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dragon match megaways

By magdalena
December 27, 2022
People who are looking for new inspirations, we recommend playing this year's game called Dragon Match Megaways. The game was prepared by a well-known supplier, and its motif is an oriental dragon. The subject may not seem the most inspiring, but do not judge this slot until you try it, because it is his execution that counts the most, and it is really a high level. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of this machine, all are in the following review. So if for some reason, Dragon Match Megaways interested you and would like to quickly check if it is worth investing in him and later also money, we will try to give you the most detailed information.
  • A well-completed theme
  • A soothing soundtrack and views
  • Full detail of graphics
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • Unusual solutions
  • Many interesting accessories
  • High volatility Not everyone can please
  • A small cross-section of the selection of the bet value

Roll Review Dragon Match Megaways

Dragon Match Megaways slot is undoubtedly a game that will stop in memory of the players. At the very beginning it can look like many other oriental motif. A quiet, Asian music, typical colors and climate. Even the form of a dragon may seem quite trapped. However, there is something that attracts players in this slot. It all depends on how a given machine has been made, and in this case it is about to talk about.

Let's start with the fact that the presented slot comes from such a large producer that isoftbet. For several years it has been known as a provider of one of the most technologically advanced slots on the market. Players are used to the fact that if a new game appears on the market, it must be good. Dragon Match Megaways is another machine that you can recommend players with a clear conscience at every level of advancement.

If you're looking for something relaxing and for beginners, Dragon Match Megaways will check great if you need a little more action, this is also the right position, and in this review you will learn why this is. At first, let's focus on theme. We have already mentioned that he is oriental. The Waiting Screen introduces us to a mysterious land, which is somewhere in the clouds and high mountains that seem to have no peak. They resemble the hills that can be admired in Thailand and in Vietnam.

Already at the beginning, we are served with beautiful and soothing views, and the typical Asian instruments with a calm soundtrack are heard. The main character of this game is a dragon that does not appear too often, but when it appears, you can count on really high prizes. Look after other symbols, and you will certainly not regret it. This mythical creature can occur in a red and golden version, each of them works otherwise, below you will have a chance to learn more about it.

We like the fact that after the start screen, the manufacturer of this game presents us its main bonuses, thanks to which you immediately know what to expect. Only when we confirm that we have read this information, we can go further. The land in which the player is really beautiful. It is stylized on orient, that's why in the background you can notice typical Asian bridges, distant pagodas and temples, dragon statues.

The producer managed to revive this image, the game is not static because in the background too much happens. Clouds are quite quickly moving around the sky, you can see fluttering butterflies and birds, they fall from trees under the influence of strong wind. Everything looks realistically and at the same time Sielsko, if you want to move to Asia in a minute, you can do it with the help of Dragon Match Megaways.

In the middle there is a grid that was stylized to enter the temple. At the top there is a distinctive peak, on both sides there are two pillars that are entitled by the statues of two golden dragons. Everything is preserved beautifully and can build a suitable climate. The soundtrack does not change during the game, which is a good move because it is extremely relaxing.

Let's now go to technical settings, because in this case it is also what to tell. First of all, this is a cascade game. This function is that in one spin you can draw a few clusters. This is possible because after drawing one combination, the symbols disappear in it. The rest falls into their place, and new symbols appear at the very top. This creates many new opportunities.

This is not the end of the additives in the slot grace. At first glance, it may be presented as a rather standard, because it has 4 drums and 3 rows of symbols. Just look a little up and you can see two additional symbols. They connect with the symbols from the grid, create clusters with them, but also have additional functions of starting the bonus. There are not many slots with such an addition, so if you're looking for something else and new, necessarily try Dragon Match Megaways.

Players already have many reasons to enjoy, and here there are one more: this is the presence of Megaways. It was proposed by the Big Time Gaming manufacturer, then the patent received other groups. Thanks to this line winning the machine is really a lot, in this case up to 3136 winning lines. This means that drawing suitable clusters will not be so difficult as it seems.

With the defect you can admit that the player's return rate could, however, be larger, is exactly 95.99%. This is not a bad result, but it could be larger, although in the case of Megaways, this is a standard. In addition, variability is high, which means that the win may not appear too often, but it will usually compensate for the previous spins without any wins. When it comes to bets, the minimum rate is 0.2 a given currency, the maximum is 20. The cross-section is not too impressive, but again it is quite typical for slot machines with a previously mentioned function.

What will certainly appeal to players is that they can win a maximum of 20,000 x of their stake. Imagine that you choose a maximum rate and win the main prize, and the prize will turn out to be really high. Another advantage is that the game works very well on every device, also on these mobile ones. To this should be added that it is available in the demo version, so to get to know her, you do not have to spend money.

