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money train

By magdalena
October 4, 2022
All players watching in the Wild West climates are welcome to check Money Train from Relax Gaming. Join Bandy Złoczynów and fit the train full of money. This slot has been specially prepared for people who like simple solutions, but also expect something special. This is not difficult, look at the bonus round in this game, and you will quickly understand what we are talking about. Below you will find a detailed reviewed Money Train, if you're thinking about playing this Slot, please refer to the review to get to know all the secrets of this machine.
  • Interesting theme
  • Simple navigation on the slot
  • One of the most interesting bonus rounds
  • High quality graphics
  • Climate soundtrack
  • Cooperation with mobile devices
  • A simple slot for operating
  • A large maximum win
  • Pretty low return rate

Money Train is one of the leading RELAX Gaming manufacturer. Many players recognize this supplier just after this slot. It is known that Relax Gaming has more good machines, but there is something that makes it Money Train is the one of the most-chosen. The game was founded on the market in mid-2019 and this year can be enjoyed by its second part. In this article, however, we will focus on the position from which everything started.

The presented game has a wild west motif. We are located in the wilderness, most likely on the railway route, and on it a wagon. In the distance, however, you can see a town, a circus, it seems that there is something like a prototype of a funfair nearby. All this, however, is in the background, we focus only on the hoist with money. He hunts the gang of criminals on him, and each of them wants to get as much as possible for himself. Among them there is a beautiful cowgirl, senior cowboy, Indian and Mexican. Everyone was presented very realistically, in a little cartoon style.

The wagon itself has been quite nicely designed. Everything makes sense because it's inside the wagon there is a grid and all symbols. Most parts of the wagon have been prepared from wood, part is metal. It is a wood full of a special role in this slot, because even the function bar was made on his likeness. What's more, the card symbols are also made of wood painted on various colors, which gives interesting impressions and all suits each other. However, small details create this slot, such as small decorations on a wagon, details of criminal clothes and others.

The soundtrack makes players a moment to move to the climate Wild West, where they have a chance to get quite a lot of money. This type of sounds can be found in the most famous westerns, so it's easy to feel like one of the heroes. SPECIAL EFFECTS also count on the whole, i.e., for example, a shooting gun or a sudden change in wagons when the player manages to get the entrance to the bonus round. The entire game mechanism is interesting and not bored, and additionally you can decide what is happening on the screen, because the bonus round can be bought.

This slot grid is 4 x 5. Standard 5 drums goes hand in hand with 4 rows of symbols, it turns out that a maximum of 20 symbols can be on the screen. The winners are 40, and this is a good number. A little bit worse looks in the case of a return rate. It is not the lowest, but it could be higher because it is 96.2%. High volatility is something that loves or hates. Players have different game styles, you must see what suits you more. We can only say that high variation is quite large winnings, which, however, appear quite rare.

Money Train will work well for people who prefer to be careful with plants. The maximum number of the plant is exactly 50 of a given cash, which is not a very high amount. In turn, it is a minimum of 0.1 a given currency. However, you may surprise you, what is potential, the highest win, and this is up to 20,000 x player's stake. Imagine that you set 50 and then you win the sum. However, it is worth knowing that such a win is only possible during a bonus round. In the base game, the maximum win is 800 x player's stake.

Another good information for players is that Money Train was created in a modern program. That's why the machine is played not only on your computer, but also on mobile devices, i.e. on phones and tablets. The game works on every software and all kinds of telephone. In addition, it is played efficiently, you do not have to wait for the loading of individual options. In addition, a demo version of this game is available for players, and thanks to it you can practice your luck without the need to spend your money.

Symbols in the Money Train machine

Money Train is a slot that has really little symbols. It is an ideal situation for all beginners, because they do not have to focus on many images. It is easier to pay attention to several symbols that will often appear on the screen. Below we present all information about symbols along with their values so that you know in which symbol is worth aim.

  • The blue shield turns out to be the smallest among all symbols. You can get a minimum of 0.10 coins for it. If you try and win 5 symbols in the cluster, you will pick up 1.50 coins.
  • The green stomach does not raise prizes for 3 symbols in combination, but for the maximum number of symbols on the screen you will get 1.75 coins.
  • The brown heart also does not pay more for a minimum number of symbols, but for 5 of them you will get all 2 coins.
  • Red wine also pays 0.10 coins if 3 symbols of this type will appear on the screen. You will receive 2.50 coins for 5 symbols.
  • A cowboy girl raises a minimum rate to 0.25 coins. You can get 4 coins.
  • Mexican warrior will also give you 0.25 coins for 3 symbols, and for 5 of them your account will increase by 4.5 coins.
  • Indian will give each player 0.30 coins if he scores 3 symbols and 5 coins for 5 symbols.
  • An elderly American is the best-made symbol, thanks to which you will minimally get 0.40 coins and a maximum of 10 coins.

