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Street Fighter 2

By magdalena
8 June, 2022
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is one of the most interesting games this year. It is based on the popular Street Fighter computer game 2. This time you can not only enjoy the game, but to win something. Slot is a very faithful copy of the game. In addition, you can still get multipliers and reach a bonus round, which also resembles event events. So take a sentimental journey and face the biggest opponents of your childhood.
  • A very interesting slot motif
  • Identical graphics as in the original game
  • A soundtrack restoring memories
  • Many interesting bonuses
  • Free spiny and multiplier in one
  • Simple to master slot
  • The rules of the game can be complicated for beginners

Slot Street Fighter Review 2: The World Warrior

Do you love computer games? So you will like the slot Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. This is one of the latest games from NetEnt. This manufacturer does not need to be presented because it belongs to great giants with dozens of titles on their account. Netent provides its games for a lot of casino, and each of them willingly accepts them because they are high quality. You certainly remember a very popular one a few years ago Street Fighter. This is a battle slot in which your task is to choose your character and then aiming with opponents in different places.

This is based on Street Fighter a new game from Netent, or Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior.

At the beginning, you choose your character, that is, exactly as in the original game. You can choose all characters. Interestingly, depending on what character you choose, RTP slot changes gently. At the very beginning you have heroes who rather bring you quite frequent winnings, the next ones make you count on bigger winnings, but a little less frequently. Below are all information about the exact rate of return:

  • Ryu guarantees 96.02%
  • Guile I have a new - 96,04%
  • Honda offers 95.05%
  • Ken guarantees RTP 95.06%
  • Blanka, Zangief and Chun Li give a 95.08% return.

Differences between them may not be very large, but during the longer entertainment they can have meaning. Above characters you have a map on which all battlefields are marked. Among them are India, USSR, China, Doubles Japan and the USA, Brazil and others. Immediately after turning on the game, you will show a typical screen in the game, so you will feel like you were to start another game in Street Fighter.

Gameplay in the game reminds the one in which you played a few years ago. You will be able to see two characters that will face each other and then hear a gaping command to fight. On both sides of the screen you will find two heroes. On the left figure, which the player drawn, and on his right, a random figure with which you will fight. In the middle there is a grid with symbols. On this grid there is a bar on which you see how much you and your opponent still have a life. Characters are moving all the time and are ready to fight. They perform their natural movements as they are presented in the original game.

The game background corresponds to the place in which you are fighting. Sometimes you will see a crowded casino in Las Vegas, sometimes it is an exotic country motif in India with elephants. You can also come across Chinese architecture along with a wall and interesting views. Go to anywhere and win everywhere where you have missions and you will get many coins. At first you play against one of the heroes. When a mission will succeed, you will be moved to the next battle, this time with one of the bosses, you will also learn more about them.

The graphics are modeled in each inch on the Street Fighter game. All characters look identically, as in the original, the same can be said about the background. You can also see the Subtitles on the screen specially prepared in such a way that they look alive pulled out of the game. At certain moments, he has the impression that he really enjoys the original game, not from the slot.

It is also worth paying attention to the sounds appearing in the game at this point. The soundtrack, as well as the cheesies of the character and the lector are present in the machine in exactly the same form, as in Street Fighter 2. It's hard to find any difference between them, so you can move yourself in time for a few years and play your favorite game Childhood, this time, however, with the possibility of winning money.

The game was presented to players in mid-May, and exactly May 16, 2022. Already at this point it is in many known casinos, also in the form of a demo. You can see yourself what the game is and decide if it is worth the time and money. Fans Street Fighter 2 should be satisfied because this is a very faithful copy of the game. In the case of drums, their number is quite classic, there is their 5. The situation looks exactly the same in the case of rows, there are 5. in the game there are no wound lines, the producer played it in a little different way we will describe below.

We have already mentioned that the cash return, or RTP and variability depend on the player, he chooses them from the game. We can only add that volatility can be from high to high. You can pay a minimum of 0.2 different currency to the slot and a maximum of 700 currency. Such results should satisfy every player; The one who prefers to spend more and the one who prefers to be careful. Street Fighter has a potential to withdraw the player a maximum of 7,000 x stake. This is a very beneficial offer, and you can get it especially when it fights with one of the bosses.

Symbole w slocie Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is a special game that governs completely other policies than other slots on the market. We have already mentioned that there are no won lines in the game. This is a fairly interesting solution because there are lines in the vast majority of slots. In this case, the matter is simple. You get points if 4 identical symbols will occur on the screen in a horizontal or vertical position.

