that it will be quite large.

They act in such a way that, instead of the number, one of the multipliers will come out, the round must be repeated. The number that will be drawn after the multiplier is bearing it, so all the lucky ones who have set for it may count on winnings increased by x 7 or x 2. I wonder that these bonuses accumulate. This means that if you first come to, for example, x 2, and then x 7, this next number will bear the multiplier x 14. This can generate really high winnings.

Summary of Live Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is one of the adorable games that do not lose their popularity. This is a kind of fortune near Fortuna with numbers and multipliers, and it can make you really win a lot of money. If you start a live games career, it's worth warming up with the help of Dream Catcher, because it is a simple and well-prepared game, you will soon like her. The round games are very fast, and everyone has a chance to win. So put on one of the numbers and observe the action, being additionally entertaining by the dealer.

release date February 7, 2017 year
Return to Player (RTP): from 90,57 to 96.58%
Volatility level High
Software supplier evolution gaming
Game The wheel of fortune
Gravity 5
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.10/2000
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 500 000 euro
Maximum win (coins): 500 euro
Bonus functions multipliers
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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