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tome of madness

By magdalena
October 25, 2022
This time we have something for gamblers who at the same time love adrenaline. Below you will find a review of Tome of Madness, which really is an adventure game with a gambling element. Together with the main hero, go to an extraordinary expedition whose rate is really high. Become a partner of Rich Wilde, collect as many bonuses and enjoy winners. This is how the most game worth attention, and we will see you about this at this review. You will learn about it all the details, among others, what are the symbols that can win bonuses and what is potential win. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our article.
  • An interesting slot motif
  • Simple navigation on the slot
  • Interesting system of free spins
  • Unusual bonus round
  • High quality graphics
  • Climate soundtrack
  • Very high variation

Review of Tome of Madness Slot

Many people associate a popular series with the hero of Rich Wilde, or an explorer aimed at the world. Play’n go He decided to make a whole series from one game and it came out for good. The history of this series has already begun in 2013, when Rich Wilde came to Aztecs. Then he appeared in other places, and the most popular part of this series is so, whose action takes place in ancient Egypt.

This time play'n placed Rich Wilde in an abandoned temple where he wants to get to know the secret of one of the most popular monsters in the world in literature, or cthulhu. Całagra is created on the basis of the book of H.P Lovecraft, which tells about it. There was called Tome of Madness in the game. Already in the introduction on the screen there are several quotes from this book read deep and quite a durable voice. All this introduces a really interesting climate. This monster has quite a lot of secrets, so you can spend quite a lot of time on the game.

Play'n never fails his players, and the appearance in 2019 a new game from this series was a very nice surprise. It was a great-style return, because the game is really interesting. Just pay attention to the graphic robe. Rich Wilde looks the same as always, but this time appears on the screen to motivate the player to continue to fight. He stands on the right side of the screen and holds Tome of Madness in hand. The book itself is already impressive because it looks like it was made of leather and has a traditional clasp.

The background in the game is an abandoned temple. It is possible that it was erected only to worship Cthulhu. It looks dark, on the floor there is a fog, or another factor forming the climate. Night lasts, and the moonlight falls through the big windows. Undoubtedly, Play'n knows him how to create a suitable atmosphere. The temple is not the only place in which we will find. You will be closer to the monster in an additional option, so it look out.

In terms of graphic, everything has been properly played and looks very elegant. All details are refined, which is why players consider this high-quality slot. Another factor that creates the climate is music itself. It gives the impression as if something could happen at any time. During the game, the player can feel like in when watching a good horror.

Tome of Madness is a cascading game. It works in this way that one spin can abound in a few clusters. This is possible because after each cluster scored, data symbols disappear from the screen. Then the other symbols fall into their place, and new new ones appear on top. In this way, you can catch really a lot of prizes. The grid of this slot is large, its size is 5 x 5, so it is relatively easy to draw some clusters in one spin. This slot refund rate is 94.52%, it also knows that this result can change. It is worth noting that this result does not belong to the highest.

It is worth watching for volatility because it is very high, and some players may not be their devotees. However, she can offer quite high winnings, but they rather rare. When you get to choose your bet, you will be able to pay for a single spin from 0.1 to even 100 different currency, and this means that players have a pretty good choice.

The maximum win from this slot is 2,000 x player stake. Unfortunately, it does not satisfy fully enjoying this slot because other games in this series have a slightly greater potential. In terms of graphic, we can not find anything in the minus because it is a good slot that works on each device. It loads quickly, it's easy to navigate, so even a beginner will be easy with him.

Symbols in the Slight Tome of Madness

Play'n thought about the matter with the symbols and that's why they are so well done. All are related to the motive of this game. It is interesting that due to the fact that this is a cascade game, there are no typical winning lines. If you manage to get at least 4 symbols in a given combination, you get a payment. The more symbols next to each other, the greater it will be. Below you will find a list of all symbols and their values, and they are presented on the basis of the plant equal to 1.

  • Green crystal may not be the largest symbols, but you will get a payment of 0.10 coins for 4 symbols. In the best spins in which you will draw over 10 symbols by side you will get 2 coins.
  • Blue crystal minimally increases the rate. Thanks to it, you will minimally win 0.20 coins. If you're lucky, you'll get 4 coins.
  • Red crystal offers players a little more, and this is 0.30 coins for 4 symbols. In addition, you will get 5 coins if you manage to draw 10 symbols.
  • Purple crystal is a little better investment because you will get 0.40 coins for 4 of them. 10 symbols equal to winning 6 coins.
  • The skull is the first symbol from the next type. This offer from 0.70 coins for a minimum number of symbols, i.e. a maximum number of symbols, or 10 paid 30 coins.
  • The ring offers the ability to return your bet, because for 4 symbols of this type you will get 1 coin. However, the winners increases to 40 coins for 10 symbols.
  • The dagger offers to each player winning at least 1.50 coins, so there is a quite a generous symbol. Especially you can see when you draw 10 symbols because there are as many as 60 coins.
  • Octopus is the most powerful symbol, thanks to which you can double your bet (you will get 2 coins), and in the best case you will appear as many as 100 additional coins.

