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rise of maya

By magdalena
June 9, 2022
Rise of Maya is a completely new slot from Netent Entertainment, thanks to which you can move up to several hundred years back to stay among the ancient Mayan. Together with them, you can draw happy combinations that will lead you to interesting bonuses. A beautiful graphic robe and a well-composed soundtrack should satisfy even very demanding players. Learn more details about Rise of Maya at our review and decide if you want to try it out.
  • Automatic Easy to use
  • Returned graphics
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Interesting bonuses in the form of free spins
  • Pretty high rate of refund
  • The ability to win a large maximum amount
  • Not a large number of wandering lines

Rise of Maya Slot

Many manufacturers decide to create slots of ancient civilization, and the decision is supported by the fact that players love vending machines with this motif because they tell a story. It is also a kind of exotic, which is difficult to find in a daily life, and you can get it while playing in the Rise of Maya slots. This is one of the latest machines with such topics, and it was presented to a wider group of recipients in February 10, 2022. Rise of Maya was very warm by players for several reasons you will find out here.

One of the reasons was that this is another position from Netent Entertainment, which is currently one of the most famous suppliers of casino games around the world, and the game produced by this group are present in almost every online casino. That's why from Rise of Maya from the very beginning it became loud, although this is not the only reason. This is a very climate machine, thanks to which you will be able to break away from everyday life to the extraordinary world of ancient Mayan.

The entire slot action is happening on a pedestal, which reminds the place of sacrificing gods. Everything is made of stone, on the sides there are two platforms, and in the middle, where there are a mesh with symbols is rock art depicting a rock face, probably for the likeness of one of their gods. At this point, the producer achieved a fairly interesting effect, because the grid is partially translucent, the rocky face obviously cover the symbols, so it can be seen. It is also interesting that the round of free spins really takes place in the middle of this face, because when you win it, they open, and the player is introduced inside. This place looks similar to the difference that there are more colorful rock shards on the sides.

Symbols in this game have been prepared in a very similar style. Many of them resemble rock masks in different colors. Special symbols have been designed exceptionally and the golden color prevails in them. In addition, between the symbols there are golden lianas, which are designed to deliminate them with each other, which gives a very interesting effect. Graphic layout was very well thought out in this case. It is also worth mentioning special effects, especially during bonuses. When you choose a special function you will still read, Gold Lianas deal with fire, and on the sides there are sparkles of fire, and this is very realistic.

You can also not forget about a mysterious soundtrack that introduces each player in the climate of this game. Makes you really feel like you were amidst the ancient Mayan. Everything is maintained in the same colors, thanks to which the slot looks aesthetically. The advantage of this game is the fact that it is also available in the demo version, i.e. free. So you can check this slot completely free and decide yourself if you want to spend money on it. In addition, you can also try to play this slot on any mobile device. On each of them it will work very correctly, without any problems. So you can reach for the game even in the run, you do not have to waste time on the computer.

Technically, the game is quite normally. It has 5 drums, which often characterizes classic slots, also notice that it has 3 rows of symbols, so 15 symbols will be on the grid. 10 winning lines for many may be insufficient, this is also a standard characteristic. For this, the return rate looks quite well because it is higher than the one from which good slots start. RTP is exactly 96.42%.

Volatility is determined as an average high, so may often happen that the win will extend, but it will be quite rewarding. When it comes to winning, Rise of Maya does not offer jackpots, but you can count on a maximum win of 6,000 x your rate. During the game you have the right to choose your bet between 0.1 and 75, and this cross-section may turn out to be enough, unless you prefer to play for a larger sum.

Symbole w Rise of Maya

Rise of Maya is a feast for the eyes not only because of the background, but also on beautifully made symbols. Among them there is a group of symbols borrowed from cards and they have been converted to fit the theme, so everything looks elegant. Below you would like to introduce all symbols appearing in the game with the described values. Before passing to their description, you should know that you will get a win for a minimum of three symbols in combination in the case of little valuable positions and for two more valuable. The maximum number of symbols in the cluster is 5. Symbols are described based on 50 euros.

