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thunderstruck 2

By magdalena
23 January, 2022
Microgaming has already released many iconic games, and among them a Thunderstruck 2, or famous, second part of the Thunderstruck game is at the honorable place. The theme of the Nordic gods works very well and is constantly interested in players, even though it was created almost 10 years ago. Many bonuses and large winnings are what you can find in Thunderstruck 2, try it now.
  • Many bonuses
  • Interesting theme
  • The ability to win a large amount
  • Exciting game
  • No animation and modern graphics

Introduction to Thunderstruck 2

Probably few players still remember the Thunderstruck game, which was presented by Microgaming in 2003. The game was a dozen or so years ago very popular, which is why in 2010 it was decided to create its next part. Slot was renovated, the latest technologies and graphic design were used to refine. As a result, even the current Thunderstruck 2 times are presented to modern and still encourages new players to take advantage of it. This is one of the most popular casino games, so it's worth it to know her.

Thunderstruck 2 theme is Scandinavian gods, their attributes and places that are associated with them. Due to the popularity of films using some of these characters, their fans often use a slot to be able to see them on the screen. Graphic layout has been prepared in such a way that the symbols look like stained from the stone. Individual characters have a nice design and can easily recognize which God appears on the screen. He rattled music means that the climate of the game immediately moves the player to cold lands, in which the gods prevail, which is a significant .

Thunderstruck 2 offers its players up to 243 ways to win, which means that drawing a winning combination is quite easy and the clusters appear quite often. Slot has 5 drums and 3 rows, you can get 5 symbols with one image and this is the most profitable situation. When it comes to plants, then the smallest possible 30 cents, and the largest is 15 dollars. There are games that offer a larger spread in the case of betting, but the possibility offered by Thunderstruck 2 is for many sufficient.

The bet can be selected using an arrow that is on the BET button. It was placed in the upper right corner, so at the beginning you can not notice it. If you want to change the bet, simply drag the white circle to the right or left (depending if you want to increase or decrease the rate) or use the "+" and "-" buttons. To change the value and quantity of coins, you must use the button on the left halfway. In this case, you can also use "+" and "-" as well as a white circle.

Due to the fact that some functions have been placed in the aforementioned button, the screen looks quite aesthetically and all functions are visible to the user. However, you need to watch out because the Spin button is not as always in the middle of the screen, but on the right side and it is square. Immediately next to it there is the Auto Play button, thanks to which you can play longer without the need for a continuous spin button. In the middle, there is a wine pane that shows the last winnings, then Bet, which we already talked about, and at the very end of Credits, or the amount you can still use in the game.

If you want to learn more about winning lines, symbols and the principles of the game, all you have to do is, with the mouse, drag the screen along with the net in the left. In this way, you will get to information about the slot. Navigating on the slot is not embarrassing, it is rather very intuitive, so even a beginner will handle well.

Symbole w Thunderstruck 2

There are two types of symbols in the Thunderstruck 2 game. The first group is symbols that can be very often encountered in cards. As always, they do not give players very large winnings. Among them can be found:

  • 9 and 10, symbols that give a player a maximum of 100 coins. If you manage to draw 3 symbols from 9 or 10, you will get 5 coins, and this sum will be doubled when you draw 4 symbols.
  • Q and J provide each player 125 coins for 5 symbols. For 3 cards, the winnings are 7 coins, and for 4 - 15. Symbols must be in the cluster.
  • K and a symbols that you can get 150 coins, you only need to draw 5 A or K in a cluster. You will get 10 coins for 3 symbols, and for 4 winners are 20.

Another group is the Nordic gods and the most popular places where they stayed. Among them are:

  • The ship is the least valued symbol among those that are marked as special. Nevertheless, you can get up to 250 coins for 5 symbols. For 3 symbols, this value is of course decreases, is 15 coins.
  • The palace to which the road from the rainbow is worth 300 coins in the best situation and 15 coins for 3 symbols, exactly as in the case of a ship.
  • Valkyrie is a goddess that will send you up to 350 coins, so look out on the screen of your computer. You will get 20 coins for 3 symbols.
  • Loki is another of the gods on the list, and thanks to it, you earn 20 coins for 3 symbols and 400 coins for 5 symbols. You can also get 80 coins if there are 4 locoma images in the cluster.
  • Odin, as a powerful God rewards all players 400 coins, which is a very high amount. You can also count on 30 coins for a minimum number of symbols.
  • Thor is undoubtedly the strongest of the gods in the Thunderstruck 2 game, as a result, players receive up to 500 coins for 5 symbols and 30 coins for 3 symbols.
  • The image Thunderstruck II makes the player feel lucky because the drawing 5 symbols of this type means winning a row of 1000 coins. This is undoubtedly the highest value in the game.

Bonusy w Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 game provides its players very interesting bonuses that will not run out during the game. Here they are:

  • Wild

The Thunderstruck symbol we talked about, not only guarantees quite high winnings, but still acts as Wild, that is, it replaces the missing symbols missing, so the winning is easier. In addition, he has one more function, namely they doubles the win.

  • Wildstorm

Wildstorm is a special feature that appears quite randomly. It is thanks to her that the whole drum can become a big wild. It all depends on happiness, and it can happen that all 5 drums will become wildlife, so you have a chance to win extra cash.

  • The Great Hall of Spins

Free spins in Thunderstruck 2 have been named The Great Hall of Spins because their operation is quite complicated. There are several types of free spins, and with each of them you get additional benefits. Thor's hammer makes you choose to get to the round with free spins. All you have to do is draw 3, 4 or 5 hammers. During the first time you have been granted 10 free spins, and you get them from the goddess of Valkyrie. In addition, all winnings are multiplied times 5. When you get to the round of free spins for the 5th time you will be awarded by Loki. In addition to 15 free spins, you also get an additional Wild Magic symbol that works as Wild.

If you play sufficiently and for the 10th time you come across at least 3 Thor's Hammers, you will get a gift from Odin. This gift includes 20 free spins and an additional symbol that has a black raven image. This symbol turns other symbols in multipliers, and two ravengers on the grid mean winnings MNUMED X6. Thor has prepared a surprise for players who managed to get to the round for the 15th time 25 free spins is a complemented by a function that makes each subsequent winner increases the winning multiplier, and the maximum in this case is x5.

Summary ThunderStruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 is an amazing game that will take every player very quickly to the interesting world of the Nordic gods. However, this is not a story is the most important part, but the fact that Slot allows you to win really big money. During the game, you will certainly not be bored, because there are new clusters every now and then, as well as bonuses in which you can get up to 25 free spins and add-ons.

release date May 2010.
Return to Player (RTP): 96,65%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Microgaming
Game Mythology, Nordic gods, the attributes of the gods
Gravity 5
Winning lines 243
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.3/15
Jackpot No
Maximum win in the basic game 2 400 000 monet
Maximum win (coins): 2 400 000
Bonus functions Free spins, wildlife, replacement symbols, bonus game
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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