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Take The Bank

By magdalena
13 July, 2022
In the article below you will find a review of one of the most popular games of recent months, i.e. Take the Bank. It is a slot with an interesting motif, a graphic robe on the level and with an interesting idea for bonuses that you will not find anywhere. Take the Bank presents itself very correctly, which confirms many players. If you think about trying this machine, first read our review. We put all the details about the slot in it, we emphasized its advantages and we also mentioned his faults. We invite you to read.
  • Interesting machine on the subject of robbery
  • Pretty graphic robe
  • Climatic music
  • 15 free spins
  • An interesting solution to the issues of wilders
  • SLOT Easy to master
  • The maximum win can be too low for some
  • A small cross-section of the plant

A review of Slot Take the Bank

Take the Bank is last year's proposal from Betsoft Gaming. The game appeared on the market exactly on October 29, 2019. This is an ideal proposition for all who want to jump life. The theme of the Helbor Take The Bank is a planned bank robbery by a group of robbers. This motif was already used several times, because it perfectly suits the subject of gambling in which you are trying to win money.

It must be admitted that this topic has been well thought out and realized because you can also have fun when winning. Already at the beginning you can notice a background showing a big city at night, that is, the perfect time for a big attack. On the left side of the screen there is a Bank building, which was eloquently marked with a large dollar and the Yellow Bank's inscription. His doors are closed, but not for players who will be able to take out quite a lot.

Everything was presented in a cartoon way and is not taken seriously. In the same way, the producer also used to produce symbols, which, however, look a bit more realistically. Among them you will find everything that needs a racial robber, i.e. pick-up, a special time bomb, a safe, diamonds, a money file and gold. In addition, the game also appears robbers who have a very important role in the slot, and you will find out about it soon.

One of the symbols is also a police car. In this case, however, he does not bring the robbers unlucky, on the contrary, significantly improving the situation of the player, which we will still mention. The slot graphics are at a high level, you can see that the graphics tried to produce each element, the screen looks nicely on the screen. In the case of a soundtrack, we can say without hesitation that the manufacturer knew what he was doing. It was thanks to the music atmosphere that came very climatic, straight from the action movie.

The of this soundtrack is, however, that it is minimal, so it does not bother and does not tire sensitive people during the game, is just a complementary addition, which works very well. Playing, you have the impression that it is indeed a member of the gang trying to rob a bank, and such real experiences are not delivered in all slots. The is to attach sounds that generally companions bombs and their disarming. So you can hear the ticking of the clock from the bomb, turning individual buttons as well as explosions.

We really like this that when winning, even a little smaller, the sum appears in large numbers on the screen, so you always have awareness of how much you managed to win. In addition, it is worth knowing that Slot Take The Bank has an interesting function in which 10 spins are counted. After each tenth, something very interesting is happening, and more will learn about it from bonuses. Let's now go to the technical properties of the presented machine.

Take the Bank presented at the beginning in a fairly traditional way. His grid is 5 x 3, so you can expect 5 drums and 3 rows. There are tens of similar machines on the market, so in this case it is nothing special. It is interesting, however, when they talked about wandering lines, because there are as much as 75. Such a large number of wandering lines will make the drawback of the right combination will not take so much time at all.

In the case of a rate of return, we return to the standard because it is 96.08%. This is not a very large result, but sufficient to make the slot described as good. The average variation makes it as the name says, winnings will appear in medium intervals, and their sum will not be neither little nor too big. There are many players who like such slots because they do not have to wait long for winning and they are not very small.

Some do not like how the total plants have been set and it is quite understandable because the maximum bet that can be set is only 20 currency. Unfortunately there are many people who prefer to spend a larger number of money once. This slot is not possible, but it will certainly appeal to beginner players who are more cautious in betting. A minimum amount on one spin is 0.2 a given currency.

The issue of winning is also important, and this in this case does not sound very encouraging, because the Bank offers a maximum of 225 x player's stake. Assuming that the player will set the biggest bet, or 20, it can maximally win only 4,500 currency and this with the best winds. This is not a slot for people who expect very large winnings. It will work for players who do not want to pay too much and do not plan huge winnings.

This slot from last year is ideally connected to all devices. This makes it possible to use phones, tablets and computers from it. The graphics do not change in any of these accidents, you can play the Bank wherever you want. In turn, with the help of the demo version of this game, you can practice your skills and see if it's a slot for you. You can also prepare for real money.

