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Monopoly Live

By magdalena
August 5, 2022
Monopoly Live appeared on the market a year ago, i.e. exactly in 2019 and immediately aroused the interest of players. It was another live game from the same producer, and all items in front of her turned out to be a success. The game is a combination of the Fortune wheel and a popular monopoly board game. Certainly you are wondering how it can act, we are in a hurry with the answer. In the following review, you will learn everything about the live monopoly live game, as it works, which you can expect if it is worth playing and much more. If this game was intrigued, we invite you to read. It is worth reading this review because this game does not occur in the demo version, i.e. free. Immediately you will have to put a real cash, so it's better to know the rules of this game and be prepared for everything. Find out what individual rounds rely on and what payment can be counted and how to play best.
  • Aesthetically prepared studio
  • Simple rules
  • The ability to play Monopoly
  • Dynamic atmosphere
  • Interesting bonuses
  • A very large plan of plants
  • Big won potential
  • Winnings can be rare

Idea for Monopoly Live, or live, was proposed by a famous live gaming manufacturer, i.e. evolution gaming. People who often use online casinos can easily notice that live games from this company can be found in almost every casino page. This is not surprising, because this supplier really is attached to the creation of great games that can satisfy every player.

After building a classic table games database, it's time for show games that have won a lot of attention. In 2019, Monopoly Live was produced with the help of Hasbro, i.e. a classic monopoly producer. This game is really a version of the previous game called Dream Catcher. A very similar fortune wheel is used and the rules are almost identical. If you have already had the opportunity to play Dream Catcher, it does not surprise you. Your task is simply putting a bet on one or more numbers (you can also choose all) and additional functions.

Differences can be seen only at the bonus level they will know about. Monopoly Live is only a live game, you can not play it for free, unless you get a promotion. The whole action takes place in aesthetic studio, it is mostly empty so that the whole player's note will focus on the most important element, or the fortune. The game manages the dealer who immediately welcomes all players, often trying to joke to loosen the atmosphere. It also starts the game by turning the wheel and issues all commands during the game.

A dozen or so cameras are installed throughout the studio. The image of them is automatically switched in such a way that the player can see the most important moments. Always during the game you can count on zooming around fortune, and the image quality is very high, so it's hard for a mistake. The image is always broadcast in HD, if you have slower connections, this image will adapt to the capabilities of your equipment. So you can use this game in all conditions. The game is played without any obstacles on a computer, on a laptop, and even on mobile devices, or for example on a cell or on a tablet. It does not matter what you use, the game will always be played without interference, and individual options will be visible regardless of the size of your monitor.

When it comes to technical issues, this is a live game, it is not equipped with no drums and lines. There is only a circle with numbers and additional options. The rate of return this game is calculated at 96.23%, which is quite a good result, so you can expect quite frequent winnings. However, it is worth mentioning that the game is quite a highly variable, so sometimes you win a lot, and then you can hit a few empty rounds. In the game, you can minimally put 0.1 for a given number, in turn, take a maximum of 2 5000. Such a discrepancy should satisfy people who play more carefully and people who are more high rollers.

How to play in Monopoly Live and how to look like this game

Withdrawals in Monopoly Live are very easy to remember, they depend properly from what number you bet your money. The bigger the number, the greater the prize you will get. However, it is worth remembering that higher numbers appear on a fortune wheel much less frequently than those lower. If you get a bigger payment for a big number, this chance to hit this smaller is much greater. Some people have developed a tactic in which they bet on one smaller and larger number to increase their chances of winning. Below you will find all details about the payments for the numbers you need to know.

  • 1 is the smallest number on the fortune. If you manage to hit it, your bet will be returned because in this case it is paid 1 to 1.
  • 2 Enlarges your bet O. 2. This means that if you bet on this number and it will be drawn, your bet will be counted as x 2.
  • 5 is a number that everyone would like to draw because it makes the bet on it is enlarged x 5.
  • 10 This is the highest number that you will find on a fortune wheel in this game. Based on information about previous numbers, you can guess that you will receive a reward in the form of your rate x 10 for making this number and drawing it.

The rules of this game are not complicated, remind you of other games from Evolution Gaming. So if you played, for example Crazy Timeyou will not have to wonder what to do. Once you decide to participate in the game, you will automatically be transferred to the studio. The dealer is welcomed with all players and gives a moment to reflect on their plants. At this point, you will see any number and function on which you can bet. To do not make a mistake, they all bear completely other colors.

So select the appropriate number and add-on and enter the sum you want to bet on them. When everyone has already finished betting, the croupier approaches the fortune wheel to put them in motion. His task is a slight movement, the rest makes the machine itself. The wheel is spinning a few seconds to stop on one of the browsers. Croupier loudly reads the result and congratulates all the winners. If you bet on a winning number, you will automatically get money to your account. At this point, you can continue the game or simply give up. Another scenario of the game is available when a bonus will appear on the wheel. At this point, if you have not done it, you can leave the game or look at how others play. If you put on him, you can play and win on.

Bonuses in a live Live Live

You know that Monopoly Live is a combination of a Fortune wheel with a cult board game. Bonuses in this game are strictly connected to these two elements. We are sure that during the game you will not be bored because the bonuses appear quite often. Remember, however, that to get to the right bonus, you must put your bet on him. In this case, a good idea is to put on one number and one bonus, then you have a greater chance of getting even one. Below you will learn everything about bonuses in the Live Monopoly game.

  • Chance

When a large card will appear on the fortune wheel with the word Chance, a very interesting thing. This card contains an additional reward for players. In many cases it is simply a certain cash win, which is completely random. This card often also contains a winning multiplier. In this case, after the winning multiplier appears, the dealer turns the circle once again. The multiplier will apply for a drawn number, so if it will be placed by you, your bet will be properly enlarged. It happens that after drawing the Chance option, the same card will also be another. If there will be a multiplier on the screen, then they sum up, so players have a chance to win even more.

  • 3D Bonus Round

A bonus round in the Monopoly Live game is something that all players are waiting. It is very exciting and will surely satisfy every monopoly board game. If you want to participate in this additional bonus game, you must necessarily put your bet on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. If the fortune is drawn one of them, you enter the game. There you will find most of the monopoly classic functions. You can land in custody, buy houses or hotels. You must see how it all looks and experiences to understand the rules.

Summary of Live Live Monopoly Live

If you're a fan of a classic board monopoly, and you like gambling, you will certainly like Monopoly Live prepared by Evolution Gaming. It is an unexpected hybrid that connects the fortune circle and a popular board game. We know that at the beginning it's hard to imagine, but really, this Monopoly Live has very simple rules that will certainly not be a mystery after two or after three games. The games are very dynamic, something is going on all the time, and bonuses are particularly interesting. That's why it's worth to put not only on the numbers, but also on bonuses. A large potential win and additives make players often choose Monopoly Live. This is an interesting variety for slots and a pretty good game at the beginning, if you have not yet had the opportunity to play live.

release date February 15, 2019 year
Return to Player (RTP): 96,23%
Volatility level High
Software supplier evolution gaming
Game The wheel of fortune
Gravity 5
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.10/2 500
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 25 000 X Player rate
Maximum win (coins): 25,000 x Player rate additives
Bonus functions Chance, multipliers, cash, monopoly game
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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