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By magdalena
18 June, 2022
Narcos is one of those slots that tells a certain story. In this case, the popular series of the same title replicates quite aptly, which can be found on the NetFlix platform. Get ready for an instant journey to Colombia in the middle of the most famous action in the pogrom of drug barons. Draw symbols that run interesting bonuses, win large prizes and delight with beautiful and realistic graphics. Below you will learn all relevant details about the Narcos slot. Meet all the advantages of this machine, and it is possible that you will find a few rounds to try on it. In order not to be boring, we also mention the disadvantages. Then you can decide whether Narcos slot is worth your attention and especially money. We invite you to read.
  • Unusual interesting slot motif
  • Graphic robe correctly reproduces the serial
  • Music gives the whole game climate
  • Many interesting bonuses
  • Random wildlife
  • Easy navigation on the slot
  • The maximum win can be too low for some

Slot slot

Are you a fan of the popular Narcos series? In that case, you will definitely like the slot created on its basis. Netent Entertainment has already reached the creation of popculture many times to create some of the most interesting market slots. The idea of this type usually works, because fans of certain pop culture products on which these machines were created, such as series, books, films or comics, are eager to reach for such slots.

It may seem that such gambling machines can have a small number of fans, but you also need to pay attention to the fact that particularly slots from the netent are very high quality, so they reach for them not only the devotees of the original series, but also the same fans of gambling and good slot machines . Returning to Narcos, Slot appeared on the market in mid-2019, and exactly May 23. From the very beginning, the vending machine drew the attention of players because he was very well made graphically and encouraged him to play his motive.

At the beginning, we're talking about this interesting theme. If you do not know the Narcos series, in a nutshell we can tell you that it tells the story of the famous Narcotic Pablo Escobar. In Slot, you can meet him face to face, and you will see a very popular picture when Escobar was caught and a typical police photo on which he decided to smile. Of course, Escobar maintained s with other drug-related people, for example from Gacha and appears in a slot.

There could also be two Dea agents who still prayed the cartel after heels. We are talking about the Javier Pena and about Steve Murphy agent. They both look exactly the same as in the series. In addition to them, we also see a girl in blond hair, which does not appear in the series, but as you know, Baroni Drugotek liked to surround the wreath of beautiful women, so they just wanted to emphasize producers. In addition, among the symbols there are different types of weapons, or something that accompanied barons and their colleagues every day. There was also a place for Flamingo, which is certainly a reference to the zoo that was created by Escoar.

It is worth paying attention to the slot background, which presents the famous city of Pablo Escobara, or Medellin. On the left you can see a few houses, on the right there is a road sign, and in the middle you can see the city skyline from above. Some symbols are more transparent and thanks to them you can observe interesting views. The background is not static, sometimes you can see flying birds in the sky, sometimes it is a plane. In turn, on the road from time to time, it appears pushed by the sand typical for these areas, and sometimes even a newspaper. Thanks to these effects, everything looks very realistically.

In the case of graphics, some compare the graphics robe to this from the popular GTA V game. Indeed, the animation style is very similar, although still a little realistic. Details were particularly taken in this case, for example for characters. Thanks to this, they look like pulled out from the series. Realistic pictures also gives the fact that some characters come out a bit of their staff. Everything has been nicely played with each other.

At this point, it is also worth mentioning special effects, because they also add flavor during the game. When symbols stop in their places, the hair of individual figures float and fall as if they were true. The effect was also very nice in which the combination of bonus is expected to be expected. The most frequently given drum is lit by fire or you can see a chain on it. In many vending machines, coins appear on the screen. In the case of Narcos, American dollars appear on the screen, which were the main theme of the slot.

However, it does not end. Pay attention to the buttons in the game. The main button that starts the game is the form of a revolver magazine. This is one of the most interesting ideas on the Start button we have ever seen. It is also difficult not to notice if you do not hear the soundtrack from Narcos. This is a climatic music combining typical Hispanic rhythms. However, it is not too suitable, so during the game you can relax and listen to a pleasant music that connects to the motif.

In terms of technical term, Slot looks quite standard. It is equipped with 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. What can surprise the player is 243 winning lines. This number is definitely larger than in most slots, thanks to this you have a pretty good chance of winning. This video slot provides players with a refund rate at 96.23%. This is not the best result, but no problem allows you to win quite a lot of money.

As for variability, it can be from medium to high, that is, you will wait for a winnings, but when you have a good combination, it can be a very beneficial cluster. People who expect very high winnings may be a little disappointed because you can win a maximum of 1,500 x of your rate. If you choose the maximum rate, or 400, the final win can be very large, but in most cases, where players will choose smaller rates (minimum 0.2), it will not be very high.

The presented slot is very modern, so it will be easily operated on each mobile device. All functions will be visible, so you can use the computer, from a laptop and from your phone. In addition, Narcos is also available in the demo version, so you do not have to spend money and try yourself for free. Below you will find more information about this slot, especially its symbols and bonuses.

