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Dead or Alive 2

By magdalena
29 June, 2022
Fanom Wild West We recommend Dead Or Alive 2. This is Sequel Dead Or Alive, which turned out to be almost the same hit as his successor. Slot is known for an amazing climate in which he introduces a player. Not without significance are all bonuses offering free spins in different combinations. Great graphics, soundtrack, which is unbeatable, everything creates one of the most popular games on the market. In the article below you will learn more details about this game, so if you are interested in it, this information will certainly help you get acquainted with it. Do not skip any detail, and you will be ready for a full voltage.
  • Interesting theme
  • Extremely refined graphic robe
  • Many free spins
  • The possibility of choosing a bonus
  • Easy slot for use
  • Climate soundtrack
  • Slot has very high variability

With sequels very often it happens that the fans of the original fail. Manufacturers usually follow the blow because the first part of the film or book has become very popular. It is known that you need to buy iron while hot, so the second and subsequent parts should appear in the fastest possible time. Unfortunately, it suffers from this quality, which makes fans are not satisfied. Players can not say this about Dead or Alive 2.

NetEnt He crashed the bank releasing a game in the style of a wild west called Dead or Alive. This slot delighted players, and his producer decided to create the second part of this game. It is rather rare but he managed to do something even better to the extent that Dead Or Alive 2 quickly chased his original. Players are still coming back to Dead or Alive, but this second part of this game became a real hit. We do not surprise us at all, the slot is refined in every inch.

The theme of the game remained intact, we are still in the Wild West, in an anonymous town that can be associated with western. In the background, we see an endless road and rocky mountains, in small towns in these areas there are still no roads, so you can only admire the whipped sand, popular with western. On both sides you can see houses made of wood, they look quite realistically. The sky is not clean, you can see a few clouds, from which ominous lightning is extracted from time to time.

We finally come to the net, which is a kind of gate or a strangle, we prefer to think that this is the second option. Rotated wood creates a very realistic atmosphere. It is also worth paying attention to add-ons, and each of them adds something from each other. The upper part of the grid is tied with ropes, you can also see a hoot for happiness. On one side, bottles that are hanging in the wind rhythm are suspended. On the other side, the lamp is suspended, probably olive, burns. At the basics there is a circle-based wheel and a skull of an animal, probably a goat.

The manufacturer decided to show winning lines in a quite interesting way. On the rotten wood there are numbers painted on pinned pieces of wood, they are marked with different colors. When you get on no arrow, they move and make a clatter. Exactly the same situation is repeated when you win a cluster on a given line winning, a digit that marks a given line rhythmically moves. So you can easily guess who is winning.

We also have to mention bonuses because they makes them come to a completely different place. The first of them takes a player on a train ride. You see the interior of the wagon and seat, you can also look through the window, but you can see only sand. The grid also changes, which instead of rotting wood looks like as if it were prepared from metal. In addition, the producer also took care of sound effects, which is why a speeding train can be heard in the background.

In the next two bonuses, the player is moved to the bar. It looks quite standard, we have a good view of the bar where drinks are sold, you can also see empty stoli, the interior is quite elegant. In terms of graphic, Netent tried very much, as always. It can also be seen on the example of symbols that are extremely carefully made. They are all somehow combined with our image of the Wild West. Among them we find high cowboy boots with spurs, a bottle and a glass with alcohol, a sheriff star, a typical cowboy hat and a revolver.

Noteworthy is Scatter, which are two pistols and a skull of an animal, probably a buffoon. When you come across one symbol of this type, the guns start to shoot, and the sound effects are very realistic. Wild symbols are interesting thoughtful, they present four very popular robbers at that time, you will learn more about them later. At this moment, we can say that when they take part in one of the clusters, they move. A woman scorching his finger on a dagger, a senior man begins to shoot. The graphics are beautifully refined, some objects look like real.

All these effects are really high. Just look at the control panel itself. In order not to stand out on the background of the theme, they also imitate wood. In addition, the game that runs the game has corners that were popular at that time, thanks to them you can easily recognize it. The soundtrack in this game is really high. It does not tire a player because it is active only at some moments. This is a minimalist solution that we like very much. From time to time you can hear the concept of popular Indian instruments, sometimes birds and church bells will also speak.

Most of the time when, for example, you can get a cluster, you will be able to hear delicate guitar sounds. If you do not like noisy slots and you expect high-quality sounds that fit into the climate and transfer the player to the dangerous world of the Wild West, you are in a good place. The whole climate looks like it was a "silence before the storm." It is quiet and calmly, but however a bit unnaturally, the player can feel a strange tension that warns that something can happen. This effect can be obtained in films, it rarely happens in slots, but the netent has succeeded.

You already know all the details of the game about the theme, time for specifications. And here the Dead Or Alive 2 slot comes out very well, just look at the rate of return, which is 96.82%. For the manufacturer, only a little more than 3% left. This is much more than the standard, so you can expect a big winnings. However, you have to remember that Dead Or Alive 2 is a very highly variable slot. This means that you can hit a lot of empty spins. You should not worry about you because after a bad session you can count on larger winnings. We know that not everyone likes this type of games because they can easily demotivate.

Dead Or Alive grid is quite standard, typical 5 x 3. 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols are sufficient to win something interesting. The winners are 9, which may not be too good result, but you can meet slots with a smaller number. There is something interesting in the plants because the game does not give players too much choice. You can only select from 0.09 to 18, which may not satisfy everyone. However, this is understandable because Dead Or Alive was preparing for players a very high maximum win, and this is 111 111 x player rate, so you certainly understand how much you can win.