Relax Gaming has a quite a lot of experience in preparing slots, which is why you will certainly not surprise you that Money Train is quite well prepared. Everything looks like it was to be in this place. There are two versions of this game. In one of them all function buttons are located at the bottom of the screen, in the second one in a row on the right. You can choose the layout in which you feel best.

Your attention will definitely return a large, brown button with an empty square inside. It serves to start each round. When you choose it, the symbols will start to move. However, that you do not have to use this button every now and then, select an option with a black arrow in the middle. This is an auto play, thanks to which you can set the exact number of spins to be turned on without your interference. Each round may also be accelerated if you only press the button with two arrows.

Button with three coins, how you can guess, option to select a bet. All options will appear on the screen, select the one that is the most optimal. You will be interested in with three dashes. It contains any settings that you can only change, for example a sound. The information button is also among the settings. Be sure to look at him in front of the game because you will find valuable information there. Control your expenses, in the on-line windows you can see how much you still have funds on your account, what was your last win and your current bet.

Bonuses in the Money Train Slot

It's hard to find a slot that has no bonuses, unless we talk about classic machines. Money Train, however, beat a large part of the slots in this aspect, because he prepared a very interesting bonus round for his players, which will not be in any other machine. In addition, Slot also offers other bonuses and you can read about them all below.

  • Wild

Two crossed shootings are a Wild symbol, and its action is simply replacing symbols that do not create a cluster. For example, if you have 2 identical symbols, but you lack third to win a win, and in his place there is Wild, it is treated just like a missing symbol.

  • Bonus

Bonus round in the Money Train Slot belongs to the most exciting you can find in all slots. Its principles deviate completely from what you can see in other machines, so you have happiness to try something new. The bonus round begins only when 3 purple cards appear on the screen. At this point, the wagon with normal symbols departs, and a completely new one is entering his place, which has a completely different grid.

A maximum of 20 symbols will fit on it. At the beginning, the grid is empty, only grass tufts typical of regions appear on it. The game admits you 3 free spins. If you manage to get one special symbol, the meter returns to 3 spins until a new symbol will appear on the screen on the screen. Most of these symbols are simply winning multipliers. On the right, you can see their overall number because they accumulate. In the round, special symbols appear in the round, which allow even greater winnings, and these are:

  • Payer: The value of each multiplier on the screen is increased
  • Persistent Payer: This symbol increases the value of multipliers after each sparkle
  • Collector: The value of multipliers is enlarged, and they are cumulative
  • Persistent Collector: It works exactly like the previous symbol, but its effect will be visible on each sparkle
  • Widener: not only that it guarantees raising the values of multiplier data, it also increases the grid of one drum, so you can draw more symbols

Thanks to the bonus round, players can collect up to 20,000 x of their stake. It is worth knowing that you can buy a bonus round, although the price is quite high. However, it comes to the fact that such a purchase may pay. It is worth trying to buy at least once to convince. All you need to do is click on the object on the left side of the wagon and pay 80 x your rate, the round will be awarded automatically.

  • Free spiny

In Money Train game, there are really typical free spins you can imagine. They do not draw them during the game, but they are imposed on the player just in the bonus round, which we spoke earlier. You will always get at least 3 free spins, and these can turn into dozens of turnover for free, everything depends on your happiness and from how long the screen will appear on the screen.

Summary Money Train

According to many players Money Train have something that attracts not only people fascinated by the world of wild west. This is also due to the high quality of this machine and a well-thought-out bonus round. A small number of symbols that you do not have to remember, as well as fast gameplay are the next advantages of this machine. Also look at nice graphics and music that transfers a player to prerie controlled by cowboys. Money Train allows for quite high winnings, so quickly get three cards to go to the bonus round. However, if you prefer to count on yourself than your happiness, just buy the opportunity to enter this round. You will certainly like this game, but it's best to check it on a free version of the game in which you do not have to risk your money. Sam see how the game looks like.

release date August 7, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 96,2%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Relax Gaming
Game Wild West, money, assault
Gravity 5
Winning lines 40
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/50
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 800 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 20,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Multiplier, Free Spiny, Round Bonus, Wildlife
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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