Bonuses in Narcos Slot

We have already mentioned a little about the symbols in Narcos's slot and you know that most of them are associated with the motif, and actually all, because even those related to cards are also stylized to fit into the theme. Motives are not too much, you can easily find them. Below we describe all symbols as well as their values. You will get the prize for drawing three symbols in combination, four and five.

  • J and Q along with grenades and from AK 47, which often occurred in the series is not too highly evaluated. You will get 5 coins for 3 symbols of this type. Fortunately, win a lot of identical symbols is much higher, it is 40 coins.
  • K, or Money and A, or a gun, do not guarantee much larger sums. However, you can be sure that you will get 60 coins for 5 symbols, while the minimum win does not change.
  • The plane and flamingoes start a series of symbols typically related motif. The first of them offer 10 coins for drawing three symbols in the cluster. If you are lust and you will draw a maximum number, or 5, you will get 120 coins.
  • Gacha and a beautiful blonde are another group, thanks to which you can get quite interesting prizes. You will get 15 coins for 3 symbols, and this number is up to 250 coins for 5 symbols.
  • Two DEA agents are the most valuable in the base game. If you manage to draw 3 symbols in combination, 20 additional coins will appear on your account. In turn, for 5 of them you will get a large 300 coin prize.

With other symbols that have bonus functions, you will learn below. At first, we would like to pay attention to the navigation in the game. The buttons are specially located in such a way that they are quick to find them even for a person who will turn this machine for the first time. Our attention will particularly return the enablific button that launches the game, which is a middle of a full pistol. When you press it, start turning and stops when the symbols stop swirling.

On both your pages, it has buttons. This left makes you set up several spins on the stock, for example 20 and only observe the development of shares. This is AUTOPLAY and it helps players especially when they want to play a little longer. The button on the right makes you set the bet to the maximum value. Let's now go to the right side on which you can set the value of a single coin. All you need to do is use and minus characters for this purpose.

On the edge of the right there is the current number of coins on your account. The plant is similarly set, although this is a touch of another case. This time you have access to and minus, but you decide about the level of the plant, and not exactly about the plant. Run a little with this system to exactly understand how to set the payment for a single spin. Under the grid and buttons you have once again repeated with smaller numbers all the most important information about your bet, the last win and the measures to play.

Be careful not to skip the most important button, and there is a square with drawn "and". He hides all the secrets of the slot slot, and they are all symbols, winning lines and bonuses. Before you decide on the game for money, be sure to familiarize yourself with these data. Below this button you can also read the exact policies of the machine, which are just as important. You also have a sound adjustment option and other functions that you can personalize the game on this slot.

Bonuses in Narcos Slot

Narcos is a series quite unpredictable. Netent approached the topic in a very similar way, so you can also expect a surprise during the game. There are several of them, and they appear quite often, so be ready to pick up a greater prize. Below we explain what you can expect during the game.

  • Symbol wild

We have not yet had an opportunity to mention the Wild symbol, so we do it now. A typical wild simply replaces this symbol that is missing to create a cluster. In this case, this symbol works exactly in this way, but his work does not end. If it really succeeds to replace the symbol, and you win a number of money, Wild is on the screen and moves to the left one. The situation is repeated when he will lead to win again. The bonus ends when Wild will come to the last field on the grid.

  • Drive function by

Imagine that you are playing peacefully and expect a winning, and suddenly on the screen there is an oncoming car from which shots are coming out. That's what you can expect Narcos. Shots fortunately are not directed to the player, but on the grid. The symbol that will be shot, changes in Wild so that you have a greater chance of winning. This feature appears during the game completely randomly.

  • Funkcja Locked Up

We have already mentioned a very popular option of Escobar, which also functions as a symbol. Fun starts when you manage to draw 3 such symbols on the screen. In this case, you get a prize that can be from 1 to 10 x rates. If it happens that one of these symbols creates a winning cluster with others, one of the functions will be started, and it can be a multiplier (from x 2 to x 3), raising symbol values with 1, as well as raising the value of the symbol alone with Escotar and Golden suitcase.

Summary of Narcos slot

With slot slot, there are no jokes, once pulled in this world, you will remain in it forever. This machine is ideal after many respects, the graphic robe looks very good, this is a great replica of the series, the climate also builds music. All players are also waiting for the rapid development of the shares to get the promised bonuses because they are quite unusual. The only disadvantage of the slot may be a relatively small potential maximum win, besides Narcos can be without any problem considered one of the best slots on the market. It has a very large number of fans, so familiarize yourself with the demo version, maybe you will be one of them.

release date 23 May 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 96,23%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Serial Narcos, Narkotyki, Pablo Escobar
Gravity 5
Winning lines 243
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/400
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game approx. 1 500 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 1 500 x player stake
Bonus functions Multiplier, Wild, Random Change Symbols on Wild, Locked Up
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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