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Fortune Empire

By magdalena
September 24, 2022
We invite you to familiarize yourself with Reviews Empire Fortune, or gambling machine from the popular YGGDrasil manufacturer. On the market it appeared a few years ago, from this moment, it is constantly on the lists of one of the best machines on the market. When you choose this machine, you'll appeal to many advantages we'll discuss in this review. This is a game full of emotions in which you can find bonuses very often, and most importantly, you can win a jackpot win at any time. So if you are wondering if it is worth playing in Empire Fortune, read our review, and then see what sum hides in the jackpot.
  • To win as many as 3 Jackpots
  • Simple navigation on the slot
  • Many free spins
  • High quality graphics
  • A pleasant soundtrack
  • Cooperation with mobile devices
  • Good slot for beginners
  • Interesting climate
  • Very high variation

In 2016, another Third October on the market appeared another slot from Yggdrasil. This is one of the more solid manufacturers, so no one is surprised that the next machine also turned out to be very good. The presented game has a fairly standard motif in which the subject of wealth has been raised. We are located in a building that is a palace and we have access to the treasury that is really great. That's where all the money you want can win.

Unfortunately, the slot has no deeper history, it is only a reference to a large vault. However, the slot is quite climatic, you can quickly feel in the situation and want to win big money. When it comes to the graphic robe of the machine, it is subsidized in every respect. In the background you can see a lot of details, coins and other precious stones shine in the distance, you can also see great columns, we're sure where we are. At this point, you should also praise symbols. Each of them is a different stone that has been beautifully framed with gold.

You can quickly see that the mesh of this slot has rich, golden decorations, is carefully made in the same way as the rest of this machine. All symbols are on a navy blue background, thanks to which the symbols reflect nicely from it. At the top there are windows with some amounts, and these are the current values of jackpots. They are still changing because they are progressive jackpots. Empire Fortune offers up to 3 of them, which is why players are so eager to reach this slot. The menu has been nicely prepared for users, individual buttons can be visible well, you can easily read all the numbers.

Everything is made in a royal style, so if you like such topics, necessarily try Empire Fortune. There is nothing to count on special effects, they are not somehow spectacular, although you could expect it because this is not a action game. The sounding music is light and climatic, immediately brings to mind the meeting of great kings, dancing aristocratic pairs and more images of this type. The soundtrack will certainly not be disturbed, even the opposite, will help you relax and help you win.

Technically, we do not have to say too much about this game because it has quite standard parameters. Her grid predicts 5 drums and 3 rows of symbols. You can quickly guess that only 15 symbols can contain on the grid. In terms of the rate of return, unfortunately the slot did not show off, but he has a right. This is usually that slots with progressive jackpots usually have quite low RTP, because some of the plants must go to the game account so that they can withdraw those winnings with something. That is why this value in Empire Fortune is 94.3%, which is not yet as bad as a vending machine with up to three progressive jackpots.

However, which can be a problem for players, especially those beginners, it's high variance, or variability. This means that unfortunately the winnings will not appear too often and therefore you have to be patient. However, this waiting will burn, because such slots pay rarely, but in kind. Lines winning in this slot are 20, or the result again is very average. When you get to the game of real money and you will choose a bet, this options will be the results from 0.2 a given currency to 100 different currency.

The maximum win in this game is quite large, so it's worth to fight for yours. Such a modern game is equipped with everything to smoothly be started on different platforms and devices, so you do not have to worry about it. You need a Wi-Fi and an account in one of the online casinos to play it. At the beginning we encourage you to play in a demo version that is free. It is available at any time. More information on this game is below.

Symbols in the Empire Fortune machine

All symbols in the Empire Fortune slot are very well done, so that they do not stand from the other parts of this machine. They look noble and gold and does not even bother the fact that some of them were borrowed straight from the cards. Below you will learn all the details on each of the symbols of this game, also about its values, which is the most important for the player.

