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viking runecraft

By magdalena
7 September, 2022
People who love various kinds of bonuses, atmosphere and interesting rules are recommended Viking Runecraft. It is a slot from Play'n Go, which was created in 2017. Since then, he has won the recognition of players, especially those experienced, because he requires a little emergency in the world of slots. This does not mean that the beginner can not use it. Especially for them we have created a review from which you can find out what the presented slot offers. All information We put below, after reading this review, you will be ready to start your adventure with Viking Runecraft, so we invite you to read.
  • Interesting theme
  • Simple navigation on the slot
  • The whole lot of bonuses
  • Returned graphics
  • A beautiful soundtrack
  • Cooperation with mobile devices
  • Pretty low return rate
  • Beginners can get lost

Viking Runecraft Slot

In case you have already bored slots about the subject of Egyptian and Greek mythology, because as you know, machines of this type is the most, you can try with Nordic mythology. It is a little less popular from others, thanks to this, she still kept her freshness. Several producers, including play'n he decided to raise this subject and this is what Viking Runecraft was created and several other games associated with Nordic mythology. We are happy that this play'n it took care of this project because it is known that it produces one of the best games around the market.

We are sure about the quality of the game mechanism, but players pay attention to many aspects. Currently, they are very demanding, which is a good sign, because game providers have already shown many times that they can actually prepare really good automatic slots. The potential is very high, which is also visible on the example of Viking Runecraft. This is a creatively created slot in which nothing is missing anything. It is far from classic slot machines because it is equipped with many additives and bonuses.

This slot we especially recommend players who are quite bored. The dynamics of the game is a decent enviable, there is no time to rest, unless you just hit the empty spin, which happens in every game. The theme of this slot is already interesting, or Nordic mythology. In fact, the manufacturer focuses more on the Rany themselves. Most symbols are stamps that have been communicated in the past. They are engraved on stones, and when they fall, they create a characteristic sound that sounds very real.

Among the symbols there are also identified items with Nordic gods. We will say about the symbols more later, now we can mention that this will be, for example, a Thora hammer, a dey helmet, Frei necklace and much more. The special atmosphere of the accompanying game is really unprecedented. Immediately you can move to the world of gods, in which magic really exists and players are in the middle of the action. It is interesting that throughout the whole action accompanied us one of the gods, in fact, they stand at a mesh for a change, depending on what is happening. Their presence is not bound only with the addition of encouragement to the player, but also offer help in winning, which we will still mention.

Sam slot is made in terms of graphic very well. There is nothing that bothered players. The background of the machine is quite clean, you can see on it that we are somewhere high, probably in the mountains, it's snowing. The grid is large, and the game is cascading, which means that more than one combination can hide in one spin. This works in such a way that the symbols that have made a given combination disappear, the remaining ones fall into their place, and new symbols appear on top, so arranging new combinations, even several times.

The graphic robe of the machine has been well thought out. The producer focused especially on the details, everything is beautifully designed, even winter clothes of the gods themselves. You should not forget about all special effects that appear in the game. They are also refined in every detail, also and in this case the manufacturer has made a medal. The most interesting part of this slot, however, are sounds. In the machine, everything is played, there is no moment of peace from the soundtrack, but it will incorporate what is happening on the screen, so it does not bother. It is not too quiet, or too loud, it is just perfectly matched to create a climate.

Now we are going to the technical parts that look as well as those regarding the look of the game. We have already mentioned that the game is cascading, so this message can already tell you that the grid is big. It is indeed, players can be surprised because after turning on the game they welcome a big one for 7 x 7 symbols. Due to the fact that the number of symbols in drums and rows is the same, the grid creates a square. This is a video slot that works not only on your computer, but also on all mobile devices. High graphic quality and mechanics allow you, so you can always reach for this game.

It is interesting that there are no typical winning lines in games, they are won for each combination of at least 5 identical symbols, it does not matter if they are arranged horizontally or vertically. Some may not like the player's refund rate because it enters its result a little below the standard, and exactly 94.66%. This result is not completely angry, but it is worth knowing that there are many games that have better parameters of this type. High volatility is also something that you can love or hate everything depends on what style you prefer. This parameter suggests that you can wait a bit for winning, you will not avoid empty spins when you will win, you will be able to celebrate because it will be greater.

We also do not forget about financial issues, they are one of the most important ones. You can decide on the plant yourself and you can minimally paid a 0.1 different currency. This is not a game for High Rollers, because you can choose a 100 currency option. The maximum win on this machine is 5,000 x Your rate, so you can calculate how much more will it be. Viking Runecraft is a game that is available in several languages, including Australian, so you should immediately understand all the principles of this game. This machine works on any device regardless of the software and it is not complicated in navigation.

Symbols in the Viking Runecraft slot

In the presented slot, all symbols are directly related to its motif, there are no cosques in the form of cards to play. Below you will find out what exactly the symbols can be found and what their values are. Placing payments based on the plant equal to 1.

