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By magdalena
9 December, 2022
Take a wild west along with a new slot from Nolimit City. Thanks to him, you can feel like a resident of the famous town of Deadwood, where you could find gold. The machine is well prepared for a contemporary player and it has been equipped with everything you need, and this is high quality graphics, soundtrack and many bonuses. People who like western themselves will like to come from Deadwood. Try the demo version of this slot and decide whether it is worth issuing real money on him.
  • Interesting bonuses
  • Graphics refined in every respect
  • Free spins and multipliers
  • Interestingly completed theme
  • Easy navigation after the machine
  • Simple to master slot
  • High rate of refund
  • A small win in the base game

Review of Deadwood

Wild West is a subject that does not get bored with players and are not bored with gaming producers. You can squeeze many interesting aspects from it, which can be seen on the example of several games, including Dead or Alive II from Netent, Tombstone from Nolimit City and Deadwood from the same supplier. In this review, we will focus on this last. Deadwood is a game that can be seen how to change the studio within one year. This is the Sequel Slot, which was introduced to the market exactly a year ago. Both of them have a lot of common, but even more differently, what we will tell you exactly.

At first, let's focus on themselves. Deadwood is a city that really exists and which is known for the presence of gold. Many residents were involved in the extraction of gold, it was also not without confusion. Based on the history of this city, a very well-known series of the same title was created, and then also a movie. In the game you can see a clear inspiration on the subject of gold extraction, as well as the series itself, which turned out to be a success.

Deadwood has a lot of climate that Tombstone was missing, or a slot machine preceding Deadwood. In Tombstone, we are dealing with quite simple graphics, you can even say that it is a bit even childish and the background was completely idle. Graphically, Deadwood is a lot better, you can see a large progress. In the background you can see an abandoned town that is very climatic.

In the speakers you can hear a roaring wind, which additionally intensifies the climate of an abandoned city, as well as western sounds accompanying films of this type. It also did not come from the classic weave of the branch, often occurring in cartoons or in westerns, you can also observe dust lifted by the wind.

The whole background has a sepia color, and an interesting addition is an advertisement of a bar or a pub, where you can try the best pork chop chops. During the game, you can take a break for a warm meal in a typical of the end of the 19th century American pub. After a few minutes you should quickly feel like a cowboy, it is a magic for which many games can not afford. It is worth paying attention to the grid of the game, it looks like a carbonated metal, on the sides you can see beautiful golden horses, and the drums themselves have the form of boards.

Symbols are very similar to those in the first version of the game, i.e. Tombstone. They all connect with the series or place. You can see a bottle of Whiskey, a gun with cartridges, a sack of money, gold bars, a gold watch on a chain and a sheriff star. Scatter is a skull of a bull or other horned animal, after its sides you can see guns. Even symbols borrowed from cards have been specially prepared to make stylistically fit for the whole.

It is worth going back to interesting graphic effects. When you get two scatteres and wait for the third one who would give you a bonus, the drums turn into a very realistic fire. On the other hand, the sheriff's stars begin to shoot very violently. When you manage to draw a bigger sum, you will see gold on the screen, as well as the effect of a shot of a shot from the shotgun, which is quite impressive. Generally, the more cash you win, the more holes on the screen will come, and when you cross a certain sum, a large hole will appear in the screen, and in it two pushing and whisking piglets.

During all these effects, music also changes, it is definitely more exciting than a relaxing base soundtrack. A vigorous violin turn on the music. Generally, the sounds of swirling symbols, clusters and bonuses are very pleasant and vulnerable, you will be very surprised. If a winning combination will appear on your screen, you will hear a characteristic click. It is very interesting that the greater the win from the clusters, the sound is louder.

Deadwood is a completely new game that premiered on May 5, 2022. Her predecessor, i.e. Tombstone, was released a year ago and some translate a graphic difference and a mechanism for better possibilities, but they existed and in that year. The game is a confirmation that the Nolimit City Group becomes better and better with every month and its games are worth recommending. The attention returns the Deadwood grid, which is not regular and can be described in the form of 3-4-4-4-3. This means that the slot has 5 drums, side rows have 3 symbols, and the middle symbols have 4 symbols. Their sum during the game does not change.

Players like the vending machine for as many as 576 winning lines, which is very much, especially if you compared yourself with the predecessor, i.e. Tombstone. RTP, the player's return rate, is standard, but it can not be said in any case that it is evil because the slot returns to players as much as 96.06%. Slot is made in a modern, so you can easily play it with your computer, laptop and your mobile phone. Deadwood will also run regardless of the software you use. The game is available in the demo version, so all bonuses and symbols can be checked for free.

The variability in Deadwood is very high, and for players it means that they can expect quite frequent winnings that can, however, be quite low. Noteworthy is the maximum win in the game because it amounts to 13,950 x player's stake. Of course, there are games that offer more, but the vast majority of slots guarantee players about 4,000 x rating, so there is a big difference, it is also more than Tombstone offered. During the game, you can minimally deposit 0.2 of a given currency, it can be 200.