  • 10 This symbol that does not bring you many coins, because for 3 you will get much less than you set, and it is 12.50 euros, but you will get as much as 150 euros for the maximum number.
  • J also offers the same minimal win, but you will get a little more, and exactly 200 euros.
  • Q Unfortunately, it does not increase the minimum rate, but if you collect the set, you can boast of 250 euros more.
  • K also offers 12.50 for 3 symbols, but 5 of them increase your account by 300 euros.
  • And it does not differ in terms of withdrawals for 3 symbols, but you can count on 375 euros.
  • The blue tiger mask also offers 12.5 euros, but for 2 symbols, no 3. For 5 of them you will be richer by 750 euros.
  • The green dragon mask also guarantees 12.5 euros for 2 symbols in the cluster and 62.5 euros for 3 symbols. The maximum number of these symbols is 1,000 euros.
  • The orange bull mask will give you 12.5 for two symbols, 75 euros for 3 symbols and quite a quite quite amount of 1 500 euros for 5 bulls in the cluster.
  • The red dragon mask does not change the payout for 2 symbols in combination, it is still 12.5 euros. If you hit 3 of them, you will get to 100 euros, and for 5, you can count on 2,500 euros.
  • A goat bone mask for two symbols guarantees as much as 25 euros. For 3 of them you will get 10 times more, or 250 euros. Losing 5 masks of this type you will be richer by 12,500 euros.

Knowledge about symbols can be quite hard to concepts. That's why we urge you to try a demo game to familiarize yourself with them. Once you choose the demo mode, you can read yourself about symbols, with all bonuses, as well as about winning lines. All you have to do is on the left side at the bottom of the screen you will choose three dashes. You can find all this information in them, they will definitely facilitate your future game.

Navigation is not complicated in Rise of Maya, on the contrary, all symbols have a sharp orange color on a black background. They are visible, and they fit well in the aesthetics of the slot. The largest of them with an arrow in the middle serves to put the symbols in motion, for one round. If you want the symbols to rotate without a layout for a few rounds, you can press the AUTOPLAY button, it is right next to the main button. Select the number of spins, and then you can observe the rotating symbols. If you are impatient, you can speed up the game by selecting a button with two arrows on the right.

Other information on the screen is intended for real money players, but even if you play a demo version, you can notify them to check that they work. In this way, you can change the bet and the value of coins. You can not change the amount of funds you can still spend on the game, you will not change the last win, this information appears right.

Bonusy w Rise of Maya

Rise of Maya can guarantee you quite interesting bonuses as in many machines from Netent Entertainment. There is nothing revealing in them, but they have been very well refined, so you will certainly like them. It is also worth knowing that the bonus round can bring a lot of benefits, so drawing it involves greater winnings. Below the bonuses you will find during the game.

  • Wild

It turns out that Rise of Maya is a very generous slot on the issue of Wild type symbols because there are 4 types in the game. The first one has the shape of one rolled hose and appears on the first and third drum. Another one is expanding Wild, it is a bit bigger, and according to the description of the producer itself, but it does not have to cover the entire drum. The last of them is Stacked Wild, which occurs only in the bonus round and always covers the entire drum, thanks to which he increases the chance of winning.

  • Bonus Bet

On the left side of the slot there is a BONUS BET button. If you choose it, your bet automatically increases, but you have a better chance that you will draw Scatter or Wild symbol. When you manage to draw a set of three or more, Bet Bonus gives you one more chance. He will put on the drums on which a special symbol did not appear. As a result, you can also enlarge the number of your free spins.

  • Free spiny

You can expect free spins when you draw Wild and Scattery symbols that do not really differ from your appearance. If you can gather them 3, you will get 10 free spins, if there are 4 of them, you will get 15 free spins for free, and for 5 of them you will get as many as 20 free spins. You can win additional spins if you only re-hit at least 3 special symbols.

Drums on which symbols that have launched the round of free spins become hot, in the game they are called Hot Reels. If during the round of free spins there will be Wild, it will cover the entire drum. In addition, something interesting happens when Wild will appear a little under or over a grid in such a drum. Then this symbol moves three fields back or forward to be all over the grid.

Summary of Rise of Maya

Rise of Maya is a slot that does not have to give me to your taste, but everyone has to try. A beautiful graphic robe is his hallmark, you can see that the manufacturer spoke to this aspect. The soundtrack in turn perfectly introduces each player in an extraordinary climate of strange rituals of the ancient Mayan. A nice luminaire will surely make the game and bonuses in the form of free spins that can significantly increase the rate. Try the demo version, and if you like it, you can decide yourself if you want to play a paid version.

release date February 4, 2022
Return to Player (RTP): 96,42%
Volatility level High
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Ancient civilizations, Maya
Gravity 5
Winning lines 10
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/75
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 6000 x Player's bet
Maximum win (coins): 450 000
Bonus functions darmowe spiny, respin, stacked wildy
Supported platforms darmowe spiny, respin, stacked wildy

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