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Rise of Olympus

By magdalena
November 6, 2019
Rise of Olympus is one of the most interesting games of recent years and we are sure that it will also delight and you. This is not a game in which you only wait for the draw of symbols, it is much more, as you will find out when playing.
  • Very interesting functions
  • Beautiful graphic
  • Interesting mechanics game
  • Due to complexity, beginners can feel lost
  • Quitely difficult to get additional benefits

Introduction to Rise of Olympus

Rise of Olympus is a game from Play 'N Go, Suppliers already known from such hits as Rise of Dead or Book of Dead. This manufacturer always focuses on quality and interesting functions you will find out when playing in Rise of Olympus. The inspiration to create a slot is very extensive, Greek mythology, from which the manufacturer freely draws. The famous Greek gods were presented in it, who not only cheer on the player, but also help him in the game, which makes this game exceptional.

This is a cascade game, which means that after a single spin on the screen, new symbols do not necessarily. The winning clusters disappear, and the next tiles fall into their place, thanks to which even a few clusters can be drawn in one round. Rise of Olympus has a grid consisting of 5 drums and because of its cascading character, has only one payment line, which may surprise players.

The value of coins from which you can use is from 0.10 € to 50 €, so the player has a large selection. RTP Rise of Olympus is 96%, which means that the return rate for the player is quite high, but does not stand out very much against other slots. This one-armed bandit is available on both a computer and mobile platform (cells, tablets). It is compatible with any system, so players do not have a problem to start the game.

Theme and symbols in Rise of Olympus

All symbols in Rise of Olympus are associated with Greek mythology. You can see that the manufacturer came to detail and before he produced a game, he exactly delved about the ancient Greece under the arms of the gods. Each inscription was made in the style of a Greek alphabet that applies to this day, but still everything can be easily read.

At the beginning you can lose a bit, because during the game there is a lot going on, but this is just an initial illusion. New players welcome quite bold sounds of harp and other instruments that immediately associate with the mysterious world of ancient Greece. The manufacturer is aware that his slot can give the impression of complicated, so at any time the game you can select a button that transferring the player to the guide. All symbols and purpose of additional functions are very well explained.

It is interesting that during the game the player is never alone. Immediately next to the grid to the game, on the right side stands one of the ancient gods: Hades, Poseidon or Zeus. However, they are not only for decorations, they actively help players in acquiring new clusters. The gods regularly change and thus carry the player to their worlds, that is, to the kingdom of the dead, under water or to the Olympus summit.

The greatest happiness for the player is to draw coins on which Pegasus is located. It is a Wild symbol, and additionally the most valuable symbol in the whole game. Thanks to it, you can easily get clusters, and besides, it gives you the opportunity to get a reward of up to 50 coins, suggesting that your bet is 1.

The images of the gods that can be drawn during the game are also valuable. Each of them makes you get an extra 10 coins. In the net sometimes a combination of all images of Greek gods will appear, it is worth a little less, because 5 coins at a rate of 1.

The last type of symbols are the attributes of Gods, and among them there is a harp and armor on the head, which are worth 3 coins and trident and lightning, for which you will get 2 coins. Players appreciate that every symbol is associated with a motif, which allows you to move to the amazing world of Greek mythology.

Additional functions Rise of Olympus

Rise of Olympus has several additional features that will let you win larger prizes. Among them are:

  • Hand of God

This is a function that can appear during each spin does not give you any win. God who just stands next to the grid, has the power to change symbols to such so that one win is on the grid. Zeus can annihilate two symbols, Poseidon adds two pegases, or Wild symbols, and Hades turns one of the symbols, to another, more favorable. After such action, another God appears on the screen.

  • Free spiny

Rise of Olympus, like other good slots, has the function of receiving free spins, and in this game it is particularly interesting. You can use it when all symbols will disappear on the screen, i.e. they all had a share in KRORSTERS. When it thighs, you can choose one of three options, and actually one of the three gods: Hades gives 4 spins, Poseidon 5, and Zeus 8. You must remember that a larger number of free spins mean less chances of winning. During the spin game, they can be renewed.

  • Wrath of Olympus

Wrath of Olympus is one of the most interesting features. On the left side of the net there is a special wheel that is divided into 3 parts. If during one spin, the player will succeed 3 clusters with the images of the gods, all parts will be filled (one cluster per one part). After filling the wheels you get one free spin, and besides, each of the gods performs the already mentioned function of hand of God. The wheel filling can be difficult, but it is very profitable. It is worth knowing that the Wrath of Olympus wheel filling during the ongoing functions of free spins makes the player get another free spin.

Rise of Olympus: Summary

Rise of Olympus will take every player to the interesting world of Greek mythology. Slot has been refined in terms of mechanics, functions, and its RTP is so high so that you can win quite an interesting sum. The climate of the game emphasizes well-composed music and small details that form the whole image. So do not hesitate and try one of the most interesting slot games, Rise of Olympus.

release date 2018
Return to Player (RTP): 96%
Volatility level Very high
Software supplier Play’ N Go
Game Mitologia Grecka.
Winning lines 1
Number of drums 5x5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 0,20 / 100
Jackpot No
Maximum win in the basic game 100 000
Bonus functions Wrath of Olympus, Hand of God, Darmowe spiny
Supported platforms iOS, Android, Windows

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