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ozzy osbourne

By magdalena
13 July, 2022
Ozzy Osbourne slot is a game you need to try at least once. It has a very interesting theme, and it is packed with bonuses that the player can decide himself. Slot is good under every aspect, especially in terms of graphic and musical. You should also not forget about a climate that creates a vending machine and quickly transfers the player to his world. Below you will find details about this machine, see them, and you will know if it is really worth to play in the Ozzy Ozzy Osbourne slot.
  • Very refined graphics
  • Climatic and dark atmosphere
  • Many diverse bonuses
  • Pretty high rate of refund
  • Easy navigation on the slot
  • An interesting theme and its performance
  • A tension of music
  • Not very biggest win

A review of Slot Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is a quite unusual slot, and this unusuality is guaranteed by an unusual motif. This machine focuses on the eccentric rock of Rock, which is the title Ozzy Osbourne. The machine is a good treat for devotees of this music that has been shown in the animated version, but quite realistic. If you do not know Ozzy Osbourna, this slot can familiarize you with his character, even too well.

The main character of this machine is known for quite eccentric behavior on the stage and quite dark tracks with dark texts. The climate in the machine is built properly from the very beginning, even before the start of the game. We are greeted by a terribly blowing wind and a ghostly playing piano, and the sounds coming out of this instrument resemble the most terrible horrors. The players of the players appear on the dark forest and the throne on which they sits no one else, as Ozzy Osbourne himself. It is dressed in a coat made of ravens feathers, and all these elements give a very ghostly impression.

After a few seconds, the player is moved to the screens with the symbols. Still in the background you can hear the wind wheezing, and from time to time wolves and other terrible noises. The wind is so realistic that after a few minutes you start to wonder if it's not from behind your window and you are authentic to you. However, you can say goodbye to the ghostly sounds when you start playing. At this point, the music composed by Ozzy Osbourna starts playing, along with the words. As a result, during the game, you can also spend time with your idol music. When you manage to get a cluster, you will hear guitar riffs that will certainly satisfy Rock fans. In terms of musical, the producer checked well.

Players can also complain about the graphic issue. The background fit into the climate is dark and frightening. On both sides of the grid you can see two large statues of bats. Over them there are two stones that run during a bonus game, more about them will learn a little later. All symbols are associated with the person of Ozzy Osbourna alone, and these are best profitable themselves in various poses. It is mapped correctly, the fans can get to know him immediately. Symbols and the machine buttons are bright, distinguish between a dark background, which is a good procedure.

Slot Ozzy Osbourne came to the world in 2019, and exactly at his end, on November 21. Its producer is one of the most famous suppliers around the world, Netent Entertainment. It is known for the fact that its machines are original and good in terms of graphic and musical, as an example is Ozzy Osbourne. The producer managed to transfer a well-known figure on slot, many people are complimenting him and we also think that there are few slot machines that can overheld this gambling machine in terms of climate.

The slot grid is quite classical, it is presented in the form of 5 x 3, so it has 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. On the other hand, the winners are 20, which is not a small result, although not the greatest. The average variability means that mostly wins will be quite small, but frequent, sometimes you wait a bit for winning, but it can be greater. RTP Slot, that is, the player's return rate stands at 96.67%, which is a result greater than standard. It enjoys players because only little over 3% of all funds is kept by a vending machine.

It is a completely modern slot that will be easily operated not only on your computer, but also on all mobile devices, regardless of their screen size. So you can play with your phone or tablet with peace, you will also play it in many software. The smallest rate you use in the slot is 0.2, the largest in turn is 100. Ozzy Osbourne is available in the demo version, so you do not have to spend money right away. The machine is not equipped with jackpot, the largest sum you can win is 2,500 x Your rate.


Most symbols in the machine Ozzy Osbourne are closely related to the motive of this gambling machine, so you will not meet the typical card symbols that could already get bored. You have well-made attributes that can associate with the main character. Symbols do not have much, so even beginners can easily recognize them. Below are all symbols and their values. It is worth knowing that the player is awarded a cluster consisting of a minimum of 3 symbols, 4 and a maximum of 5 symbols.

