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the dog house

By magdalena
November 6, 2019
If you are already tired with slots with a fairly dark motif and more serious music, we recommend The Dog House. This is a light game with the motif of various dog breeds and their accessories. People accustomed to fruit can be pleasantly surprised, the more so because the game also offers quite attractive bonuses.
  • Interesting theme
  • Refined graphics and music
  • A large winning multiplier
  • Difficult to get bonuses

Introduction to The Dog House

The Dog House can surprise some players because of their themes. Most slots are known from the quite dark character, which focuses more on power or is more neutral, then fruits or other classic themes are used. Pragmatic play, however, broke some conveniense and created a charming game in which dogs are the main element.

Playing, you can see the pets of different races, and besides, you can also find different dog accessories, for example collars. Many players will certainly be satisfied when he find out that among the symbols also hide interesting bonuses, thanks to which you can gain not only additional coins, but also different prizes. There are free spins, as well as quite a big win, the slot has a lot to offer. The minimum bet during the game is 0.20 any currency. The highest possible win in The Dog House is 675 000. You can only win it when you choose the biggest bet, or 100 currency. So high win may not happen too often, but you can stay this happily.

The atmosphere during the game is very light, pleasant music will enamel every spin. Charming dog drawings resemble animations for children, however, as you know, Slot is only for people over 18 years of age. However, this is one of those slot machines where you can close and rest from a serious atmosphere that often form other slots. However, this may be cleared by some players who will feel too comfortable while playing. Of course, you do not need to stress when a demo version will choose (which is very recommended). However, when playing money, you should focus and take your money.

Symbole w The Dog House

The Dog House is a game that has 20 winners. In the slot information you can find several charts that exactly show how these lines work and how they are counted. The machine can not cheat your player in any way, everything is set. Symbols always have the same value, depending on the bet, which is chosen by the player. The player's return rate is 96.5%, which is presented quite typically, but ensures that everyone has a chance although on a small win. Below you would like to present the values of all symbols. Values are presented on the basis of the smallest plant, i.e. 0.20 any currency selected by the player.

Q, J and 10 are located in the least valuable group, but drawing a cluster with one of them will give each player to a certain win, so it's better to win such a win, the other Spin was to be completely empty. For 3 symbols you can get 0.02 coins. In turn, the 5 symbols of this type in the cluster gets 0.25 coins, so the profit is exactly 0.05.

A and K is the next card symbols that can be found in the Dog House game. Removing the cluster with their participation, however, it is associated with a greater victory than with the participation of the previous group, because for 3 symbols you can get 0.05 coins, and in turn for 5 symbols in one cluster win are 0.50 coins, or more than half of the plant.

A bone is another symbol on the list that provides a little bigger win. You can get 0.08 coins for 3 bones. However, for 5 symbols of this type, the payout increases up to 1 coin.

Green collar is minimally better evaluated. For 5 symbols in the cluster, each player gets 1.50 coins. 3 Symbols are winning 0.12 coins.

Beagle is the first dog on the list of symbols. 3 Charming dogs will allow you to recover your stake because the payment will be 0.20 coins. For 5 symbols, the win will already be 10x greater, the player gets 2 coins.

A cheerful pug brings quite a good win, because it is 3 coins, of course for 5 symbols. For 3 symbols, the payout is a bit smaller, it is 0.25.

Poodle is another dog among symbols. The appearance of it preaches the quite high prize. As far as 3 boxes, the player will get 0.35 coins, then 5 coins will appear in the player's account.

Doberman is undoubtedly the best symbol on the list. Already for 3 symbols you can get a 2x more prize than the stake. For 5 Doberman, even 7.5 coins are obtained.

In our description, we did not take into account withdrawals for 4 symbols in the cluster, but remember that there is also a prize. There is one more symbol that you need to mention, and this is a special symbol. An emerging Dog's bundle is "Wild", it replaces every other symbol, helps in gaining the right cluster. He has one more function that you will learn about.

Funkcje The Dog House


The symbol of the Dog Huts, which we have already mentioned, has one more function. It not only replaces other symbols, but also allows you to double or take won from a given spin. The hut most often does not appear alone, but the "X2" and "X3" symbols are visible on it. If in this spin you can draw a cluster, its value will be enlarged.

Free Spins

In the game you can win completely free spins. Meeting them is not difficult. Just on the screen there will be 3 symbols on which the "Bonus" inscription is located. At this point, the number of free spins will be drawn, because it is not a fixed, minimum number, however 9, and the maximum 27. During the session of free spins, if you manage to draw the "Wild" symbol, it will remain on the screen becoming "Sticky Wild ". As a result, you have a better chance of winning.

Podsumowanie The Dog House

The Dog House is a seemingly charming slot that the soundtrack and graphics can put on the vigilance of even an experienced player. However, this is a very well prepared slot machine that can offer many hours of good entertainment, as well as interesting wins. This one-armed bandit will work well for fans of quadrupeds who, by the way they want to win something. A simple interface and mechanics attract players at all levels.

release date March 2019
Return to Player (RTP) 96,51%
Volatility level High
Software supplier pragmatic play
Game Dogs, Pupils
Gravity 5
Winning lines 20
Number of drums 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0.2/100
Maximum win in the basic game 6750x rate
Maximum win (coins) 675 000
Bonus functions Free Spins, Multiplier
Supported platforms iOS, Windows, Android

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