Symbols in the automatics Take the Bank

Symbols in this game are certainly to build a whole atmosphere and help slowly solve the puzzle of the bank robbery. In addition to the thematic symbols, you can also notice those borrowed from the cards and as always, they perform the roles of these fewer valuable symbols, i.e. these are such fillers. You will get a payment in the game if you draw at least 3 symbols in the cluster. A larger win is entitled to 4 symbols, and the biggest is for 5 of them. Below we explain exactly what you can expect after the game at Take the Bank.

  • 9, 10, J, K and Q, all these symbols are treated in the same way, so here you will not meet you anything interesting, it is a minimal rate in the slot. You will get 0.10 coins for 3 symbols. In turn, if you hit 5 coins in the cluster, your prize will be 0.60 coins.
  • A, rod, safe and bomb is another group with the same values. In this case, the payment falls a little better because you will receive 0.20 coins for 3 symbols, and the maximum number of coins is a prize for the maximum number of symbols.
  • Money and gold are special symbols that provide payment of 0.30 pm coins, and this is an offer for the smallest cluster. For 5 symbols in combination you will get 2 coins immediately.
  • Diamond is a very preferred symbol because it offers up to 6 coins for 5 symbols in a combination on the screen. It is also the only symbol that pays for a cluster created from two, and in this case you can count on 0.10 coins. You will receive 0.40 coins for 3 diamonds.

After knowing the symbols and their values, it is also worth knowing the slot itself and how to operate it. If you are a beginner player, buying, because this is a very important issue. The function bar is immediately under the grid. The button that starts the spin of the symbols is round and has two arrows drawn on it. On the right side there is AUTOPLAY option, you can choose how many automatic spins are to be played without your participation.

Immediately next to him there is another ball that suggests buying one of the bonuses. If you do not want to wait too long and let your happiness, you can help him on their own. Remember, however, that some of your funds will be confiscated, but thanks to this you will get a quite a large number of coins. On this button there is a bomb with a meter, and soon you will learn why.

Let's now take a left and middle page of the screen. The center itself is very important because it is where you set your bet. Tighten the and downside and select the perfect bet for yourself. Then there is information with yours on the game. At the beginning, go to the most important button in the game, which is "and". You will find in it thoroughly described slot rules, as well as all bonuses and symbols. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all these information before you play with the Bank for money. On the left you also have a sound maneuvering.

Bonusy w slocie Take the Bank

Take the Bank is a slot that hides some interesting bonuses and you will not find similar to any other machines. It is because of them, for example, to play the presented slot once, maybe this is your game style. Below you will find all information about bonuses.

  • Bombs

We have already mentioned that on the right side of the screen there is a bomb with a number of screens. At the beginning on the bomb there is a digit 10. When you start spin, the number will come to 9. With each spin, this digit will decrease until zero comes. In the meantime, the rabian symbols appear on the screen. If you hit such a way, even in a cluster, it turns into a small bomb. You will collect the robbers for ten rounds, and when the meter reaches zero, the bombs explode and all turn into the Wild symbols. With this function on the screen, you can have a pretty large number of wilders, so also a large prize.

  • Free spiny

We have already mentioned that in this game the police is really recognized as a good omen, it is quite strange because it is a slot about robbers. When you can get 3 police cars on the screen, you get 15 completely free spins. At this point, they do not count on spins with bombs. In each spin you can count on at least 5 wilds, maximally can be even 10 on the screen.

  • Gamble

After each win, you can try to enlarge it. All you need to do is choose the Gamble function and you will be transferred to a special screen in which you can see the coin. Your task is to choose whether an eagle or reszka will appear on the screen. If you guess, the sum will be doubled if not, the whole win is lost. It is interesting that you can guess infinitely many times, so if you feel, you can get a lot more than with the original amount.

Summary of Slot Take the Bank

Take the Bank is a very interesting but simple machine that is worth checking. His interesting theme has already attracted many players from around the world. Join the robbers and try to get as many valuables as possible. However, watch out for the police, and not, actually, you should wait for it because they will bring you free spins. Count together with a bomb to 10 to finally see your wildlife. We are sure that the climate of the game will quickly give you and you will stay with the game for a long time.

release date October 29, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): from 96.08%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Betsoft Gaming
Game Theft, Bank, Robie, Money
Gravity 5
Winning lines 75
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/20
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game approx. 225 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 225 x Player rate
Bonus functions Wildlife, bomber countdown, free spins with wildlife
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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