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By magdalena
30 June, 2022
Certainly in many casinos, it is possible that even in all you visited, you saw Playtech. You are on this page, so you're probably interesting enough, and in your head a question appeared "What is this Playtech?" We can now tell you that this is one of the most famous gambling manufacturers around the world. His products are recommended by many experts and services. Below you will learn everything that you should know about one of the best providers of gambling, or PlayTech. So we invite you to read.

What is PlayTech?

Everything started in 1999, when Israeli Businessman Teddy Saga decided to set up a company with gambling games. Interestingly, the whole action took place in a small Estonian city called Tartu. We are not surprised, however, that this is where the story of one of the gambling giants began, this city is known for its intellectual character.

In 2001, Playtech decided to release his first game. The response was very positive, which encouraged the group to act. Very quickly Playtech awarded in the production of poker games. In fact, this producer created one of the first iPoker platforms, which quickly became very popular. The success of poker was not enough, soon afterwards, Playtech decided to take over Bingo. For this purpose, a completely new platform and a few great games were created again.

This producer has not stopped developing since his time, which is why he now has a few hundred games that more we will say more about. Every now and then you can hear more news about this amazing gaming supplier. Until recently, Playtech decided to sign a contract with Warner Bros, and the entire event was considered one of the most important gambling in the world.

Currently, PlayTech is a very large company that employs over 5,000 people. Thanks to this work force, you can expect the best games on the market. The producer has its headquarters in 19 countries, distributes its games to over 100 casinos, in Europe and Asia. There are many countries in the list where you can find games from Playtech. This company has always tried to get as many licenses as possible to get to the largest number of people.

During all these years, Playtech worked on one of the best gambling producers around the world. The company has signed many contracts, won many prizes, conquered the gambling market in many countries. This is one of the most recognizable names in the gambling world. Playtech does not intend to finish his career, he still prepares new games and keep his position on the podium. This is a company that you can trust for gambling games.

Currently, a lot of its extent works under Playtech. One of them is QuickSpin, which can also be very often found in various casinos. For this creating playtech you can also find under the names of Ash Gaming, Playtech Origins, Psiclones Games, Playtech Vikings, Sunfox Games, Eyecon, Rarestone Gaming and Geco Gaming. Sometimes you could not even know that you play a game to which Playtech also applied.

What are gambling from Playtech

Gambling from Playtech was always high quality. Hardly anyone is disappointed after trying games from this producers. We already mentioned that Playtech deals with Poker and Bingo games. However, these are not the only types of games that have so far came out of this manufacturer. In his library you will find many more table games, for example blackjack, roulette and baccarat. These games can also be found in live versions, because this producer also creates games with real dealers. In this case, you will also meet Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and also Hi Lo, Sic Bo, Grand Royal and Side Bet.

So you see that already in classic games you have quite a lot to choose from. You can also do not know that Playtech is a manufacturer of company platforms. With their help you can easily place bets on your favorite teams and for some results. To this you can also show up from knowledge about virtual sports, because such plants are also allowed by Playtech. This company deals properly to everything that is gambling. You can even use only your services and you do not really run on it because you will have access to everything.

Many can talk about slots prepared by this company. There are over 600 thereof, so among this collection you will certainly find something for yourself. Different motifs, techniques, bonuses, topics, all this should make when playing slots from Playtech, you will never be bored. In order not to make sure that the supplier is ideal, we will say about one fault. Recently, PlayTech slowed a little with slots and does not produce them as much as it used to be. That's why you will have to wait a bit for new positions.

Specific gambling from the Playtech supplier

There are many games from Playtech that could be described a lot. The choice we have huge because, as we have already mentioned, there are over 600 them. However, if we have to focus on the best games of this supplier, the entire series must be found on the list Age of the Gods. On its basis, we can say that Playtech employees are large fans of Greek mythology. They created not one but several versions of the same game that is embedded at the headquarters of Greek gods, i.e. on Olympia. In addition, in the PLAYTECH collection you can find a lot more games about this theme.

Returning to Age of the Gods, get ready for unearthly bonuses, to pay up to 200 x your rate, as well as on the jackpot, which is present in every version of this game. We can not forget about the classic Desert TreasureWhich even though was released in 2005, it is still a very popular game with interesting bonuses and quite good for that time a graphic robe. It is also worth remembering about high RTP, which is 97.1%. There is a similar to her Cineramawhich contains up to two bonus rounds.

It is also worth trying a slot Green LanternWhich is a little younger than his predecessors. It stands out with an interesting story in which the player must undergo special missions. Similarly, you can describe another machine Matrix and endless additional games, thanks to which the player can not get bored. Further great games from Playtech are known to many players Buffalo Blitz and Big Bad Wolf. Both offer quite a lot of winnings and also encourage checking due to their nice graphics. Other Worth Family Forks from Playtech are, among others Nostradamus, Bowling Frenzy, Treasures of the Lamp, Man of Steel, Top gun, Wild Wishes i Great Blue

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