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Legacy of Dead

By magdalena
30 June, 2022
Slots with ancient times motif are very popular. Many people like to move over time with their help, which can be seen on the example of Legacy of Dead, which is often a game chosen in various online casinos. This slot is well made, you can see that the manufacturer has applied to refine graphic robes. Noteworthy is the mechanical simplicity of the machine, easy to remember the principles and beautifully prepared symbols. Get ready for quite a lot of winning if you add your happiness. For this Legacy of Dead, he suffers quite a lot of secrets that you will find out during the game and from our review. You have the opportunity to get to know all its advantages and what is hidden. No vending machine is perfect, so you'll find out what you can do. Get to know one of the most popular slots from Play'n Go, who, although relatively recently prepared, won the recognition of many players around the world
  • An interesting slot about the ancient Egypt motif
  • Beautiful graphic robe and effects
  • Motivating musical path
  • Endless free spins
  • The possibility of doubling your win
  • Uncomplicated machine
  • No Wild symbols

Legacy of Dead is currently one of the most popular slots on the market. His popularity was particularly made because of his earlier brother called Book of Dead. This slot even after a few years after creating it is still very often chosen by players, which does not surprise us because it is very exciting and easily fight for high winnings. Legacy of Dead is a bit different, there is not much to offer, but it is just as exciting. Many players compare this slot to another from the same supplier, and it is Rise of Merlin. This similarity results from mechanics and from the specification of the slot itself, which we will mention here yet.

On the production of this machine, the Play'n go, which is currently a very popular gambling provider in the world. After this producer you can expect yourself good positions, and Legacy of Dead does not disappoint us. All titles from this supplier are always technically refined and graphically, there is nothing to complain about. The only disadvantage you can refuse this producer is the repeatability of the schemes that can also be seen on the basis of Legacy of Dead. The motif of this slot, although very well-liked, is not the original, mechanic has also been copied from other manufacturer games. However, this is another good slot from Play'n him, even though he lacks some originality.

As you can expect the title and similarities to Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead shows the history of ancient Egypt. Already in the introduction, we see a large golden statue in the shape of a square, which acts as a coffin, on its right and left side you can find Pharaoh in the version of the sarcophagus imposed on him and the Tutanchamamon himself, which was presented without him, which may seem quite terrible at first. At the initial screen we have already presented all bonuses, and they are written on papyrus, which immediately introduces in the climate. So you can find out what you expect from the machine during the game.

The player is located in the temple, we bet that this is a tomb, and the title and style of the temple guided us to such a response. You can see that she was made underground. There are torches on the walls, but rather bowls, are lit, and the fire moves gently. On the walls there are hieroglyphs and various types of subtitles and pictures that immediately give to understanding that the player is in the Egyptian place of worship. In the middle there is a grid that has been specially embedded in the style of this slot. It is all gold and drums are separated typical for ancient Egypt columns in gold and blue. At the top of the net there are images of pyramids, as well as the name of the slot, which starts to shine when the player can win something.

It should also be mentioned for the symbols themselves because they were beautifully made. We see Pharaoh, or rather his sarcophagus. It was made very detail, we see all the strips on its headgear. We are also impressed as other symbols have been made. We are talking here about Tutancham, which looks like it was simply pulled out of his sarcophagus. He has all the attributes that the powerful ruler should have. We also agree that the ancient gods were well presented. Very realistic images of Anubis and Horus were used. We have the impression that the creators did not forget about anything in designing these characters and no one could say a bad word about their images. They look exactly as if their modernized statues were presented, faithfully reflect how ancient Egyptians themselves presented them.

An interesting symbol is the tomb himself, who was nicely decorated, he is at the same time the best symbols, so it is worth hunting for him. Ordinary card symbols in this case are not so ordinary. They have an interesting shape that resembles hieroglyphs, and besides, they are partially ozłoczone in such a way that they perfectly match the game. We also pay attention to the little valuable symbols that sometimes can forget. A in the slot is also a soundtrack. It is variable, sometimes we can only hear the rubbing of the harp, very delicate. After a while, these sounds change into rhythmic strokes of drums and more energetic sounds. Such a change motivates to action, especially for wins.

Graphically and musically Legacy of Dead looks good. Special effects can be a realistically moving fire and enlarging and gentle movement of some symbols. When it comes to specifications, the slot is presented quite standard. The machine mesh has a 5 x 3 shape, so you can expect 3 symbols of symbols and 5 drums. At the same time, 15 symbols can appear on the screen. Lines winning the machine is 10. RTP, that is, the rate of return for the player in the machine can be variable. Most of the time is 96.58%, but players can not set up that it will remain that all the time. Unfortunately, it can reach up to about 89%, so it's worth paying attention to it.

