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By magdalena
7 June, 2022
Together with Atlantis prepared by RED Tiger, you can move to a mysterious underwater world. So go with us in a submarine adventure and try to win as much as possible. You have such a chance mainly because Atlantis offers several interesting bonuses. The game looks well in many respects, it is worth checking as it and whether it is worth investing in it. If you want to see yourself, you will find out more details below. You can also play a demo version, i.e. check the game without spending any money. We invite you to read.
  • An interesting slot motif
  • High quality graphics
  • Easy navigation after the machine
  • Simple to master slot
  • The possibility of getting a jackpot
  • A nice soundtrack
  • Not many additional bonuses

Atlantis slot reviews

Many manufacturers have already tried to deal with the Atlantis motif. This topic is extremely interesting. Ancient, actually a mythical city of the island, which was entirely flooded by the ocean. In fact, maybe we will never know if the story of this city is true, but it is irrelevant, the existence of Atlantis is an ideal motive to create not only an interesting slot, but also movies and books that have already been created.

Atlantis motif can be mentioned at least about 15 and Atlantis from RED Tiger is one of the best proposals. Slot appeared on the market on April 10, 2022, however, he was available to a larger audience from May 7. It turns out that the machine is very fresh and everyone talks about it. No wonder it was produced by one of the more well-known producers in the world, i.e. Red Tiger. This group has a lot of good quality slots on your account, we see that Atlantis also belongs to them.

Let's look closer, as the Atlantis motif was implemented. From the first moments, you can get to know that the slot treats about the motive of the sunken city. Slot mesh has the shape of a large gate decorated with columns. At the very top you can see the slot name written with gold font. Before the gate you can see sand and a lot of sinked gold. You will notice gold coins there, jugs, necklaces and other valuables. You can also sometimes see that in some places the sand glins, there are probably other golden coins.

In the background you can see the remains of the city. These are large houses and columns. From a distance, the sun flashes through the water is visible. Bubbles with air floating upwards make the whole look very realistically. Several realistic seaweed can also be found. Interestingly, in the case of Atlantis Red Tiger, he did not decide on any vigorous music. You can hear the soothing sounds of flute or a similar instrument, they are almost hearty.

In the foreground, underwater sounds are heard that turn the mysterious atmosphere of missing city forever. Players can not complain about the graphics. It is nicely done, items look very realistically, all can be recognized immediately. Sychel symbols, zipper from gold, anchor, and even symbols borrowed from cards match this theme, nothing of anything is biting.

This is a cascade game, probably some already know how she works. However, we remind you that instead of a complete change of symbols on the screen (the appearance of a new spin) after determining whether a winning combination appeared, or not, in the case of cascading games, the combination disappears from the screen, and the rest of the symbols are left. They fall on a place of happy symbols, and the remaining empty seats are filled with new symbols. As a result, in one spiny you can count not one combination, but for two, three or more. Some such a style game is much more than a traditional version.

In terms of grid, there is nothing to look for something unusual, it is 4 x 5, so the game is equipped with 5 drums and there are 4 rows of symbols. So you can quickly calculate that on the page simultaneously, 20 symbols can be together. 30 lines winning this pretty good result for a simple game. When you connect this fact along with the player's refund rate of 95.77%, then you can expect enough interesting results.

High variability can be liked or hated, everything depends on a given player. Most people speak about it quite positively because the lesser win can be really high. Therefore, it is worth passing a few empty spins to later welcome Spin, which will write to you. Some players do not necessarily like quite a small freedom in choosing the plant. Partners who like to spend a little more than average people are particularly dissatisfied. It turns out that atlantis can only be sent from a 0.1 different currency to 40 a given currency, which does not leave too much space for its own maneuvers.

The maximum win, however, surprises, because the player can get over 5,000 x of their rate, and exactly 5 202.8. This is a very noble result, although it is known that there are slots that offer more, but there is also a very large group that guarantees much lower maximum winnings. Atlantis is one of those modern slots that can easily operate on any device.

Regardless of whether you choose a cell phone, a tablet or a computer, it always adjusts to the screen and will not cut. Graphics will always look good. We encourage you to take advantage of the demo version that is completely free. You can learn a lot and "sense" slot, which will allow larger winnings in the money version.

