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agent destiny

By magdalena
13 July, 2022
Destiny agent is an extraordinary game that will take you to the world of a special Destiny agent. It is the main hero of this game along with its opponents. The machine plays very quickly, because the action takes place in the blink of an eye. During the game you can count on interesting bonuses and an original story. Try the latest and one of the most interesting games from Play'n Go.
  • Unusual
  • Nice graphic design
  • Thoughtful topics and inspirations
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • Uncomplicated mechanism of action
  • Pretty high rate of refund
  • Good soundtrack
  • A relatively low maximum win

Destiny Agent Slot

Many manufacturers use technology development and focus on the graphic garment of their games, which now looks very realistic. Advanced mechanism, refined in every respect, the graphics can be a recipe for a good slot but not always. Play'n proves him that even simple ways can be made that a given slot will satisfy players and often reach him. Just high quality, and this one can not refuse the latest Destiny agent slot.

Play'n go is a big company that can afford a very sophisticated graphic robe, but this time she decided to simply and for more subtle solutions. It must be admitted that it is a breath of freshness in the era of enforceable slots full of graphic effects. However, it is worth noting that the Destina agent is simple but not a coarse. The graphics were taken from comics from the 1960s last century. You can see exactly to inspire Adam Hughes, who was very well known in those days, and people who know his works will quickly find a similarity between them and symbols in ADENT Destiny.

Inspiration with this comic artist came out with a slot for good. You can rarely meet vending machines with similar theme, this is an interesting novelty that arouses the vivid interest of players despite its simplicity. In graphic robbery, there is also a slight inspiration of Andy Warholem, which was also very popular in the 1960s, so we see that everything makes sense and it was very well thought out by the manufacturer.

In turn, the motive of this machine is the history of the Destiny agent. In this case, we see a clear inspiration of James Bond and other embodiments. This time, however, the main hero is a woman. This is a mysterious blonde in a beautiful dress holding a drink in hand. This inconspicuous-looking creature has a difficult task to stop black characters. Fortunately, the agent has its helper, this is a very elegant man, wears a road suit, has a well-stylized hairstyle, and on his hands there is a watch that is obviously not an ordinary watch. It has additional options, such as many gadgets, which on the missions took the agent 007 with each other.

Another character that could not be missing a black character. We do not know exactly why it is considered a black character, but it looks like a typical James Bond's opponent: a dangerous person who wants to take over the world, a slightly crazy professor who prepares a dangerous mixture. It is possible that it is also about money, because one of the Wild symbols is a safe. Among the symbols there is one more woman, it is possible that it fully performs the functions of MoneyPenna, i.e. guidance agent. She holds something on the image of a shortfall in her hand, and her ear has a microphone. However, it is possible that it helps a crazy professor in preparing a bomb and informing him about situations, players are holding both versions. I must admit that the schedule managed to catch all the characters in the drawing very well.

The whole looks very colorful, well reflects the style of the 1960s. However, the exception is the background that remains white gray. You can see individual comic cages on it, that is, the story about which this slot says. Unfortunately, players do not notice much because the background is covered with a grid. At the beginning, it can spend quite original or even eccentric but after two spinach you will see that it really works. The soundtrack used in the Destiny agent could successfully accompany a good action film. It is very vivid and makes us feel like in the middle of a good action. Everything in the game composes with each other, it is not accidental, which gives a very interesting effect. So if you count on an adventure from the movies about James Bond, do not miss the Destiny Agent Slot.

Moving to more formal aspects, the game can have a theme from the 1960s, but it is modern on other issues. We speak here about the software on which this slot works. We can easily reproduce it on a Windows, Android, iOS and Linux software, does not matter if it is a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. An additional advantage of the slot is that it is available in many languages, including in Australian, all you need to do is change the settings.

The Destiny agent machine has classically 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. This means that they will be maximally on the screen of 15. Winning lines is 20, again quite a classic result. RTP Slot is 96.26%, which is not only higher than the general average, but also the overall average of this manufacturer. So you can expect a refund of your money when you choose a real cash game. However, it is worth remembering that the game is also available in the demo version, so you can try this new creation from Play'n him without any consequences.