It is worth adding that this is a cascade game. This means that if you come across a cluster we described earlier, these symbols disappear from the grid, and the rest of the objects are falling. On the other hand, the symbols are supplemented with new ones. In this arrangement you can win more than just one combination in one spin. When it comes to symbols, few valuable A, K, J and Q symbols will appear during the game on the screen, which is simply borrowed from card symbols.

Then something interesting happens because in each game you can expect other symbols. In fact, these are just two additional symbols and represent two characters that are fighting. These symbols also occur in larger versions, they often occupy 2 x 2 fields. If you manage to hit at least 4 symbols with the likeness of your chosen characters, you are asking your opponent and lose part of your life. In a similar way it works when you come across a cluster with the image of the opponent. You get your winnings, but the life of your character escapes. If you win a duel, you will meet with Boss, like in a real game.

At the beginning, the game may seem quite complicated, especially in terms of graphic. Buttons can quite easily get lost during the duel, because you can sometimes get the impression that you play with a real game, not in the slot. However, several rounds should be enough for you to find out quickly. On the right side you have a large button to run a round. Next to it there is a button, thanks to which you can speed up a single spin. We recommend using this option if you plan a longer gameplay, in omitting time loss, also will also help you the Auto button.

You will see all the most important information under the grid. From the right, this is the remaining means to play, the last win and rate. Remember that the latter you can change and set the fact that you think is the most suitable. On the left you have three lines, and this is a menu. You will find several explanations about Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, you will be able to better understand this slot. Before the game, we recommend focusing on reading all information.

Bonuses in the Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is an amazing game in which you can find bonuses that do not get anywhere else. Most of the bonuses combine the world of games and the world of gambling, which gives a very interesting connection. Let's take a closer to all available bonuses:

  • Bonus

Players have access to a bonus round when they fail to win with their opponent. This is a kind of compensation for the fact that the player will not be able to try his luck with one of the bosses. This round was called Car Smash Bonus Game. Your character in the company of a car appears on the screen. Your task is to destroy your car, and you will get a prize for each strike. If you do not want to hit, you can immediately select the Quick Finish option. In the bonus round you can win from about 5 x rate to 15 x stake. When Car Smash Bonus Game will end, you can normally continue the game. You get a choice if you want to play with a previously selected figure, will you prefer another one.

  • Different Wild symbols

We have already mentioned that selecting one of the form gently changes the game rate. It is also worth knowing that each of them has a completely different Wild symbol that actually creates. However, let's start from the beginning. When you win during the game, the belt next to the character is filled in blue. It has 7 places, and when they are already all full, the character uses a special power of Wild, thanks to which you most often earn more clusters. Below you will describe what each character offers, choose smart.

  • Dhalsim gives 3 or 4 Wild symbols in completely random positions.
  • Ken throws from 1 to 5 Wild symbols in the same row.
  • Honda attacks 3 wildlets on the same drum.
  • Blanka offers from 1 to 5 symbols on the same drum.
  • Ryu gives 3 wildlife in the same row on the grid.
  • Chun Li attacks from 2 to 7 wildlife on random places on the grid.
  • Guile puts 2 vertical collapses of two wilders.
  • Zangief rewards the player with 2 horizontal boots of two wilders.
  • Multiplier and round with boss

We have already told what is happening with the player when he will not win his round. Now you will learn what happens when you feel your character. You go to a boss fight in which spins are completely free. The manufacturer does not specify how much they will be, because it is not known, after how many spinning will end one of the form of life. Each level offers a winning multiplier, it depends on Bossa. You can expect multipliers type:

  • Round with balrog x 2
  • Round with Vega x 3
  • Round with Sagat X 5
  • Runda z M. Bison x 10

So you have a chance to get bigger winnings. In addition, if you can reach the last Boss, you get a 100 x reward. When you fail to beat Boss, you come back to an ordinary base game.

  • Insert Coin Gamble Feature

Before you come back to the base game, you can repeat your struggle with Boss. For this purpose, however, you must select the Insert Coin Gamble Feature option that will consume some of your winnings. However, you will play with an increased RTP indicator, it will be from 98.7% to up to 100%. Sometimes it is worth taking some cash.

Podsumowanie Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is not an ordinary game. The producer managed to connect a regular computer game together with gambling slot, which does not happen so often, and is particularly not a success. The game especially speaks to all who already know Street Fighter 2 and want to come back to childhood for a moment. Slot has many interesting bonuses, it is flexible and allows the player to be quite a big win. This is a very good replica of the original game. Even if you do not know Street Fighter, you can try your hand at the tournament.

release date May 21, 2022
Return to Player (RTP): from 96.02% to 96.08%
Volatility level High
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Street Fighter 2 Game, Bijatyka, Fight
Gravity 5
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/700
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game approx. 7,000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 7,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Multiplier, Wild, Bonus game, Free spiny
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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