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white rabbit

By magdalena
13 July, 2022
  • Returned graphics
  • Easy navigation on the slot
  • Atmosphere
  • Many diverse bonuses
  • High rate of refund
  • No disadvantages

White Rabbit is how we have already mentioned, playing with Alicja motif in Wonderland. Some people may not like that someone violates such classics and creates slots from them, but in this case no one can get angry because the slot is refined in every respect. Noteworthy In this case, the Graphic Robe deserves, which creates the land of spells and characters that can be found there. Delicate bird singing will certainly help you relax and transfer to an amazing land. This is not a vending machine that was created exclusively to playing, but also to admire, no wonder it is so popular among players.

White Rabbit was prepared in 2017, exactly at his end, or October 25. The manufacturer of this game used all the possibilities he could, and these graphic and these musical ones. As a result, the White Rabbit slot looks very aesthetically and allows you to immerse yourself in the unusual world of Wonderland. Together with the title white rabbit, jump into the rabbit and experienced an amazing adventure complemented by large winnings. Big Time Gaming, or one of the most well-known producers of casino games in the world, and at the same time the White Rabbit supplier tried and created a really good game, which as a player will soon be convinced.

This slot is not only good in terms of compliance with the original, graphic and mechanical. It is characterized by a very high refund of the player, which makes it even more attractive. RTP is as much as 97.72%, which is a very good result and can make you get new to the game very quickly. Another advantage of this slot is that this is a megaways machine. A means that it is equipped with a very large number of winning lines. There are as much as 248832, but it is worth knowing that this number is not constant and often changes, so they work Megaways. If you have played with 10 or 20 winners so far, you will definitely feel the difference immediately. Check how it is with Megaways slots on a white rabbit, it will certainly be a new experience.

When it comes to technical values, the slot is equipped with 5 drums, this means that it is quite classically. Otherwise, however, with rows of symbols, because it can be from two to seven, everything depends on the current arrangement of the grid. The smallest plant during the game can be 0.1, in turn the largest 20.

White Rabbit can not be used in a computer version and in a mobile version, you can play it on any device. Immerse yourself at this unusual world of characters from a popular book, look at an incredibly made background that presents fungi and other plants and encourages you to jump behind a rabbit to the Nora. Pay attention to the sleeping caterpillar on the left side of the net. Know that it will not always sleep so sweetly, and when you wake up, an extra surprise awaits you.

Symbole White Rabbit

In the White Rabbit game you can meet quite a quite a lot of symbols, so during the game you will certainly not be bored, especially that these symbols are very interesting and all of them belong to the Wonderland. Below are all the symbols of the base game and their values to know what to expect.

  • Coffee cup - this is the smallest symbol in the game and at the same time it is marked with the number 9. If you hit the smallest cluster composed of three cups, you will get 0.1 coins. The largest cluster will give you no more than 0.6 coins.
  • Kettle - this is another part of tea table with tea and a crazy hat. You will receive 0.1 for the whole jug, if you hit 3 kettles in the cluster. In turn, for 5 of them you will get 0.7 coins. The kettle is number 10.
  • The crazy hatter is in the Jopek game, for 5 symbols of this type you will get 1.3 coins, for 3 out the same as for two previous symbols, or 0.1.
  • Parrot - a symbol that has been marked with a card number 10. For 3 symbols in a cluster, you should classically 0.1, for 5 symbols it will be 1.5.
  • The twins were described as the kings, and the drawing of three of them results in a worth 0.2 coin prize, and the maximum amount in the cluster is 1.9 coins.
  • The cat is a fairly powerful symbol for which you will get at least 0.2 coins and 2 full coins for a cluster composed of 5 cats.
  • The blue and green jewel have exactly the same values, and this is 0.3 coins behind a cluster from 3 symbols and 2 coins for 5 of them.
  • The red jewel gives a reward of 0.5 coins for 3 symbols and 5 coins for 5 of them.
  • Queen Kier is the most powerful symbol in the base game, you will get as many as 25 coins in the best case, in turn, for 3 of them you belong to 2 coins (2 symbols) and 5 coins for 3 symbols.

The slot navigation is quite transparent, even a beginner can quickly find a suitable function. It is worth noting that for facilitating all buttons, on the right side of the screen, you can only find information about the last victory. The top buttons starts the button that runs the game. This is an arrow closed in a green rectangle. Above there is a button with two arrows that means autoplay. Use it when you're tired of continuously choosing the game that runs the game.

Right next to it there is a button with three dashes. This is described in it, as well as winning lines and bonuses. You can learn a lot from it, so before the game necessarily choose it and read the entire contents of the interior. Above them there are two arrows with help you change your bet. The last button is a big, green BUY inscription, or buy. It is he who allows you to buy a suitable bonus. Instead of waiting for a luck, you can dispose of it. However, you will pay 50 euros.

Bonusy w White Rabbit

We did not talk for free that White Rabbit is a game full of bonuses. Below we described them all, and you will find out that the game is until they packed with different additives, and the drawing is not so difficult as it seems.

  • Wild

Alicja In the end, we can meet as a Wild symbol. It is really a mirror in which you can see the reflection of the back of the girl. This type of Wild, because they are still different, replaces all other symbols in addition to these special ones. Occurs only on drums 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  • Free spiny

SCATTER Symbol shows a white rabbit in glasses, exactly as it was presented in films and in the book. If there are 3 rabbits on the screen, on the drum 2, 3 and 4, you will get 15 free spins in the prize.

  • Bonus wild and caterpillar

In the end, you can find out what's going on when the caterpillar will wake up. It awakens quite randomly, not thanks to any combination. The caterpillar starts to burn a pipe, and the wheels arranged from the smoke are on the screen. At the moment where they will be on the screen, add a multiplier or additional WILD, thanks to which the winning increases.

  • Magnifying rows and the symbol of cookies

A symbol showing the "Eat Me" cookie works exactly as in the book itself. After appearing, the number of symbols in a given drum increases by one. You will not see the cookie symbol only once, because each drum can increase up to 12 symbols. When it happens that a given drum will reach 12 symbols, two things happen. One of them is a repetition of the function that was used lately. The second is the appearance of a special drum with additional Wild symbols and Kierowy Kierowy, which can conquer the player's winnings.

  • Feature Drop

We mentioned Feature Drop when we talked about the possibility of buying a given bonus. However, the price of the bonus can be slightly reduced, and this happens thanks to the additional symbol that presents a large coin. Depending on which value has a given coin, the original price of the bonus will be reduced.

Summary White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a game that will undoubtedly give you entertainment for very long hours. A large number of various bonuses can not be bored, all the time you will be exposed to add-ons that can give you bigger winnings. Often emerging free spins, as well as a growing grid of symbols will satisfy even a very demanding player. New players can feel a bit lost at the beginning, but after a few spin they should understand what the game is on this slot. White Rabbit is shared in the demo version, so you do not even have to spend money to learn to play in it. So jump into the rabbit Nora and survive the adventure of your life!

release date October 25, 2017
Return to Player (RTP): 97,72%
Volatility level High
Software supplier big time gaming
Game Wonderland, White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland
Gravity 5
Winning lines 248832
Number of drums: 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.1/20
Jackpot 10,000 x player's bet
Maximum win in the basic game 6 220 000 monet
Maximum win (coins): 6 220 000
Bonus functions Multiplier, Free Spiny, Win Booster
Supported platforms ios, android, pc, ipad, explorer, firefox, chrome

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