  • A green cross and a blue rose are standing at the very end of the value in the slot and you can expect the same withdrawals after them. You will get 100 coins and 10 coins for a cluster composed of 3 symbols.
  • A skull with a crown and a raven with a chain in a bow on a red heart background is symbols that are second in subsequent values. If you manage to hit 5 ravens or skulls, you will automatically get 150 coins. For 3 symbols in combination you will get 15 coins.
  • Ozzy Osbourne on a blue background with a player pointing at the player will make you get up to 250 points, of course for the maximum number of symbols in the cluster. For 3, the win symbols will decrease to 20 points.
  • The image of Ozzy Osbourna holding a cane with a skull is more evaluated and will make up to 300 coins for 5 symbols in the cluster and 30 coins for a minimum number of Osbourna images in combination.
  • Screaming Ozzy Osbourne on an orange background gives up to 400 coins, if you manage to hit 5 themselves, if they will be 3 symbols, you will get a prize of 40 coins.
  • The most popular image of Ozzy Osbourna, which presents its bat-borne head is worth 1,000 coins. You will get them if you hit 5 of them in combination. 3 will give you up to 100 coins.

You have already familiarized with all the symbols in the machine, now it's time for navigation. If you use this slot for the first time, you can not know that this is the middle, round button with arrows starting a new game round. When you prepare for a longer game, it's worth interested in the next button, or AutoPlay. You can set it so that the symbols will not stop swirling through several rounds in turn. It is worth knowing that the menu arrangement in the machine is quite classic, most of the buttons are under the grid with symbols.

AUTOPLAY is located on the left side of the start button, and on the right you can find the MAX BET button. Looking forward to the right, you will see Coin Value, or the value of a single coin you can change. On the edge itself there is a Coins window, i.e. all the means you have to play. To the left from the actuator button you have a plant horizontal that you can change with the help of and minus. Increasing the level automatically means increasing the plant. The most important button is successively presented "and". It is after selecting all information about symbols and additional bonuses, so if you want to learn more, it is necessary to choose it.


This modern slot has several interesting bonuses that have been arranged in a similar form. If the happiness you will be favorable, it's possible that you can draw something very beneficial. At the beginning, bonuses in this game can be a bit complicated, but after a few rounds you will know what you can expect.

  • Bonus Bet

If you especially care about additional bonuses, BET BONUS is a button that you should press. It is located on the right. Automatically for each spin you will pay 40 coins, but a bonus symbols will appear much more often and you can count on a larger multiplier. You can also give up it at any time.

  • Wild

Bat is a Wild symbol, it can replace each other symbol if you miss one to the full cluster. Unfortunately, he can not replace Scatter.

  • Scatter and free spins

Scatter is a red symbol. If you draw 3 symbols of this type, you will be awarded with 4 free spins. If you pressed the BONUS BET button beforeht, you will get 5 free spins. After each spin, the Charge Up function is activated to say about.

  • Charge Up

If the Scatter symbol appears on the screen twice, then you will be moved to the Charge Up bonus. These are the two stones on the top of the screen. Then they open and you have empty place on the right and on the left. This function works so that a given symbol is drawn on the left. On the right side, a bonus is drawn, which will be associated with this symbol. Here's what bonuses you can expect:

- Coin. If a coin appears on the right, after Respina it will appear in the number 3 on the screen, so you will get a minimum sum for it.

- Multiplier. You can win a multiplier of a given symbol, and you can win x 2 and x 3, unless you choose a BET bonus, then you can count on a multiplier x 5 and x 7.

- Wild. The symbol shown on the left becomes an additional wild for one Respin, so you have a better chance for a prize.

- Upgrade. The drawn symbol changes into a symbol that is valuably greater than 1 level. All symbols after responies change, so you will win more.

- Respin. You can count on Respin when you draw a Scatter symbol on your left. Then free spins will be awarded.

Summary of Slot Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is an extremely interesting machine that everyone, even if you are not a fan of this music, must try. It is beautiful visually and great in terms of musical. In addition, it is equipped with extremely interesting bonuses that can revive every game. Within a few seconds, you can move to a strange and dark world that can quite reward you. Check the game in the demo version and see if it is worth a candle.

release date November 21, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 96,67%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Ozzy Osbourne, Rock, Musician, Dark Climate
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 2,500 x Department of Monet
Maximum win (coins): 2,500 x player's bet
Bonus functions Multiplier, Free Spiny, Charge Up, Respin,
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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