Symbole w slocie Dragon Match Megaways

We have already mentioned the fact that Dragon Match Megaways is very nicely made and so it is actually even in the case of symbols. There are several that have been borrowed from cards, but there are not too much of them. They are beautifully designed, match the game and offer a lot of varied combinations. You will learn more below with their values.

  • 10 and J have the same value, it is the smallest. Players for 3 symbols will get 0.40 euros, in turn for 4 symbols in a combination of a player will get 2 euros.
  • Q gives a little more, it is exactly 0.60 euros and then 4 euros for 4 symbols.
  • K increases the rate to 0.80 euros for 3 symbols, in turn, you can get 6 euros for the maximum number of symbols in the cluster.
  • And is the best from card symbols because it gives 1 euro for 3 symbols and as much as 8 euros for 4 symbol combination.
  • The drum is worth 10 euros for 4 symbols, the player also gets 1.20 euros for a minimum number of symbols.
  • The royal symbols give at least 1.60 euros, if you collect 4 symbols, you will get 12 euros.
  • Lotus flower makes you richer by 16 euros, and it can be a minimum of 2 euros.
  • The envelope with money is worth 20 euros for 4 symbols and at least 3 euros for 3.
  • The Golden Dragon is the most profitable symbol because it pays at least 8 euros and a maximum of 80 euros.

Above we described all symbols in this slot. If you want to learn more about them, follow the left side of the machine, there is a small button "i". If you choose it, you will show all information about Dragon Match Megaways, bonuses, symbols, principles and more. When you get acquainted with them, you will be prepared not only to play in the demo version, but also this money.

The use of slot is not difficult. The entire menu is placed on the right. The largest button is the one that starts the game. At the top there is a similar button, only a little smaller, with its help you can quickly set how many spins are to be played in the AutoPLAY option. It helps when you prepare for a longer session. Below is the most important button, it is with its help to set the appropriate bet. Choose one of the options, see if it suits you, have a different betting and find a golden center.

Bonuses in the machine Dragon Match Megaways

The principle is that new slots have statistically more bonuses and promotions, so if you care about them, be sure to look for a Match MegaWays machine. This is a very fresh machine that has to offer free spiny bonuses, Wild symbols and add-ons you will certainly not find in any other slot.

That's why we recommend this game, because nowhere else will you be able to try such interesting mechanisms. We invite you to check all bonuses below, we have been described in detail.

  • Wild

In almost every slot, even this standard, you can find Wild symbols, so the presence of it in Dragon Match Megaways is not a surprise. However, thanks to this symbol you can get much easier to get the best combinations or any combination so that the plant should turn, and this is something. In this symbol of this symbol you do not have to look for because it is visible, there is a red dragon on it.

  • The Dragon Match

We have already mentioned that the grid of the presented slot is very interesting because two drawn symbols can decide a lot about further game. If it happens that on the top there will be two the same symbols, they become Wild symbols. The same happens with the remaining symbols below, if a cluster will create with others.

  • Free spiny

To describe free spins in this machine, we have to go back to the previous add-on, or the Dragon Match. A special case is the moment when the symbols forming the image of the Golden Dragon will appear in these two gaps. Then you can feel the happier because you mean that you have just won a series Free spins. In Dragon Match Megaways, this feature has been specially expanded to make the players not have an opportunity for boredom. A choice of one of three packages of free spins is in front of the machine. Below you will find out what you have to choose from:

  1. The player can choose 12 free spins, but in this case the multiplier starts from one during the round.
  2. In this case, you will get 8 free spins, you will be able to count on a multiplier from five right away.
  3. If you are not sure, you can choose "a mysterious option" in which you can get a combination of 8 or 12 spins with a multiplier starting with one or five.

Each time you can get a winning combination, the multiplier increases. Good information is that there is no limit as to the multiplier, so it can come to high values. In addition, it may happen that you will again draw a golden dragon, in this case you simply get another free spins, for which there is also no limit.

Summary of Dragon Match Magaways

Dragon Match Megaways is a completely new position from ISOFTBET, which many players were waiting impatiently. Game, as you could expect, is really well prepared, the manufacturer took care of all details and other details that make the machine unique. It is very highly evaluated due to the quality of the graphic design, bonuses, as well as the climate that he succeeded. It is interesting that this is one of those soothing slots that relieve the pain of everyday life through a relaxing music, a nice graphic for the eye, and for this alluring a big win. Check it yourself and see if it's worth it.

release date May 8 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 95,99%
Volatility level High
Software supplier IsoftBet
Game Asia, dragons, orient
Gravity 5
Winning lines 3136
Number of drums: 4
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/20
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 20,000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 20,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Free spiny, multiplier, wild, matching symbols
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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