As you can see, symbols are quite a lot, but you can easily get used to them. The problem should also be the same menu. Play'n him already has a lot of experience in preparing gambling, so he knows what she works. Most buttons have the shape of hexagons with different colors, they resemble stones. At the beginning of the game, you will be most interested in the one placed on the right in yellow. This one starts the whole game, so if you're ready for a new round, do it.

The manufacturer of this slot knows that some players quickly do not forgive and for them one game session is hundreds of spins. It was for them that the Auto Play button was placed, which allows you to set the number of spins you want to play without your direct participation. When you decide to play real money, you will be interested in the values immediately under the grid. They mean the sum of the plant you intend to devote to a single spin. Choose wisely because there is a chance that this money will be lost. All you have to do is click on a given sum, and if you are looking for more options, use the and minus.

On the left you will see a yellow button that resembles this actuating entire mechanism. This time, instead of the arrow, however, he was drawn "I". Visit this section preferably before starting a demo game, and necessarily before the game for money. That's where all information about bonuses, symbols and other aspects of this game are there. Under it you will also find more technical buttons, for example manipulation.

Bonusy w Tome of Madness

If you're looking for exciting bonuses, this Slot of Tome of Madness can please you most. Do not think, however, that you will find typical bonuses in it, it's better not to set it, because in this way you can disappoint. However, those who expect something completely else should be happy because the bonuses in this game can actually surprise. Below you will find all the information about Bonuses in Tome of Madness.

  • Eye Marks

During the game you will see that a special square appears on the screen, which shows one of the symbols. It often appears randomly, but only one win can be started. If you turn out that you have drawn a cluster with the participation of a symbol that was in this square, then you will add special Wild symbols. This is especially helpful when there are no other clusters on the screen. He has a book symbol.

  • Symbole Wild

During the game you can come across a normal wild symbol that works in a very traditional way. However, it is worth knowing that during the game, especially when the portal is increasingly completed, the player gets special Wild symbols to win him easier. One of them is Abyss, and it works in such a way that in the place where it appears, the entire row of symbols disappears. Another such symbol is Void.

In turn, this works in such a way that all symbols belonging to one type are removed from the grid. In turn, Wild with the face of Rich Wilde itself works traditionally, but still gives you a multiplier of winnings. The most powerful of Wilders is this present to the big eye of Cthulhu, and this removes the entire grid to simply create other victims of winning. This wild can only be won when you can clean the "Eye field" from symbols. You will see them marked on the grid. It is quite easy because the eye of the Eye will deliver a lot of Wild symbols in the Eye Bonus game.

  • Portal

On the right side you have a special counter that counts, from how many symbols you managed to create clusters. If you can get them 42 in one round, you will be able to get a special round with free spins. At this point, Cthulhu's eye opens. It is interesting that they are not free spins you can have. At this point, you also have the opportunity to get really a lot of Wild symbols, and sends them the eye itself and they are called the Effect Portal. It does not stop until you still collect winnings and depend on the number of symbols in clusters exactly. You can also run it again during this round to get even more.

Summary of Tome of Madness Slot

If you like the adventure series from Rich Wilde, then Tome of Madness will surely appeal to you. The game was prepared in exactly the same style and most importantly, with the same hero. The surroundings are of course changed because Rich sets off in a different expedition, this time to meet all the secrets of the cult Cthulhu monster. The game is well prepared, it's easy to operate and navigate in the menu buttons.

Graphically falling out very well and you also have to praise it for a really unique atmosphere. Another advantage is simple rules, as well as the opportunity to win unusual bonuses that are related to the subject. If you like new adventures and you are not afraid of high variation, then be sure to try Tome of Madness in the demo version, and then for money.

release date June 27, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 94,52%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Play’n go
Game Rich Wilde, Cthulhu, Monster
Gravity 5
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 2,000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 2,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Multiplier, Free Spiny, Special Wildlife
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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