  • Blue shells will not give you too much win, but better than any. There will be 12 coins for three symbols, winning for 5 of them raises up to 250.
  • The stomach pays a little more, because as many as 15 coins for every 3 symbols in the cluster. Enjoy the message that you can get 5 symbols because there are 300 coins for a prize.
  • Wine proposes 20 coins if you can win a cluster consisting of 3 symbols. 400 coins are awarded for a set of symbols.
  • The heart raises the rate to the minimum of 25 coins and the maximum up to 500 coins for one cluster.
  • The blue diamond pays at any player at least 35 coins. On the other hand, you will get 1,000 coins for the entire set of 5 symbols.
  • The green diamond falls a little better and everything is because every player drawing at least 3 symbols in combination will get 40 coins. For this, the largest win is entirely 1,500 coins.
  • The purple diamond is powerful and therefore you can get up to 2,000 coins for the maximum. It is also quite a lot, because as many as 45 coins.
  • The red diamond is the one on which you should hunt because it is the largest and guarantees at least 50 coins and a maximum of 2,500 coins.

Empire Fortune belongs to more advanced games, but this does not mean that it is complicated in relation to the player. On the contrary, Yggdrasil makes it easier for users to task because all slot functions are very well marked. Just start from the Start button, which is completely in the middle of the screen. It is visible because it has been prepared in red, it has to wear a painted specific arrow.

On the right side of this button there is AUTO PLAY, which helps all players wanting to play a little longer. On the left from the START button there is one of which you can immediately set the maximum bet. Similarly, the option on the left, where you will see different windows and values. They correspond to the plant, as well as the lines to be active. When you play a demo version, these options serve only to exercise. However, when you play a real version, the money will be taken from your Casino account.

On the right side there is a window that presents all your funds you can use. If you want to find out more about this slot, click on a small button with a . When you develop it, you will see several menu options, one of them is marked with the letter "I". When you choose it, you will be able to read about all bonuses, winning lines, as well as symbols and their values. These are important information with which it is worth getting acquainted in front of the game for money.

Bonuses in the Empire Fortune slot

In such an interesting slot it is easy to find interesting additives. Empire Fortune hides quite a lot, and all bonuses make the game really exciting and can not get bored. Empire Fortune even guarantees a Jackpot winning, of course only for selected. Below you will find all information about potential bonuses you will find in this slot.

  • Hold Feature

Hold Feature can simply explain as Respin. This feature works in such a way that when you manage to draw two special symbols, but you are not able to draw the third to you to enjoy the prize, not everything for you lost. For the next spin, drums on which special symbols appear, they will be stopped. They will only move drums with other symbols so that you have a chance to draw your prize yet.

  • Free spiny

In the game you can win quite a lot of free spins. The symbol that you need to hunt is Joker. The principle is that if you manage to draw 3 jokers, you get 10 free spins, and all winnings will multiply X 2. If these symbols on the screen will be 4, your prize will be 20 spins, and all prizes will be covered by a multiplier up to x 4 . The best situation for the player is when he draws 5 jokers. Then he gets 30 spins for free and winning in such a session are enlarged by x 10.

  • Jackpoty.

Some may not know that Empire Fortune offers the opportunity to win one of the jackpots. It is a progressive jackpot that depends on how many players put betting. To get to the session with Jackpot, you should draw at least 3 crystal eggs. The Jackpot Session itself resembles a cake with three levels. The higher the level, the greater the prize you can win, you can get to a higher level. At three eggs, the player gets to the third level. If you win them 4, it will automatically start the game from the second level. With five eggs drawn, you immediately start the draw with the highest prize.

At each level there is a draw, you can win a corresponding jackpot on everyone. When the player draws the arrow, he goes to the next, higher level and there is also a draw. You have a zloty, diamond jackpot and a joker that is the largest. In addition to the jackpot itself, you can also win quite a lot of coins, a mysterious win, which is also based on coins, free spins that work exactly as in the case of joker, and even a special firework win, in which you can get from 3 to 12 rockets Which fall to the awards, and the player can get them all.

Summary of the Empire Fortune machine

In the Empire Fortune Slot from YggdraSil you can find the right thing that every player needs. A beautifully made slot with an interesting motif in which you can win very large amounts this dream of every beginner and experienced player. This is the case for Empire Fortune. It is particularly attractive to gain a very high prize that is available in one of three progressive jackpots. The game is full of surprises because you can always draw free spins that can completely change the gameplay. Familiarize yourself with the demo version, and it's possible that this slot will enjoy you and you will be able to start playing real money.

release date October 3, 2016
Return to Player (RTP): 94,3%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Yggdrasil
Game wealth, kingdom, gold, treasure
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/100
Jackpot Progressive: Golden, Diamond and Joker
Maximum win in the basic game 400 000 monet
Maximum win (coins): Fixed by Progressive Jackpot
Bonus functions Multiplier, Free Spiny, Jackpot, Additional Winnings
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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