Symbols in Deadwood

In Deadwood, we have 5 symbols borrowed from cards and 5 symbols closely related to the subject, in this case only 10. All of them pay at least 3 symbols, and a maximum of 5 symbols in the cluster. Below we describe all symbols and their values. They are given on the basis of the plant 1.

  • 10, J and Q are treated in the game completely the same. For drawing 3 of them you will get 0.05 coins. You will get your bet on the screen on the screen.
  • A and K also form one group. For a minimal number of symbols, or 3, you get 0.10 coins. On the other hand, from 5 of them you will receive 1.25 coins.
  • The pistol will give you a maximum of 1.50 for 5 symbols. You will get 0.15 coins for the minimum number of symbols.
  • Alcohol bottle also provides 0.15 coins for 3 symbols, for 5 of them there are 2 coins.
  • The open safe will make you richer by a maximum of 2.50 coins and at least 0.20 coins.
  • A gold watch does not change its minimum rate, and 5 symbols will pay you 3 coins.
  • Gold bars offer 3.75 for 5 symbols in the cluster, and the minimum prize is 0.25 coins.

We are sure that you will not have any problem with moving around the slot. You can not notice the start-up button, because it is a very large, transparent square with an arrow in the middle. If you want to speed up the gameplay, select the lightning button, it is under the main button. Immediately next to him, you have a AutoPLAY button in which you can choose, after how many spinach the game is to stop, also after what percentage of losses and profit.

Immediately under these buttons, you can find all your means that can be spent on the game. Under the other side you will find the opportunity to choose your bet. All you need to do is choose a button with a dollar symbol and you will see all the possibilities of the plant in columns. We like this way of showing what player has the opportunity, you do not need to search for the right plots or minuses.

The button next to you turn on and off the music, upload the selected bet value under them. Be sure to click on the button with three dots, you will be moved to the page on which all symbols, bonuses, as well as game rules are described. On the left you will also see Golden Christmas. It leads to a bonus store. So if you do not want to wait for happiness, you can pay and bring them yourself. Remember, however, that in this way, you can lose money, a large bonus costs at least 150 euros, a small bonus of 14 euros.

Bonusy w Deadwood

If you like when something happens in the game, Deadwood is for you. This slot was provided with several interesting bonuses, which are quite often appear on the screen. During the game, you will certainly not be bored. Below we discuss all bonuses to know what awaits you.

  • Symbol wild

Wild symbols in Deadwood are inseparably connected to multipliers, so they do not talk about them separately. In the game there are 3 symbols of this type, one of them presents an Indian with a gun, a woman with blond hair and an elderly man a cowboy cap. These symbols not only replace base symbols, but also act as multipliers.

Wildlens cover the entire drum, so they will be visible on four symbols. A very interesting function is that Wild sometimes poses only partially, covering 1, 2 or 3 symbols. Then this symbol starts to wander up or down to cover the entire drum, and with each shift you gain x 1, so you can count on x 4 of the current win. Unless you come across more than one Wild symbol, then your winnings will be even bigger. At the top of the grid you can observe how big your multiplier is currently.

  • Shoot Out

Among the symbols there is a sheriff decoration and it appears only on the drums from the shore. If you can get both symbols in one spin, all the symbols of the card in this spin will become Wild symbols. This is thanks to this you can get a greater win.

  • Free spiny

The functions of free spins in Deadwood has been interestingly expanded. At the beginning, to draw her, you have to draw 3 skull symbols. Then the game gives you the opportunity to choose. You get 8 spins in Gunslinger Spins or Hunter Spins mode. The first of them makes you get a unlimited number from multipliers, and if you draw a Wild Symbol with a multiplier, it will remain until the end of the round Free spins. It may turn out that the win from the final spin will be multiplied by 11 x or even more.

Hunter Spins, in turn, makes the Wild symbol guaranteed at every spin. If you hit at least one sheriff badge during the round of free spins, you are lucky because each of them adds 1 free spin. The more interesting thing happens when both sheriff's badges will get both. Then the Shoot Out function will work, and it will be active until the end of the series of free spins. The same situation will appear when two sheriff badges and three skulls will appear on the grid. Then you have 10 free spins awarded immediately.

  • The possibility of buying a bonus

Free spins and a special version of free spins can be bought. The price depends on your bet. If you want, you can help happily.

Summary of Deadwood

If you like challenges and good fun, Deadwood is definitely for you. The presented slot was created on the basis of history of the town of Deadwood and the series of it inspired. The game is very good in terms of graphics and is a musical master. The producer took care of even the smallest details. Players also enjoy a large maximum win and many bonuses that appear quite often. Visit the town of Deadwood, get a bit of gold and a mesh on the grid, you can add you happiness.

release date 22 April 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 96,06%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Nolimit city
Game Western, wild west, town with gold
Gravity 5
Winning lines 576
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 13 950 x player rate
Maximum win (coins): 13 950 x player rate
Bonus functions Free spins, multipliers, wildlife, shoot out, buying a bonus
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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