Variation in this slot is high, so you can not win in every spin, but for this possible win can be quite high. Players satisfactory the establishment of the plant. It corresponds to people who usually pay small amounts per bet (from 0.01) and those who prefer to pay a little more (up to 100). In combination with a fairly high maximum win, which is 5,000 x player stake, the final payment can be very beneficial. The game is available on all devices, and players can also play a demo version in which all bonuses are available to them.

Symbols in the game Legacy of Dead

We have already described the appearance of symbols in Legacy of Dead, but you do not know how much they are worth it. I will learn everything below, where we place every symbol along with its value. It is worth knowing that Legacy of Dead rewards the player for collecting at least 2 or 3 symbols in the cluster (depending on their value), 4 or maximum 5.

  • Q, J and 10 belong to one group, because withdrawals for their drawing are exactly the same. People who lose at least 3 symbols will get 5 coins. For the maximum number of symbols, each player will get 80 coins.
  • A and K form another group that is a little better evaluated. The payment for a minimum number of symbols does not change, so it is 5, but you can get 120 coins for 5 symbols.
  • Horus and Pharaoh also pay the same prizes. From that moment, however, you can count on paying for 2 symbols that equals 5 coins. 3 Symbols This is already a prize of 20 coins, and up to 600 coins for 5 symbols in the cluster.
  • Anubis is a symbol for which you can also get at least 5 coins, but the payout changes, however, for 3 symbols that are 30 coins. You will get 1,600 coins for drawing a set of symbols.
  • Tutanchamon and the Grand Tomb are the main elements of this game and therefore also offer the greatest winnings. You will get 10 coins for two symbols in the cluster. Lucky who will draw 3 symbols will get 100 coins. If you can get a whole set of symbols, you will enlarge your funds by 5,000 coins, which is really a big sum.

Even if you wanted, you will not be able to get lost in the leader of Legacy of Dead. It is made very intuitively, in such a way that even a beginner player quickly find his way. On the right, you will quickly notice a large, elegant round button in blue color. It stands out on the background of other buttons because it is also the most important, it starts the game. After choosing it, the symbols are writing once. If you want for time to save time, however, you can choose Auto Play. It is right on the right side of this button. You can set from 20 to 100 spins.

Then you will find 3 windows whose values can be changed. This is the number of coins, coins and winning lines. You can operate them using a or minus. On the demo version you can check how individual changes work. You will notice that changing values, the overall value of the plant is also changed. Watch out for it and, at the beginning, make sure that it is not too big because you can lose a lot.

In the window on the left side there are all the funds you can use. Follow how the numbers change in it so that you do not lose too much. Before the game, please select the button that is round and the inscription "I" appears on it. He moves all players to information about the slot. You will learn where there are payment lines that are bonuses and how you can start them and you have all symbols presented. If you need more detailed information, select three stripes at the bottom. Next to this button there is also another, thanks to which you can manipulate music.

Bonuses in the machine Legacy of Dead

Legacy of Dead is a younger brother Book of DeadSo you can expect very similar bonuses. There is not much of them, but it does not have to be a lot to please the player. Legacy of Dead has a sufficient number of bonuses, thanks to which you can win quite high prizes. Here's a list.

  • Free spiny

Round of free spins is really the only bonus in this slot. However, he is properly extended to the extent that playing on the machine is very exciting. The promotion is launched when the player manages to get 3 tomb symbols. At this point, a papyrus roll appears on the screen that develops. There is information that the player wins 8 Free spinóIn. Then one symbol is drawn on his eyes.

Throughout the whole round of free spins this symbol, after drawing it, will expand to the entire drum. The condition is, however, that at least 3 symbols of this type appear on the screen, only then it will be extended. Interestingly, during the round of free spins you can draw next tombs. At this point, the player gets an additional 10 free spins, and another symbol that will expand. The best information is that there is no limit for the draw of tombs symbols, so it can happen that at the same time 9 symbols will expand on the screen, so the winnings will be really high.

  • Gamble

Legacy of Dead is equipped with a Gamble function. After each, even the smallest win, you can use it. This is an easy way to doubles the winnings. All you have to do is guess what color card will appear on the screen. You have a 50% chance. If you guess, the win is doubled if not, it is canceled.

Summary of the Legacy of Dead slot

The leader of Legacy of Dead is quite new from Play'n Go. It is characterized by a beautiful graphic robe and matching the action with a musical path. Slot may not be very discoverable, but offers its players a good time, a bonus with the possibility of gaining many free spins and won a quite high level. In the Play'n collection you will find similar slots, but we think that Legacy of Dead is worth trying. Not without a reason for hundreds of people put this machine on a very high place, there is something that attracts players and provides them with a full gameplay.

release date October 9, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): from 96.58%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Play’n go
Game Ancient Egypt, civilization, book, gods, pharaoh
Gravity 5
Winning lines 10
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 0,01
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.01/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game approx. 5000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 5000 x Player rate
Bonus functions Free spins, gamble, expanding symbols
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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