Symbole w Dead or Alive 2

We have already discussed a little symbols in Dead Or Alive 2 and you know that they look very good. However, is a presentation of their only feature? Fortunately, not, thanks to them, you can get a lot of a lot. There is a certain part of the symbols that have been borrowed from cards, but they have been nicely stylized to fit into the theme. She managed because metallic A, K and the others do not stand out very much from others. Below you will find a list of all symbols and their values.

  • 10 Da each player 2 coins if he can get 3 symbols in the cluster. The win is increased to 25 if 10 will be 5.
  • J leaves a minimum win, but it pays up to 40 coins to anyone who will win a combination with 5 symbols.
  • Q raises the rate of up to 4 coins for 3 symbols, and for 5 q, you can count on winning 50 coins.
  • K is a symbol that you will minimally you will get 5 coins, the maximum win in turn is 75 coins.
  • And it gives you a minimum rate twice, so it's 10 coins. On the other hand, win for 5 and this is 100 coins.
  • A bottle with alcohol gives players an identical payment for 3 symbols, in turn for 5 symbols you can expect 200 coins.
  • Cowboy boots pay 12 coins for 3 symbols in the cluster, you will get 300 coins for the maximum number.
  • The hat gives at least 15 coins and a maximum of 400 coins, for 5 symbols in combination.
  • The revolver rewards players 20 coins for 3 symbols, you can get 750 coins for 5 revolver.
  • The sheriff star is the most cost-effective symbol. It does not change withdrawals for 3 decorations, but already 5 symbols will give you a dizzying sum of 1,000 coins.

All symbols are presented as if in a wooden box, which gives an interesting effect. Dead Or Alive 2 is a pretty easy slot, so even a beginner have no reason to worry. All buttons are nicely marked, you know where to press. We have already mentioned a button that has horns, which is why it is easily recognizable. In addition, it is exactly in the middle, so it's hard to skip it.

On the right side there is a MAX BET option, so you will bet with the maximum bet. On the left is AUTOPLAY, and this is an option for persistent players. You can set up to 1,000 spins on it. Returning to the right, you can choose the value of a single coin and you change it with Plus and Minus buttons. Next you have the number of all coins on your account, it changes after each spin, depending on how much you win or lose.

On the left you have a bet option. The bet itself can not be changed, but you can change its level, also with the help of the and minus buttons. A very important button, not only for beginners, is "I". It is after selecting all information about the winners, symbols and bonuses. The slot rules can be found in a smaller button at the very bottom of the screen marked "and".

Bonusy w Dead or Alive 2

The Dead Or Alive 2 slot prepared one bonus for his players, which are free spins, but they occur in several variants. This is a very interesting bonus that will certainly speak to each player because you can choose what is more profitable. Few slots gives players the opportunity to choose, so use it in Dead or Alive 2. Below you will find all the necessary details.

  • Symbole Wild

In Dead or Alive there are as many as 5 Wild symbols, each takes one of the drums. Wildlife are the images of the most popular villains from that period, and among them are: Della Rose, Jesse James, Belle Star, Billy The Kid and Apache The Kid. These symbols are very important in free spin. With 5 Wild symbols in the cluster you can get up to 1,500 coins, so it's worth waiting for them.

  • Free spiny

To run free spins, just get 3 scatteres on the screen, or skull of an animal together with two pistols. Then you are moved to the screen where they appear 3 option, below explain what each of them will give you. In each version you will get 12 completely free spins, and additional bonuses are based on Wild symbols. Under the options you have a variation marker, options on the left are less variable, the more on the right, this variability increases. SAM SCATTER in a cluster from 5 symbols gives up to 2,500 coins, so beyond free spaces, you can also get a good sum.

  • Train Heist

This is an option with the lowest variability. The player is moved to the train. At the top there is a meter, it has 16 places. It is there for no reason. During 12 spins, you must collect Wild symbols. Each of them will fill one place on the meter, and if you manage to fill it all over, you will get an additional 5 spins. In addition, the number on the meter also corresponds to the multiplier, so based on the number of gathered wilders, your win will also be enlarged.

  • Old Saloon

A very similar option was in the original game. The rules are very simple because each win during 12 spins will enlarge x 2. In addition, all wildlife after drawing is in place. If at least 1 Wild will be on each drum, you get an extra 5 spins.

  • High Noon Saloon

This is the last option that is simultaneously the most variable. It is similar to the previous one, with the difference that every wild has been tapped with a multiplier, so a possible win will be multiplied based on the Numbers on the Wild symbol. If there are two wildlife in one sparkle, multipliers are summarized. All Wild also remain in place, and if there is at least one symbol of this type on each drum, you get an additional 5 spins. This option uses a special max function, which makes the player to win up to 40,500 x win.

Summary of the Dead Or Alive 2 automat

There is no such gambling machine on the market, like Dead Or Alive 2. This is one of the more interesting and better made slots. All you need to do is look at the graphic robe and soundtrack and you can get a sentence right away. All this would be irrelevant if the machine was weak in terms of specification, but it is not. Fully which slot can boast of such a large maximum winner, which is 111 111 x rate and high RTP. Very high variability can deter some players, but this is a matter of taste. Check Dead or Alive 2 in the demo version and see what we are talking about, there is a big chance that you will stay for a longer.

release date 23 April 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 96,82%
Volatility level High
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Wild West, Robix, Western, Shooting
Gravity 5
Winning lines 9
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 0,1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.09/18
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game approx. 111 111 x Player rate
Maximum win (coins): 2 000 000 monet
Bonus functions Wildi, Sticky Wild, Free Spiny, Multiplier
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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