  • Green Runa gives players the smallest win. If you hit 5 such runes on the screen, you will get a prize in the form of 0.20 coins, and if it's 15 green symbols, the prize increases to 10 coins.
  • Violet Runa increases a little win, and it is 0.30 coins for 5 symbols. In turn, you will get 20 coins for 15 Run.
  • Blue Runa provides winning 0.40 coins for every 5 symbols. If you can get them 15, you can count on 30 coins.
  • Yellow Runa makes your win to collect 5 of them will be 0.50 coins. For 15 symbols, the prize will increase up to 40 coins.
  • Brown Runa is the most valuable, because you will get 0.80 coins for the same symbols. For 15 you will be able to praise 50 coins.
  • Frei necklace gives you a win in the order of 1 coins, and that means that your bet just will come back to you. If you are lucky, you will get 80 coins, just 15 symbols of the necklace.
  • Heimda's hammer will make you leave for a on 5 symbols because you will win 1.50 coins. You will get 100 coins for the maximum number of symbols.
  • Odin helmet pays 2.50 coins for 5 symbols and 250 coins for 15 symbols.
  • Thor's hammer is the most powerful symbol, you will get to your account for a minimum of 5 coins. When you get them 15, you'll get a fabulous sum of 1000 coins.

Even if you are a badly beginner player, you will not have a problem with navigating after its functions. Just look good and everything is visible. However, let's start from the beginning, i.e. from the actuating button. It is located on the right and has a hexagon shape. It's hard to notice him because it shines in green. Immediately next to it, the AutoPlay button is on the right. Choose how many spins are to be played without your interference, in the meantime you can take care of something completely different.

Exactly under the grid there are tiles with various values. They correspond to the plant. You will only see a few options, but you can develop them with the help of or minus. When you choose the right value, it will appear on the right. There is a blank space over these tiles, and every last player's last win will appear. Further on the left side you can see the entire sum of the player's funds. Immediately next to this sum, you can see a large button with a letter "I". You can easily guess that it is he who moves the player to the next screen in which all bonuses, game mechanisms have been explained, and also told about symbols. It is worth getting acquainted with these information before the game, especially for real money.

Bonuses in the game Viking Runecraft

  • Presence of gods

When you turn on the game, you will immediately notice that one of the Nordic gods stands on the right side of the net. It is not only for ornaments, it meets a very important function. At the moment when you come across empty spins, you have a chance to get an additional prize, just thanks to one of the gods. Depending on what in the moment the figure is there, you will get such a bonus. At the beginning it is Thor and it makes from 5 to 9 symbols change into a Wild symbol.

Another figure will appear when you manage to clean your data on the symbols from symbols. It is specially marked with yellow tiles. Another thing will appear, who sends 4 wildlife, and they appear in groups after 2. Another Goddi Freja is another, this in turn will give you so many symbols of Wild, until in the end one of them will create a winning combination. When you reach the last round, you will meet God Hemialla. This one is very generous because it distributes as many as 7 wilds, one for each drum.

  • Runy Valhalla

You can notice immediately that the runes are drawn on stones of different color and this is not a case. When you manage to get a cluster with all types of runes, and you can read the pattern symbol on the game yet, you can call your lucky because you just unlocked the Valhalla bonus. A Fortune wheel with runes will appear on the screen. Your task is to hit this wheel, then the sum you won. The more Run, the greater the chance to win.

  • Charging wheel

On the left side there is a charging wheel. It works in this way that it only loads when you win. All loads will only be loaded when 20 symbols will disappear in one spin. The first load makes two symbols next to each other change into identical symbols, and other two are thrown out of the screen.

When you make the next 20 symbols will disappear, you go to the second round, and there the entire random symbol chain is selected, the majority is removed from the screen and the part changes into identical symbols. Another round consists in the fact that 3 symbols are selected, these ones are thrown out of the grid, and the chosen ones are doubled. Two groups are chosen in the last round. One of them is destroyed and the other one is changed to the same symbols.

  • Ragnarok

This bonus is connected to the previous one. It works so that if you can create clusters from 20 symbols in one of the spins. In this way you get an additional Respin. This option will end when the charging wheel stops working. It is thanks to this promotion that you can get enlargement of your winnings up to 15 x, so it's worth to use.

Summary of the Viking Runecraft slot

After starting the Viking Runecraft game, you will not be able to quickly leave it because it is one of the most exciting slots on the market. A few vending machine can boast such a large number of different types of bonuses. Enjoy all of them, you have a good chance that you will be able to taste them all. This machine should also satisfy all the estes because it looks good, you can not fault him. Similarly, the case looks in the case of a soundtrack, it is ideally chosen to what is happening on the screen. Try the demo version of this game, you will not regret it.

release date 27 April 2017 year
Return to Player (RTP): 94,66%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Play’n go
Game Nordic gods, mythology, Vikings, Runes
Gravity 5
Number of drums: 7
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 5,000 x player stake
Maximum win (coins): 5,000 x player stake
Bonus functions Respin, multiplier, additional wildlings, symbol removal
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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