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Playboy Fortunes

By magdalena
17 August, 2022
Playboy Fortunes is a completely new slot that has been recently placed in online casinos, thousands of players can use it. It is an ideal position for people who are looking for something simple but also fresh. The mechanism of this slot is easy to master, the game is suitable for both beginner players and those experienced. The rules of the game can be mastered in a very fast way, just focus. It is worth taking advantage of the accessories in the machine, which there are several. It is thanks to them that you can win much more than from an ordinary base game. Set your rate, press the corresponding button and then enjoy the win. We invite you to read this game this game from which you will learn all the details on it. Thanks to this information you will be able to decide whether it is worth playing on Playboy fortunes for money.
  • Climatic motif
  • A simple game mechanism
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • To win up to 30 spins
  • Pretty high rate of refund
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Simplicity of graphic robes

Playboy Fortunes Slot

Playboy Fortunes is a new game from Gameburger Studios. This is a completely new game manufacturer, which was created in 2019 and has only several games on its account. Because, however, that Gameburger Studios is a Microgaming partner, his games quickly became popular. We are happy about this because the vending machines from this supplier are worth recommending. They are very simple, you can quickly understand their mechanics and do not cause problems during the game. Especially if you're a beginner, take advantage of the gaming of this manufacturer.

Playboy Fortunes does not stand out very much on a background of other games from Gameburger Studios, this is a good sign, because if you like it, you can be sure that you will also like the rest. The motive of this game is a playboy magazine worldwide, where you could find images of beautiful women. They can also be found and in this game, and besides the game also accompany other symbols that are associated with luxury. In this game, unfortunately, there is no place for exciting effects, the concept of this game is completely different.

Slot background is mostly immobile, not counting decreasing and increasing circles that do not add anything and do not subnect anything. In the background you will also see other stamps that do not pay more attention. Single-colored red background hides on the right side of a large rectangle grid. The grid is purple, nicely connects to the red. Symbols on the grid are usually yellow or black, you can see them well and you can recognize them quickly. All symbols are associated with the subject of Playboy. That's why you will find beautiful women, the key (probably from expensive car), cocktails, bow ties and much more. You will quickly find yourself in this motif.

Music will also introduce you in the climate, you can relax quickly and find motivation to win. We have already mentioned that there are not many attractions in the game in the form of special effects, but you can count on a solid fireworks every time you win, and you can count on colored effects, thanks to which the win is even more important for each player. Due to the simple mechanism you do not have to fear that you will not understand something, everything is on the screen, you will not have to look for anything.

In technical issues, we do not have to say too much, this slot looks quite normally. It is classically equipped with 5 drums, it has 3 rows of symbols. This means that the mesh of this machine is 5 x 3. In the game you can find 20 winning lines, it is also a fairly average result, which, however, allows for quite a lot of winnings. RTP, that is, the player's return rate is 96.24%. This is a quite satisfactory result because it is quite a lot above average. It is not the highest RTPBut it provides regular and high phrases. It does not leave it too much game to pick up money to players. When it comes to variability, it is medium. This means that winnings will not be too high, but they will not be low either. They will also appear in medium time periods, it is possible that not after each spin, but also not after 10 spin. If you do not like extreme results, Playboy Fortunes will turn out to be ideal for you.

The minimum plant rate that you can set in this slot is 0.2 of a given currency. However, if you prefer to play with larger rates, you can choose 60 of a given currency. During the game you can count on a winning 2000 x rate that can be interpreted differently, many players consider it high. The presented game works on every software, does not you use Android or from the iPhone. There is also no major meaning whether you will play on a laptop or on a cell, because Playboy Fortunes works on any device, even this mobile. The machine works without any problems, you do not hang, you can always count on a dynamic gameplay. It is worth remembering that this is also a game also available in the demo version, so if you do not want to lose too much cash, at the very beginning you should use a free version.

Symbols in the Fortunes Playboy Fortunes

We have already mentioned that all symbols are associated with his motive, that is, with the world of Playboy. You will not have any problem to distinguish them. Playboy Fortunes always pays for at least 3 symbols in the cluster. However, you will get the biggest reward behind a cluster with 5 symbols in the package. Below you will find all information about symbols and their values in the game.