Symbols in the Atlantis Slot

If you care about aesthetics, in the case of symbols in Atlantis you will be very pleased. All symbols match each other color, even those cards, and you will find them in the machine. During the game you will be rewarded if you manage to draw at least 3 symbols in one of the 30 combinations. However, you will get the biggest prize when you draw 5 symbols in the cluster. Below are all symbols and their values to know what to expect.

  • TREFL can guarantee each player 3 coins when drawing three symbols of this type. It can not be assets, but you have to keep in mind that it is the least valuable symbol. You will be awarded 15 coins for 5 Trefli.
  • Szalek leaves a minimum rate at the level of 3 coins. For this maximum number of symbols in combination you will get 24 coins.
  • The heart will enlarge your measures at least by 6 coins, but you will get a much larger reward for the maximum number of symbols, and it is up to 30 coins.
  • Wine will not expand the minimum amount that are 6 coins. Fortunately, the minimum amount was increased, and this is 36 coins.
  • Anchor for 3 symbols gives all players 15 coins. If you can get 5 anchors, you can count on 60 coins.
  • The shell is a matter of 18 coins for a minimal combination, and if you feel sorry for you, you will get up to 75 coins for 5 symbols.
  • Luneta is one of the more valuable symbols, so you will get at least 21 coins for it. The maximum win, which you will get behind the cluster with five symbols, is 90 coins.
  • A bowl with coins and other valuable stones makes you get a maximum of 120 coins, this is a prize for drawing 5 symbols in the cluster. In turn, you will minimally get 24 coins for 3 symbols.
  • The Golden Castle is the best, which may be useful. Already for 3 symbols in combination Your funds will be enlarged by 30 coins. You will get 150 coins for maximally.

In the game there are two more symbols that we will discuss in bonuses. If you are a beginner and you are afraid that you will not be able to master the game, then you can stop worrying. The game is equipped with just a few buttons and their destiny is quite obvious. After the left side you only have two buttons. With the help of one of them, you set the appropriate bet. All you have to do is glue on it, and all available options will appear in the form of a list.

The next button is associated with the main button that starts the game. First, say something about the latter because it will be easier to understand. It is located on the right, and when you choose it, the symbols start swirling. However, when the AUTO button, you do not have to push the first button every time. You can set the number of spins yourself, as well as the amount of the maximum loss on which the symbols will stop swirling.

Next to the main button there is smaller, with a picture showing lightning. It was created for impatient players who just want to accelerate the action. However, the most important button is the "Pays" inscription. In fact, it is under the right buttons and it is one of the options.

Be sure to read all information that can be found after pressing this button. They will help you understand the mechanic of this slot. Also pay attention to all numbers that appear on the screen. At the top you have the amount of general funds, there is also a sound control option. The last win will appear at the bottom.

Bonuses in the Atlantis Slot

Atlantis, i.e. a game with great potential, must be equipped with additional bonuses. They can actually find them quite easily and quite often appear as options. It's them that make you get a greater amount of cash, because the base game itself may not deliver huge sums. Below are all bonuses.

  • Wild with a multiplier

There is one more symbol we have not mentioned and this is a treasure chest. When he lands on the screen, he takes the entire drum and replaces all other symbols in this way. Very often, the number of multiplier also appears on this symbol. If you hit the win, it will be enlarged for a given number. This is usually x 2, x 3 or x 5.

  • Free spiny

Free spiny In the game, they are launched with the symbol of which we have not yet said. Golden spins has a figure. When in one spiny you can come across 3 of such symbols, you will be awarded 10 free spins. During this session on the screen, a symbol of the aforementioned chest may also appear on the screen.

This time, however, the multiplier remains on the screen all the time of the session, and if you hit the next chest, these multipliers will add. As a result, you can expect very high multipliers, especially that the manufacturer declares that there is no limit.

Summary of Atlantis slot

Play one of the hottest games of recent months, or Atlantis from Red Tiger. This is a slot that will give you entertainment especially when drawing interesting bonuses. Walk to an adventure in the submarine world, in a city, in which a few hundred years ago. Discover all the wealth that covers the sunken city, and you can find up to 5,000 x stake. Try the demo version first and then decide whether it is worth playing for money. Good luck!

release date April 10, 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 95,77%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Red Tiger
Game Atlantis, sunken city, underwater world, underwater treasure
Gravity 5
30 30
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/40
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 5 202 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 5 202 x player stake
Bonus functions Multiplier, Wild, Symbol stop, Respin
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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