In the case of finance, a minimum plant to choose is 0.10 of a given currency, in turn the largest sum is 100. The choice is not too big, but for many it turns out sufficient. You can win even 1 200 x your rate for one spin. The biggest win you can count on is 5,000 x Your rate, which is quite medium result, but when you calculate what you can count on, the answer may seem completely satisfying.

Destiny agent has a very high variation, so you can count on quite frequent winnings that will rather lower than higher, but everything depends on happiness. The game has several interesting bonuses and features, well-placed buttons make navigation after the machine is not complicated. Everyone, both beginners and experienced players can take advantage of the Destiny agent.

Symbols in the Destiny Agent

In Slot Destiny Agent Most symbols are associated with the mission, i.e. heroes, as well as their gadgets. Another group is symbols borrowed from cards. They have been adapted to the game climate, are colored and fit for the whole. The game pays to players behind a cluster with at least three symbols, the largest number in combination is 5. Below are all symbols along with their values. All values are based on a station of 1.00.

  • J and q are treated in the game. For 3 symbols of this type you can earn 0.30 coins, if you can get 5 of them, you will go on a because you will get 1.50 coins.
  • K also guarantees 0.30 for a minimum number of symbols and 2.50 for a set of K.
  • And in turn, increases the minimum rate to 0.40 for 3 symbols in a winning combination, if you can get 5 of them, you will get 3 coins.
  • The Black Character helper will make it for 3 symbols your bet will be returned, for 5 symbols you will get 12 coins.
  • The Destiny agent agent works similarly, returns your bet, and if you manage to draw a set, you will get 15 coins.
  • The black character pays 2 coins for 3 symbols in the cluster, for 5 of them the prize is 24 coins.
  • Destiny agent also guarantees 2 coins for a minimum number of symbols, for this maximum number you will be awarded 30 coins.

Navigating on the slot is not complicated, so do not think that you will get lost. Each button has a different color, so you can easily find individual functions. Before you take a lot of symbols, you will be interested in the last button on the left, it has a large "and" on his back. It is he who hides all information about symbols, bonuses and winning lines, be sure to get acquainted with them.

Subsequently you will find a window in which your other funds are shown. In a very interesting way, another option to choose the plant has been presented. In the middle of the screen there are numbers showing possible betting. Selected from 0.1, and then every 2 or more values up to 100. To change the bet, you simply select a given button, and if it is not on the screen, all you have to do is select or minus. In the window next to the value you will decide on.

The next button is very important, that's why it was presented in green. When you invades him, "Click" appears. This is a button that runs symbols. Right next to it there is an orange autoplay button. It makes you do not have to use the previous button, your task is only to observe the shares. You can choose the number of spins in the AutoPlay function, you also have the option of setting loss limits, so you will not lose too much money.

Bonusy w Agent Destiny

Destiny agent has several bonuses that will not let any player bored during the round. It is worth adding that they appear on the screen quite often, so in a good film action, you can expect a lot to happen.

  • Symbole Wild

There are two Wild symbols in the game. One of them works quite normally, simply replaces other basic symbols so that you can easily get a win. He also gets a payment of 120 coins for 5 in the cluster. He has a form of a safe. The second Wild symbol has a bomb figure and it is simultaneously scatter, so it really replaces all symbols in the game, even former Wild.

  • Connected drums

Randomly in the game are connected drums. It's usually two of them, less often three. Due to the fact that they are combined, they are drawn exactly the same symbols, so you have a much greater chance of getting a cluster. This option always appears during free spins.

  • Mega symbols

Sometimes large versions of small symbols appear on the screen. These can only be a person or wild in the form of a safe. Along with large versions of symbols, you can count on an easier cluster, because one symbol takes most grid.

  • Free spiny

Free spins can win when 3 Wild symbols showing the bomb will appear on the screen. Then the countdown starts, and when we reach 0, the bomb explodes and the player gains 9 free spins. 1 Free turnover is given to the player who draws the combined drums.

Summary Destiny Agent

Destiny Agent is a game that everyone should try. This is a new slot from Play'n him, who in no way exaggerated with special effects, can even say that the machine is poor, which is only his advantage. Destiny agent attracts interesting history and bonuses. Many people are very positive about the game mechanics and its graphic and sound robbery that are properly refined.

release date 7 May 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 96,26%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Play’n go
Game agent, mission, crazy professor, bombs
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 1,200 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 5,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Free spins, connected drums, Respin, Mega symbols
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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