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razor shark

By magdalena
5 January, 2022
Underwater world Razor Shark is waiting for the discovery of gambling enthusiasts. All people who like such climates will certainly be satisfied because Razor Shark turns out to be one of the best games of this type. It is not only well thought out and professionally prepared, but also provides really good fun. During the game, we can feel like divers who discover the underwater world, animals are located there (especially different types of sharks) and additional bonuses prepared by the manufacturer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a detailed review of Razor Shark games, from which you can learn everything about it and based on this information, decide whether it is worth trying it.
  • Interesting theme
  • Pretty graphic robe
  • Details about details
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • Unusual solutions
  • Pretty high rate of refund
  • High volatility Not everyone can please

Razor Shark Slot

In the middle of 2019, exactly on August 20, an awaited slot named Razor Shark appeared on the market. For some time, Push Gaming for some time, a manufacturer of this game, regularly announced this slot, which only enhanced the waiting of players, as well as the requirements for the machine. It turned out to be happier that the machine was mostly fulfilled, which we want to say more specifically at this review. Of course, you should be aware that no slot is perfect, so it is best to read about all functions and then decide yourself.

Push gaming is known for high quality slots, so we do not surprise us that Razor Shark has also been made in this way. This company always has completely new ideas for its machines and surprises players, so it is worth observing new games because they have quite a lot to offer. There are several games whose leitmotif is underwater world. Razor Shark also shows depth, but mainly focuses on sharks, or title animals.

This is a fairly innovative idea that must be admitted that Push Gaming came out very well. After turning on the game, we immediately move to the land in which sharks prevail. The player feels, as if he watched the action from behind the aquarium or himself was a deep-sea diver, which gives a very interesting impression. The effects are quite realistic because the water is still moving, giving a shit of liquidity, which looks really really.

On both sides there are rocks on which a coral reef grows in various colors. For this you can notice starfishes and other marine creatures and colored plants of seaweed. There are also smaller fish that stand on the side, from time to time, kidnapping to flow. If a player looks good, at the top you can see light waves, which means that we do not sleep so deeply.

Symbols are largely sharks, various types to not get bored. You can also meet the diver's equipment, which for some can spend quite terrible because the game suggests that he has been fired or came across a sea face, which also has a lot to say in this game, but you will find out later. Graphic layout of this slot has been prepared for quite high levels, all elements look very naturally.

Some people think that Razor Shark does not have too many additional effects. However, we believe that thanks to this, the game gains transparency and does not need them. The entire menu and options look good and combine well with the sea theme. The views are quite calming, and if someone depends on additives, they will meet them in bonuses. We also have to mention a special audio path. It is very energetic and disgusts. It suits the motif of bloodthirsty sharks lurking to the diver's homework.

In technical terms, you should know a few things. First of all, this is a fairly typical game, the heap is equipped with 5 drums and in 4 rows of symbols. All of them are always active. 20 winners are also not something that is considered the best value, but many players appreciate it, you can win a lot and quite easily. However, you need to watch out because the winnings may not appear so fast. The game has very high variability, so larger wins occur, but only from time to time.

Players look different on this type of variation, because if you do not plan a longer game, you can not hit a greater win. However, if you do not give up too quickly and rather you are adjusting for a longer gameplay, you can risk. The return for the player is quite standard, it is exactly 96.7%, so you can count on recovery. When it comes to plants, you can try with a minimum value, and this is a 0.1 different currency. The maximum is 100 different currencies, so players of different types should be satisfied.

The maximum win in this game is quite surprising and hard to find similar in other slots. It amounts to 85 475 x player rate. It is a really huge sum that can only be gained during the round of free spins. The advantage of Razor Shark is undoubtedly that without any problem it works on various devices, especially those mobile ones. Players can play for free or for real money anywhere and at any time. So if you are interested in this game, maybe it's best to try the version of this slot for free, which is equally exciting, what to shark for real money.

Symbols in the Razor Shark Slot

Due to the fact that Razor Shark has a fairly special motif, symbols in this slot are also special. All without exception are related to sharks or with a submarine world, so there is no boredom. Some players can be tired of a constant view of card or fruit symbols, they do not testify here. Symbols are several and most have different value. Below you would like to introduce all symbols along with their values.

