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Lucky Neko Gigablox

By magdalena
14 July, 2022
Lucky Neko Gigablox is a completely new game from the well-known YGGDrasil manufacturer. He prepared a slot with a new mechanic and interesting bonuses for his players. People who mainly look for aesthetics will find it in Lucky Neko. The machine will take you to remote Japan, but do not think it will be a typical, covered theme of this oriental country. The manufacturer decided to focus on one fetch of this rich culture, and these are the symbols of happiness. There are also no people who require the machine of larger winnings and the possibility of winning more significant sums. All Details about Lucky Neko will know in the article below, so if the machine puzzled you, find out what you can offer you.
  • Climatic motif
  • The game is ideally made graphically
  • Easy automatic operation
  • Uncomplicated mechanism of action
  • A beautiful soundtrack
  • Quite a lot of bonuses to win
  • A relatively low maximum bet

If you are looking for something new because you have already checked most games and you can not find anything that could surprise you, try to play Lucky Neko Gigablox. It is possible that you have not heard about this slot yet because it is completely new on the market, and in casinos slowly appears from June 24, 2022. It is worth following the novelties, because manufacturers are currently very competitive, so they must strike to get the player's attention.

Recently, the eyes of most players rest on Yggdrasil, which is just a Lucky Neko Gigablox supplier. It is he who stands behind the mechanism of large symbols appearing randomly during the game. Yggdrasil is not a producer that is covered, which can be seen after his slots collection. You will certainly not meet the machine that is weak in terms of graphic or mechanical. The only thing that can be accused of this producer is a repeatability that you can forgive.

Some believe that Lucky Neko Gigablox is not too exploring because the mechanics visible in other slots of this manufacturer were used, but the truth is that in the presented game is completely different from the others and you will find out why. First of all, the motive of this slot is one of the more interesting we have recently discovered. After starting the game, the symbols in the machine may not remind you anything (unless you come from Japan) and do not have too much sense, but in a hurry with an explanation.

Just before the emergence of a net on the screen, you will see a traditional Japanese house, and light burns in some windows. After a while, you will be moved to this part with lights, because there are a typical Japanese souvenir shop behind the windows. Most of the elements in the game are made of wood. On the right, you will be able to note the towels or coils of the material, a bonsai tree, a glass and a gas kettle in which the water is boiled (we know it thanks to a couple who comes out of the hole).

At the bottom there is a big cat happiness with raised paw. You will also find it among symbols and actually brings happiness because it appears as a Wild symbol. On the left side of the grid you can see a series of traditional dolls, but from them, the largest one is in a special glass cabinet. The grid itself resembles a shop site or a type of shelf. Most symbols resemble something like opaque boxes or jars with beautiful patterns that, of course, refer to Japanese culture.

We are now passing the most important part of the slot, or its main symbols. These are a special doll Daruma, which were inspired by the Bodhidarma figure, or the founder of Zen Buddhism. He was a monk who did not have limbs according to legend, but he had a very bushy beard and eyebrows. In addition, he had a fierce facial expression that testifies his determination. It is in this way to present these dolls, they are round and you will see such a slot. Dolls can be found in different colors, and each of them has a little different meaning, but all dolls have one goal, and it is to bring happiness to their owners and achieve a given goal.

Japanese often buy a doll a daruma when they face a task, for example they have exams or to bring happiness for the whole year (which is why many of them are built in the new year or birthday). In the game you will also see typical, big eyes, which after purchase are often empty, and paints them yourself interested person so that the figurine really brought happiness. The theme of this game is therefore very original and rarely found. Playing will enjoy the pleasure of the more if you are interested in Japanese culture. An interesting theme also used in the launch button. Directly under it there are Japanese banknotes. This is another symbol of happiness to which you come across a game.

It is worth paying attention to the beautiful graphics, it is based on high quality animations. All items look like real. An additional advantage of the slot are effects. When you choose the actuator button to start the game, everything starts to shake, if you trigger the earthquake. This is very realistically made, and the earthquake does not stop until the drums flash. You can also hear the tapping of glass bottles and wooden objects. When you manage to get a cluster, selected symbols are burning with a living fire, which looks very interesting.

It is also worth telling a few words about the soundtrack itself. We have already mentioned that during the game, the bottles and other figurines are heard. However, when the drums do not move, you will hear a traditional, calm Japanese music, from time to time interrupted by a female voice. This machine is generally well made, you can see that the manufacturer has tried in every aspect to create a high-quality gambling machine. It is worth adding that during a bonus round, the player is moved to the Japanese garden, which is probably located in front of the house or the temple. You can see trees covered with cherry blossoms, beautifully arranged flower beds and a heap of money on which a happy cat sits. The whole grid is also greater and bearing columns.

In technical issues, you can prepare for a game of quite a custom arrangement, because 6 drums and 4 rows of symbols will take part in it, that is a little more than usual. It is interesting that rows are growing in bonus rounds, so you can count even 8 rows of symbols. Lines winning in the normal mode is 40, which is already a large number, but in the bonus round there will be as much as 85, so the rate will be more than doubled in this case.

