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perfect gems

By magdalena
10 November, 2019
Perfect Gems is one of the most interesting games from play'n go. the royal theme with precious stones and medieval music have already encouraged many players to try this machine. Perfect Gems is not only beautiful graphics, but also the possibility of winning up to 5000x rates.
  • Returned graphics
  • Unusual grid and symbol distribution
  • An endless multiplier
  • Not available settings

Introduction to Perfect Gems

Perfect Gems is a slot machine for quite interesting mechanics. Play'n went a step further and instead of a classic slot with swirling symbols, in Perfect Gems they just fall. This is a cascade game, so if in a given spin you will have so much happiness that you will manage to draw a cluster, the symbols taking part in it will disappear, and the symbols on them will fall into their place. As a result, more than 1 cluster can be drawn in one spin, and with each subsequent multiplier increases by X1.

Attention also deserves the Perfect Gems grid because it does not look typical. It has 6 drums where vending machines usually have 5 or 3 drums. In addition, only 3 symbols may appear in the first and last drums, and 4 symbols appear from 2 drums up to 4. However, this is not everything. The government, which is located at the very top was awarded. Only the "Wild" symbol may appear on it, and on the supplement it has an additional application. If the same symbol appears in the same drum, as in the upper row, it will be divided into two, giving more progress. In this way, a maximum of 7 symbols may appear in one drum (assuming all they will be divided in half).

Beginners may at first feel a little overwhelmed by a fairly unusual grid, which can be described 3 x 7 x7 x 7 x 3. You can quickly get used to it, so playing does not constitute any problem. The slot action takes place in a rich castle, and the symbols are precious, different-colored stones. Climate completes gentle music, which sounds like started straight from the Middle Ages. The minimum rate is 0.2 of any currency, and the maximum is 100. A simple interface and the ability to change the settings improves the game.

Symbole w Perfect Gems

Two types of symbols occur in Perfect Gems. Some of them are card symbols that are available in many other games and they are usually the least valued. In turn, the second type of symbols are the images of precious stones. They have different colors, thanks to which the game looks very interesting. For drawing them, it is also a pretty high sum, but it depends on the rate you set. If you choose a 1 stake, then your withdrawals will look like this:

The symbol of the blue diamond is the best paid in the basic game. You will get 2 coins for two symbols next to each other, in turn for 6 you will get up to 50.
You will get a coin (3 symbols) and 8 coins for 6 symbols. For 5 and 4 you will get them a little less, but you will still be awarded.
The green symbol will make you richer by 0.7 coins for three symbols, and 6 diamonds will give you a prize of 5 coins.

A bit below is a pink rubin, which draws half coins, and in the most preferred cluster will enrich you by 4 coins.
For 3 K and you will get 0.20 coins. However, if you can get them 6, the prize increases to 1.5 coins.

Another group consists of Q and J, which guarantee 0.15 coins for every 3 symbols. It's best, however, when you can get them 6, then you'll get 1 coin.
For 10 and 9 you will get 0.10 coins (3 symbols), and for 6 you have 0.8 coins guaranteed, these are the least valued symbols in the entire game.

However, these are not all symbols in the game. There is also a golden "W" in it, which turns out to be a wild symbol. This means that it can replace all other symbols (except scatteres). Thus, the win becomes easier.

Perfect GEMS functions

Perfect Gems has a few interesting features that make you win really high prizes. These are:


The multiplier is active during the entire game. He stays started during the winnings. If in the same spin you will meet one more happy cluster, the win is multiplied x2. If the third is going on, it is counted as x3. It is interesting that the multiplier is not limited, so you have a chance even on x10.

Perfect Spins

This is the most interesting feature in the whole game. It all depends on the appearance of the Named Perfect Scatter symbol, this is a white diamond. You must draw at least 3 scatteres on the screen, do not need to create a cluster. The more scatteres, the better, because the ID of their number depends on how many spins you will get.

If there are 3 of them, you will get 9 free spins, and you can get 15, 21 or 27 free spins, respectively. When during the free spins session, the scatter appears on the screen, you get additional two free spins. It is worth mentioning that the multiplier works during the free spin sessions.

Sharing symbols

When the symbols appear in the first row, and in the drum corresponding to the symbol (directly under it) there will be the same symbol, it will move in half. As a result, there are more chance to win.

Summary of Perfect Gems

Perfect Gems is a very interesting and unusual game. Its main principles correspond to those that are usually valid when playing engines, but there are several features that stand out from others. Not every day meets sharing in half a symbols, a feature in which many free spins and an endless multiplier can also be won. Well-refined graphics and music make the player feel like a real guest in a castle full of precious stones. This one-armed bandit is very climatic and unusual, immediately pays attention. So you can check it.

release date May 2019.
Return to Player (RTP) 96.5%
Volatility level High
Software supplier Play'n Go
Game Jewels, Middle Ages
Gravity 5
Winning lines 21609
Number of drums 6
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/100
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game x500 rates
Maximum win (coins) 500 000
Bonus functions Perfect Spins, Multiplier
Supported platforms iOS, Windows, Android

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