  • The bar and cocktail form a group with the smallest value. For 3 symbols in combination you will get 0.25 coins. If you manage to hit 5 symbols of this type, you will be awarded 1 coin, that is, your bet will be returned.
  • The key will not increase the minimum withdrawal, i.e. for 3 symbols you will only get 0.25 coins. However, you will get 2 coins for the maximum number of symbols.
  • The bow tie will provide you with larger winnings in every aspect, you will get up to 3.25 coins for 5 symbols of this type and 0.5 coins for a minimum cluster consisting of three flies. Clusty clusters with symbols created on the basis of mixed sevens are exactly the same. So if you draw 3 different girls, you'll get the same reward.
  • 7, or the first girl can provide you with at least 1 coin for the weakest cluster. In turn, for 5 symbols you will get 7.50 coins.
  • 77, or another girl makes your prize will be as many as 20 coins for 5 symbols. You can minimally receive 1.25, so this is also not a bad result.
  • 777 This is the last symbol in the game and at the same time the most profitable, it is also presented as a Playboy girl. With a minimum of this symbol you will get 2.50 coins, the maximum win with its participation is up to 37.50 coins.

Navigating the slot is not difficult, everything is visible on the screen. The entire net is on the right, because the left are steps that determine the prizes for drawing Scatter symbol, i.e. the image of the bunny. The degrees is 9, when you manage to draw at least 3 such symbols, the right degree will start to shine, and cash will appear on your account. The starting button in a purple game is on the right, it is round and you will definitely immediately. Right next to it there is a AutoPLAY button, use it if you are preparing for a longer game session.

Players also helps the button on the right, thanks to which you can control the speed of moving the drums. Options are expressed with animal images, so you should guess how they work. In the middle there are a blank window in which your win will appear. Next You can choose your bet if you do not respond to you, you just use the arrows. Immediately next to you, you have information about all the means you can dispose. It's worth going to the left, because you will find all the information about the game, its principles, all symbols and much more. Thanks to this given, you quickly master this slot.

Bonuses in the Playboy Fortunes Slot

Playboy Fortunes is a fairly simple slot, which was equipped with some interesting bonuses that you will certainly like. It is thanks to them that you can count on additional money. Removing them is not very difficult, bonuses appear quite often, so be patient, and you will certainly get an injection of emotions in the form of free spins and other additives. Below all information.

  • Wild

There is one WILD symbol in the game that has the form of chips to the casino. His action will certainly not be surprised, it complements the missing combinations in such a way that they formed clusters. It works in any case with the exception of Scatter and the symbol with free spindles.

  • Free spiny

Definitely the most frequently emerging bonus on the site are free spins. All you need to do is draw 3 symbols with the word Free Spins, and your win will be. It is interesting, however, that really, you never know what victory you will receive. Immediately before the round of the field, the fortune appears on the screen. On the other hand, you will see individual tiles on it, and various options on them. You have a chance to get at least 10 free spins, you'll get their 30 most. For this, any number has a multiplier. If you draw 30 free spins, each win will bear the multiplier x 3. Do not miss such a generous gift and try to get it.

  • Larger winnings

There is another symbol that we have not mentioned too much, and this is a typical Playboy stamp. It is a golden rabbit who is reversed to us, in this case it is Scatter. From three stamps of this type on the Player screen can get the return of your plant. The more stamps on the screen, the greater your final win. In the case of this symbol, the winnings do not end on five positions, you can even hit the entire screen filled with these symbols, you will meet you for them to win. If you bet on 1, you will get up to 2,000 winnings.

Summary of Playboy Fortunes Slot

Playboy Fortunes is a new game that is worth trying out. This is a very simple position without any additives, so may not speak to everyone, but there are people who appreciate it. If you care about the dynamic gameplay, the bright principles of the game and the possibility of winning quite large money, be sure to check the Playboy Fortunes. You have the opportunity to win the round of up to 30 spins with a winning multiplier, so it's not spins. If you correspond to these atmosphere, do not wond over too long and check the demo version. It is possible that you will soon want to go to the real money version.

release date 5 June 2022 year
Return to Player (RTP): 96,24%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Gameburger Studios
Game Playboy, girls, magazine
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/60
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 2,000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 2,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Free spiny, multiplier, additional win
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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