  • Camera, mask, fins and gas cylinder, i.e. all the diver's attributes have one lowest value. This is 0.05 coins for a combination with three symbols of this type. If you can find 5, you will get 1.25 coins.
  • The blue shark is another in the queue and you can get exactly 0.20 coins for 3 symbols and 2.50 coins for a maximum rate, i.e. for 5 symbols.
  • A green shark is a symbol for which you can get a minimum reward in the form of 0.25 coins, and if a player is lucky, it will get 3.75 coins for 5 symbols.
  • Purple shark offers up to 0.50 coins behind a cluster with three symbols. In turn, for 5 symbols in combination you can get 10 coins.
  • The orange shark is one of those symbols that pays to draw, because you can get up to 12.5 coins for it. The minimum rate for it is 0.75 coins.
  • Shark with golden teeth is a symbol of Wild and that's why there are the greatest prizes for him. For 5 symbols in the cluster you can get as many as 25 coins and this is the largest value for one combination. You will get 1.25 coins for this minimum shark.

We have already mentioned that the menu in this game is really well arranged. First of all, it is really transparent, so even a beginner will give advice in it. Let's start with a button that you should immediately interest you, and this is a button starting the entire game. It is located a maximum right, downstairs under the slot grid. It is marked with two arrows so that no player mistake.

Next to him, on the left side you can find a button on which there is a short arrow. It is much smaller and it has such a task that you can choose the exact number of spins and then only observe the entire action. This is an ideal option when you are doing something else or you just are prepared for a longer gameplay and want to have control over the amount of spins. You can choose different numbers, and also when a series of spins to stop.

For the player, the most important thing is what bet in the game. This information is necessary when you choose a real game. That depends on how much you can lose in the game. This option is located in the middle of the menu. Press on the arrow to expand all bet options and select one of them. You can change them after each spin.

In the breaks between the buttons there are information, for example about the last victory and about general measures to be used. The most important button is the one that has been marked as a collection of white squares. It is in it that there is the ability to read all the information about the machine, get acquainted with bonuses and symbols. In addition, on the side there is a button to turn on and off music.

Bonuses in Razor Shark

People looking for strong impressions are in a very good place, because just in Razor Shark hides a lot of bonuses. The game is hard to go without activating any bonus, they are lurking anywhere, so active players can rub their hands. Below we describe what you can expect from this game on bonuses.

  • Symbol wild

In the game's presented game there is a Wild symbol, thanks to which the winning will become easier. This symbol has a large shark and can replace every symbol. However, the exception is Scatter, which can not be replaced.

  • Free spiny

In a good game, Razor Shark you can always find free spins. All you have to do is draw 3 scatter symbols, and a bonus round is activated with revolutions for free. The scatter symbol is characteristic water faces, you will notice them immediately. If you manage to draw an extra face during a bonus round, you will get another free spin.

During this round on the second and fourth drum, Mystery Stack appears, which more you will learn below. Every time this feature appears on the screen, then Nudge & Reveal Feature, a multiplier of winnings for players increases one. The bonus round will last so long until the player succeeded to draw these functions and ends when ordinary symbols are drawn.

  • Mystery Stack

This is a very interesting feature that appears during the round of free spins. These are the most frequently 4 symbols that appear on the grid and are covered by algae. After a while from appearing on the screen, there is a discovery of obscured symbols, and this function is called Nudge & Reveal Feature. It may turn out that ordinary symbols hide there for which he gets to pay. Then all wandering lines are active. Something interesting happens when orange sharks under algae.

At this point, each symbol begins to turn, and this function is called Razor Reveal. After stopping, on the symbols there may be a number that suggests a winning multiplier and the player wins just such a sum. If there is a SCATTER symbol, then you can count on the next round of free spins. Such fun can drag on a really long time.

Summary of the Razor Shark machine

Razor Shark is one of the best slots of underwater world. Rarely which the manufacturer is also an innovative motif with different types of sharks. It is fresh and very interesting. News can also be noted in the bonuses, because apart from free spinners, players also have other promotions that will not meet normally in slots. It is something special, thanks to which you will be able to come back to the game.

The also deserves graphic design that was made at a high level and very high maximum win. The machine has a lot to offer, which is already visible to the naked eye. If you are looking for something special at which you would like to stay longer, Razor Shark is a good choice.

release date August 20, 2019
Return to Player (RTP): 96,7%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Push Gaming
Game sharks, underwater world
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 85 475 x player rate
Maximum win (coins): 85 475 x player rate
Bonus functions Free spiny, bonus round, multiplier, wild
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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