The rate of return this slot is located at 96.4%, which is not the highest value, but it is high enough to count on winnings on the level. Average variance tells us that single winnings will not be very high, but also not so low, their appearance on the screen will also be quite frequent. As a bet, you can put a minimum rate of 0.08 of a given currency. If you prefer larger numbers, you can maximize 100 currency, which can be considered a fairly low option. Certainly, however, you will be happy that in the game you can win as much as 7,000 x player stake. This is a pretty large proposition, but it is known that the maximum win does not appear very often.

Symbols in the Lucky Neko machine

It is worth praising the manufacturer due to its ingenuity for symbols in the Lucky Neko game. Officially, you will not find card symbols among them and they are solely associated with the store and with dolls, but really mentioned by us opaque boxes are wearing appropriate card symbols and can be recognized. Due to the presence of 6 drums, the game maximally rewards a cluster with six symbols, and least for a combination with three symbols. Below you will find out more information about the payments and values of individual symbols:

  • A jar / box with a trefl stamp, bell, wine and heart have exactly the same value and it is quite low. For 3 symbols you will get a 12.50 different currency, and for 6 symbols the win will be 250 currency.
  • Purple and green doll form another group, they are a bit more valuable. You will receive a 25 different currency for 3 dolls in the cluster. In the case of 6 dolls in combination, the winner will be already a 500 currency.
  • The orange doll pays a 37.5 currency for the smallest number of symbols in the cluster. You can get a maximum of 550 currency.
  • The red doll is the most powerful and even though for 3 of them you will get a 37.5 currency, which is the same as for the previous symbol, it will be as much as 800 a given currency for the 6th prize.

Lucky Neko slot is not difficult to control. At the beginning you can be a bit surprised because it happens a lot on the screen, but you will quickly notice that all buttons are properly arranged and in such a way that they can be identified quickly. In the middle you have a large button with an arrow that starts the game. He reminds the bell in the store, he is associated with the motif. On the right side there is a AutoPLAY button, and on the left setting the maximum bet.

On the left side, the most important buttons are further. With the help of the first of them, a suitable fact that suits you best. The next button allows you to select a single coin value, this is a very important value, so it's good to think about which you choose. At the end you see how many winners are active. Right next to this button there are function keys. With one of them you have to get acquainted before the game, even this free. We are talking here about "and", in which all rules on this game are hidden. On the right side, you have access to information about your all resources.

Bonuses in the Lucky Neko slot

Lucky Neko is a modern slot where you will find some interesting bonuses. The game itself is very interesting, and additional promotions create it even more interesting. Below you will find the explanation of all of them to know what to prepare and what you will be able to use.

  • Gigabloxy

Gigabloxy are special symbols that are larger than normal cubes. They can occupy from 2 x 2 symbol up to 4 x 4 symbols. It is thanks to them that it is easier to draw a cluster. In each spin, there are completely random gigabloxy.

  • Free spiny

You can count on free spins after drawing at least 5 symbols depicting a cat with a free spins inscription. Each single symbol is free spin, so depending on how much you are drawn, you'll get them. If you manage to draw this symbol during the round Free spinsIn addition, you will get more turnover for free. It is worth adding that during this round Gigabloxy can take a form of up to 6 x 6 ordinary symbols. It is also in this round of the net to change to 6 x 8, and there are no longer compression lines, there are 85.

  • Multiplier

The multiplier appears in the round of free spins. In each spin one of the symbols becomes a blessed symbol. It is thanks to him who win in this spin is enlarged by a multiplier with a value of x 5.

  • Wild

In the game there is a Wild symbol that presents a happy, golden cat. It has a task to replace all symbols to create an appropriate cluster. It can not only replace special symbols.

Summary of the Lucky Neko machine

Lucky Neko is a modern slot that tells about a certain part of Japanese culture. Doruma doll is a very interesting motif that has been made by this manufacturer exemplary. Players like a beautiful graphics and a combination of colors. It has the impression that you are part of a certain animated film that was made with a large vein. Lucky Neko has many advantages, and among them you can also replace a pleasant soundtrack, quite a lot of different kinds of bonuses and the ability to get a high prize, which is almost 7,000 times a player rate. Many slots stops at the maximum winnings much lower, so in this case you have the opportunity to gain quite a lot.

It is worth adding that the presented game works well on all devices. Game devotees on a computer, on tablets and on phones, everyone should be satisfied. Lucky Neko preserves high quality graphics in every case. So move to a climatic Japanese store, in which water heats on green tea and you can get various types of figures, including Doruma doll. We are sure that you will not be bored during the game.

release date June 24, 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 96,4%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Yggdrasil
Game agent, mission, crazy professor, bombs
Gravity 5
Winning lines 40
Number of drums: 6
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.08/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 6 953 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 6 950 x player stake
Bonus functions Free spiny, multiplier, widening rows of symbols, mega symbols
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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